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TPL Maps launched Pakistan’s First Street Vision Map

How cool it will be to see any street of Lahore on your smartphone while sitting in Karachi or roaming around Lahore?(Atleast you don’t have to say that never ask for directions in Lahore. If you know what I mean) Or exploring the streets of Islamabad by virtually watching them in your smartphone? That too for free. You just have to download TPL Maps app. 

Pakistan’s first digital mapping solution, TPL Maps has launched the Street Vision feature for Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. The attribute will allow users to virtually view the streets of three major cities through their smartphones. This is the first of its kind feature being launched in Pakistan which is a technology breakthrough by any mapping company in the country.

The street vision comes packed with features which include 60,000+ images and covers a street network of approximately 3,000 kilometers across the three top cities of Pakistan. Consumers can now virtually see their favorite locations such as restaurants, hotels, residential areas, cinemas, parks and other popular public places from almost anywhere around the world via their mobile phones.

”Our Street Vision feature provides people in Pakistan with a unique experience to roam city streets without being physically present at the spot. The Street Vision feature is being launched for the first time in Pakistan and resides as part of our strategy of localization and providing exciting services to our consumers. Our enthusiasm is palpable as this service will be a game changer for students, business and start-ups across Pakistan,” 

said Adeel Hashmi, Head of Maps, TPL Trakker.

“With the launch of this feature, Pakistan can boast of being one of the few countries in the world to have a local street level view. No other mapping service in the country provides such comprehensive street level view experience. Our vision for this digitalization age in Pakistan is to bring continuous innovation in the mapping solutions to create value for individuals and business users of TPL Maps platform.” he added.

The Street Vision feature is expected to expand to other major cities of Pakistan in the future including Quetta, Peshawar, Faisalabad and other cities in the span of next few months.

TPL Maps already offers Satellite View and Night Mode options as part of the free app offering and with Street Vision feature being added, it intends to be the household mapping brand in Pakistan. Soon consumers will be able to add their favorite location on Street Vision which will generate a lot of interest and enthusiasm amongst the digital savvy youth populations of the country.

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#ServisTyre TVC will left you dreaming a road trip

Servis Tyres, the market leaders in motorcycle tyres in Pakistan, has recently launched its new campaign with a star studded commercial and we’re like o my gosh. It’s no less than stunning and makes you wanna go on a Road trip with friends.


Servis Tyres left a trail of success with its previous TVC starring Shaan and took the challenge of penetrating in the market with effective advertising. The past TVC gave a massive uplift to the brand setting the bar high for any new communication to follow.

The concept of the new TVC of Servis tyres is inspired by the youth of today who are passionate about living life to its fullest. A life which is cultivated with friendship, love and adrenaline rush. They are the ones who experience life.  Depicting this youth, the idea is a song showing young bikers as they live a side of life that everyone would always wish for.

‘Chalti Rahay Zindagi’ showcases three friends as they set on a dream road trip.  What makes it even better is the stardom seen in this commercial. Superstars like Shaan Shahid, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Danish Taimoor have changed the face of the TVC with their very cool biker getup as they ride across different terrains on heavy bikes. Keeping the TVC very relatable to the audience, we see the group of friends in different locations while experiencing all the excitement that life has to offer.


While the encapsulating words draw the attention, the composition takes the listener to another world.  With the background score sung by Ali Zafar, his vocals have surely done justice to the complete look & feel of the TVC.
By all means, this TVC will surely grip the viewer’s attention and will remain a highlight for many years to come.

CAREEM Celebrates Spirit of Pakistan Day through a Scavenger Hunt Spread across Historic Locations

Careem has become Pakistan’s leading mobile app based ride in no time. Their operations are running smoothly in mega cities like Karachi and Lahore. Booking chauffeur driven cars is just a tap away. Instead of going out to hunt taxis it’s better and lot more easier to call Careem.

Not only their service but their online presence is amazing too with collaborations and ventures. Careem conducted a scavenger hunt for public of Karachi and Lahore in celebration of Pakistan Day. Themed around photography of local cultural & historic sites, the hunt saw participants, based on clues provided, racing to various locations of their respective city by utilizing CAREEM’s services.


“Although we are a Dubai based start-up, present in 25 global cities, we are proud to say our roots can be traced back to this country, as CAREEM’s app has been completely developed in Pakistan,”

said Junaid Iqbal, Managing Director – CAREEM Networks.

“This scavenger hunt was planned to not only celebrate this historic day, but also to inculcate in today’s youth the need to be in touch with our roots. For this reason, we chose historic and culturally rich sites for this competition, while the aspect of uploading photographs of each site to social media allows us to promote these locations across the world.”

