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Buying AC for Under 5000 Rupees in Pakistan

Before you take the post headline as a joke let me tell you this is real. With ever rising inflation & expenses it is getting hard to maintain a decent lifestyle with all the amenities but somehow middle class is surviving. I cannot make your day better with money or anything but I can surely inform you about some saving options if you’re looking for buying an Air conditioner this summer.

I was invited by Ezinstallments & Changhong Ruba management to get introduced to their EMI plans & offers recently in 2 events in Karachi. They were generous enough to let my followers & friends buy the items on discount. But first let me introduce you to the brand itself.

Changhong Ruba Pakistan

Changhong is one of Asia’s biggest air conditioner manufacturers. Since 1999, Changhong air conditioners have been available in over 70 countries including Pakistan. Established in 1971, Ruba Group, an electronics conglomerate in Pakistan, has collaborated with Changhong group to establish new innovative brand “Changhong Ruba” for Pakistani market.

Changhong Ruba Air conditioners are made with Gold Fin condenser keeping in mind the humid weather in Karachi that makes rusting of AC outers a headache every year. The Gold fin condenser keeps Changhong Ruba AC’s corrosion free for a longer time.

Ezinstallments EMI plans:

Ezinstallments is a recently launched venture to build buying power of middle class mostly. It offers quality electronics at affordable monthly installments.

Check out their 13 months EMI plan for Changhong Ruba Air conditioner. Ezinstallments offer competitive rates with easy to process orders & home delivery services.

Discount Codes:

If you’re using Ezinstallments for placing order, use my code CHS-01 at checkout to avail FREE PRODUCT DELIVERY & FREE MOVIE TICKETS for Heer Maan jaa.


#LetsGame Games Emerge conference 2018 – First ever Games Showdown in Pakistan

Long ago there was a saying that, “Parrho gay likho gay bano gay Nawab, Khelo gay kodoo k hogay Kharab” (which loosely translates into = Those who read & write will be the kings & those who only play won’t succeed in life). This Urdu phrase has been the haunting memory of our childhood, 90’s kids y’know. Over the decades things have literally changed & now is the time to say, “Beta khel. Koi game hi bana lay”. Software engineering & smartphone industry has given video & online gaming a new life. It has become a career for many. Pakistan is no short of talent when it comes to gaming industry.

I came to know about the insane gaming Pakistani talent recently when National Incubation Center hosted Third GEC 2018. GEC, Games Emerge Conference is the flagship event of PixelArt Games Academy, a specialized game development training institute founded by Sadia Bashir, a key figure on the Pakistan Games Industry. Sadia Bashir has been working in the Pakistani games industry for the past 9 years and is an Ex-GDC speaker, a Tech-Women Program Alumni, and listed Forbes 30under30. Who else can host such an elaborate Gaming conference than her.

GEC2018 hosted 15+ talks with gaming experts & novices, a Panel Session, networking sessions and a Games Showcase (One of its kind Games showcase for the first time in Pakistan) and Awards.

Dreamnode Studios, Cloudcade, SimPaisa were the major sponsors of the event and deserve a round of applause for rendering support towards gaming industry that has the true potential to generate revenue in digital age.

Pakistan Game Showcase was a first of its kind event that has happened in Pakistan during GEC 2018. An exhibition of the finest and most entertaining games created by Pakistani game developers. It was the opportunity for local game developers to showcase their worth as well as gain gaming insights from the industry giants. This year the showcase featured 5 games.

  • Galaxy Under Attack by HalfByte Studios
  • Dragon Combat 3D by Sablo Studio
  • Hogi’s Adventure by Malistic Studio
  • Shakari by PixelArt Interactive Studio
  • Socialite by Sadia&Haider

Dragon Combat 3D by Sablo Studio won the Pakistan Games Showcase and got cash prize of 30,000 PKR from Dreamnode Studios and Careem Credit Voucher worth 10,000 PKR.

Honor8X – Smartphone with style and specs

World’s leading smartphone brand, Honor, unveils the latest smartphone of their X-series in Pakistan last week in association with Inovi Technologies. The Honor8X – lustrous blue beauty is a device with all the necessary specifications that the tech savvy young crowd wants. Truly a smart-phone it is.