The monuments for the competition, as decided upon by the management, were the Quaid-e-Azam Library, Lahore Fort, Azadi Bridge, Lahore Museum and Fortress Stadium in Lahore and Pakistan Air Force Museum, Tomb of Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Hindu Gymkhana, Jehangir Kothari Parade and Karachi Goan Association in Karachi.


Junaid further added, “I congratulate the winning teams and the runners-up from both cities. We hope all the participants enjoyed a fun-filled day out with their families and friends and had a great Careem experience in celebrating Pakistan Day.”


36 participants from Lahore and 27 from Karachi were chosen to take part in this unique scavenger hunt through a prior registration process. Beginning at 11 am, the participants, along with their loved ones, went about their respective cities to take a picture of each location, upload it to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #CAREEMPAK #PakHunt #(teamname) as hashtags before moving on to the next.


Team Markhor from Karachi and Team KalaJadu from Lahore, the winners of the competition, were able to upload pictures of all the locations by 3:00PM on Wednesday, the competition’s deadline. The hunt concluded with a closing ceremony at both cities, where winners and runners-up were handed prizes by CAREEM’s Management.

#JeenayKaMaza takes you around the world in 30 Meals

What’s the first thing that we use in our kitchens while cooking a dish? Typical Pakistani will reply to this with oil or ghee. That’s how important a cooking oil or ghee is for our cuisine. To entice foodies, Cooking oil brands are realizing the importance of being on social media and trying to interact with their consumers and fans intelligently.

Kashmir banaspati and cooking oil is one famous brand among health conscious foodies for its taste and great quality. The brand is now having an interesting campaign on “Facebook” and “Instagram” where you can have a culinary tour around the world in 30 meals. Sounds exciting? I just loved the execution of it and integration of different social media platforms for this campaign is also unique.

Afghani Dish Mantu – Recipe – #JeenayKaMaza INGREDIENTS: 1 Lb ground beef 1 1/8 tbsp salt ( as needed) 1 tbsp pepper (as needed) 1 ½ tbsp coriander ground ¼ tbsp cumin ground 2 large finely chopped onions 1 package wonton wrappers 2 tbsp tomato paste 6 tbsp Kashmir Premium Gold Oil ¾ cup yogurt ¼ tbsp dried mint 2 mashed garlic gloves and boiled water STEPS: 1) Filling: Combine ground beef, onions, salt, pepper, cumin, coriander ground and 1 cup water in a skillet; stir and cook over medium heat for 30 minutes or until all the water is absorbed. Let it cool off. 2) Place wrappers on a cutting board covered lightly with flour one at a time then pure 1 cup of cold water in a bowl. Dip your index finger in the bowl of water and rub the edges of the wrapper to make it wet. Place one table stingy of the mixed beef on the bottom half of the wrapper. Bring the other half on top of the bottom half making a triangle. Take two opposite corners each in different hands and seal them together making a bow. Place the Kashmir Premium Gold Oil in a bowl and dip the bottoms of the filled mantu in oil and place them in a (steam cooker) or you can spray some oil inside the steam cooker. Both ways can be possible then steam the dumplings for 40 minutes or longer on a medium heat. 3) Sauce: While waiting, place the remaining of the mixed beef filling in the skillet with tomato paste and cook it uncovered for 10 minutes. 4) Yogurt: Add garlic, 2 teas thingy water and mint to the yogurt mix. 5) To serve, put a layer of the yogurt on a flat serving plate ghori; then place the mantu on top of the yogurt plate. Afterward put another layer of yogurt on top of the manto and add a layer of the mixed beef sauce. Then sprinkle some fresh or dry mint on top of the plate. Now your delicious Afghan mantu is ready to serve.

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What they’ve been doing is engaging audience on Kashmir banaspati’s Facebook page with interactive animations/pictures of a regional famous food alongwith a landmark. Fans then guess and comment the dish name and it’s origin. What they get in return is the recipe of the same dish from Kashmir banaspati’s Instagram account. Smart move isn’t it? Coolest campaign ever for foodies and people who love to experiment with other cuisines.

I like to learn about various food items that people love to eat around the world and what better way to learn one famous dish at a time. Such an informative and cool campaign that tests your culinary as well as geography knowledge. My taste buds and eyes are having a treat these days with #JeenayKaMaza recipes. The details on every picture and animation is amazing. You’ll definitely enjoy the experience and gain so much from it.

If you’re missing on #JeenayKaMaza campaign then you’re definitely missing a lot of foodie adventure. Go to Kashmir Banaapati’s Facebook page and Instagram profile to enjoy a culinary ride around the world one meal at a time.