After successful launch of Honor 10 earlier this year, Honor Pakistan again managed to impress with Honor8X. The launch price of Honor 8X in Pakistan is Rs. 35,999 only. For the specs offered, this is pretty much accessible for most of the smartphone geeks out there.

Honor8X was launched at a star studded event at Dolmen Mall, Clifton Karachi. It was a great mall activation to facilitate consumers & smartphone geeks to have the first hand exclusive experience of Honor8X phone. I personally love such live interactions to experience the device itself. The event was attended by Ambassadors for Honor 8X including, The sibling duo Mehwish, Danish Hayat, renowned fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur Nusrat Hidayatullah and Irfan Junejo.

Honor8X Specifications

Honor8X boasts a 6.5-inch Notch, FullView Display with a 91% screen-to-body ration and chip-on-film (COF) technology along with other features like:

  • 6.5” full-view display
  • 128 GB internal storage
  • 20 MP AI dual-lens rear camera with super night shot photography
  • 3750mAh battery with Honor’s intelligent power – saving technology
  • New Kirin 710 chipsets (first ever in an Honor phone)

Overall, it is a beautiful sleek device that is definitely going beyond limits to be a style statement for its finish & feel. The AI technology not only optimizes the camera results but also helps in noise cancelations while on call to improve voice quality as well as eye comfort mode helps prevent eye fatigue due to blue light radiation emitted from screen. With trubo charging & such specs, what else one can ask for? Ticket to Mars? Go, see the phone & experience it yourself.

For more information, please visit

Honor Pakistan Official Web Store:




Easypaisa introduced QR based Fee payments for students

As a student I remember wasting hours in queues to pay for my fee via banks. When I got admission in Malir Cantt college about two decades ago, it was required to make a payorder of the annual fee amount from the nearest bank branch & get it deposited with all the admission related documents. I wasn’t prepared for this (Btw there wasn’t any centralized admission policy back then & you have to check every college you liked & filled admission form of, for admission lists & stuff).Anyway, dad accompanied me to the said bank branch & said, “Go, get your pay order made”. I was like, WHAATTTT?? I wasn’t being told HOW TO MAKE A PAYORDER in any subject of matriculation. I can’t do this. He said, “This is the beginning of your practical life. Go to the counter, ask & learn”.

Anyway, dad accompanied me to the said bank branch & said, “Go, get your pay order made”. I was like, WHAATTTT?? I wasn’t being told HOW TO MAKE A PAYORDER in any subject of matriculation. I can’t do this. He said, “This is the beginning of your practical life. Go to the counter, ask & learn”.

That’s how I learned my first ever bank interaction. Baad main barri khwariyan kaati fees jama karanay ko. Qasam se. Thank God my kids won’t be going through all this because of digital & cashless payment solutions. I personally use Easypaisa the most because of its convenience, flash offers & secured online gateway.

I am so glad that with an aim to equip the youth of Pakistan with First of its kind Cashless Digital Payment System, Telenor is revolutionizing how you pay your college or university fees. Telenor Microfinance Bank, through its Easypaisa mobile payment and lifestyle platform, has announced its latest initiative to equip universities and colleges with state-of-the-art QR payment systems.

Through the system, students will be able to make payments using their Easypaisa mobile app which will scan the QR code and deduct the money from their mobile wallet. In addition, many students will also be able to benefit from a variety of Easypaisa related discounts and offers as a result of using the app.

This initiative is the latest among a string of different programs and projects that are geared towards revolutionizing Pakistan’s financial system through unique technological systems and platforms. It aims to not only create a more financially inclusive environment by giving youth access to digital payment solutions but also help Pakistan grow its financial infrastructure.

“It has always been our aim to extend formal financial services to every Pakistani.” – Shahid Mustafa, President & CEO, Telenor Microfinance Bank.

“By offering QR payments via our app, at universities and colleges around the country, we are delivering on our commitment to bring greater ease and access to our customers. This is another step in making it simpler and more convenient for the vast majority of Pakistanis to manage their financial needs.”

I hope this will help students in saving a lot of time to concentrate more on studies kyunkay PARRHAY GA PAKISTAN TOU BARRHAY GA PAKISTAN.

Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor & Manual Breast Pump – Must Haves for New Moms

Living alone has its own pros & cons but for first time moms seeing no one around to help with the baby & household chores can be stressful. When I was in that stage I wasn’t actually expecting what I have been through. Sleepless nights and C-section recovery with jaundiced baby, phototherapy days and later taking care of all the things you need to do at home, specially kitchen makes you extremely uncomfortable. Life after baby is like you don’t want to be detached yet emotionally wanting a break. I hope moms can relate.

Here are two of my favorite AVENT devices for new moms. You can gift these to be in good books, trust me.

Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump:

During first 3 days into motherhood, the biggest challenge apart from moms own recovery is feeding the baby and there’s nothing better than Breastfeed. Sometimes new moms find it difficult to get enough supply or for C-section moms it gets even tougher. Hospitals in Pakistan needs to put more emphasis on the use of a manual breast pump like Philips AVENT Comfort Manual Breast Pump. Extremely handy, lightweight must have gadget for moms specially working moms. Leaving baby without mother feed is no longer an issue with this.

Philips AVENT Manual Breast pump works painlessly and with an ease you can store feed in the same container by replacing the cap, turning it into a feeder. The device comes with very useful Breast pads. It is easy to clean and store & works like a charm. I have made a video to demonstrate how easy it is to use Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump.

Moms need a break too. Do hangout with friends without being worried for the baby being deprived of motherfeed. Make sure to store the feed properly. It can last for days in freezer & up to 3 hours at room temperature.

Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor:

I use to put my baby to sleep in the cot, dim lights & starts doing the dishes taking a run towards baby cot to check if she’s sleeping well or not. Sometimes she wakes up as soon as I left the room & I couldn’t hear her because of being far in the kitchen with dishwashing sounds. Same happened when I use to have washing machine on upper floor. My husband got me Philips AVENT DECT monitor back then to keep my emotional attachment and parenting instinct satisfied.

Philips AVENT DECT Baby monitor is an audio transmission device that comes in 2 parts.

  • Parent unit ( A small round pod)
  • Baby unit (A receiver)

This device transmits crystal clear voice from baby room to the monitor device that I keep with myself while roaming around house. Works pretty well within my house (roughly around 300+meters). Voice quality is extremely good. The best feature of Philips AVENT DECT baby monitor is that you can check the temperature of baby room and play lullabies remotely with just a few taps.

When your baby is young, it is extremely important to keep a check on room temperature, neither too hot or too cold. I use to set the temperature on the device & setup alarm to keep temperature range of the room in check. Very useful feature. The only downside is you have to be awake to turn the lullabies off from parenting device coz there’s no timer for that. The lullaby sound is just baby friendly but not enough loud.

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#BabyMonitors are quite handy for moms in early days when they're trying to be de-motional while settling into life with motherhood. . . Every mom experience this phase where she has to detach herself from baby for the sake of household chores and of course life but simultaneously wants to get attached. Let technology rescue you Mama!! Keep baby with #PhilipsAVent #babymonitor (This one is Avent DECT monitor) that transmits even the slightest of sound within 300Meters range, allowing you yo do the dishes and laundry while letting baby sleep in the cot. . . You can remotely play lullabies to put baby to sleep, or even push the talk button to sing a lullaby yourself. Fake your presence to have some me time maybe. This device has rechargeable batteries in the receiver & AA batteries in the pod. Lasts for about a whole night (18hrs backup) . . If you're thinking what to gift a new mom, Go For THIS @philipsavent.pak device LADIES & GENTS & THANK me later. PS: This might sound weird but I have used this device to spy on my kids when they're with their turtor or Qari Sahab. You're getting the idea na? #Parenting #RaisingKids #Gadgets #BeingMom #MommyBlogger #mommylife #momhacks #giftsformommy #Avent #Philips

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Loved this handy gadget & remember that I have used it to spy on my kids when their tutor & Qari sahab came. Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor comes with rechargeable batteries for receiver device, needs to be charged for 10 hrs & then it will last for 18 hours.


Phillips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor & Phillips AVENT Manual Breast Pump is available in Pakistan from AVENT store directly. They’re offering discounts these days so do check them out.

If you’re looking for something to gift new moms, Philips AVENT is what you should check.