Pray for my mother on Mother’s Day

The modern Mother’s Day holiday was created by Anna Jarvis as a day for each family to honor their mother, and it’s now celebrated on various days in many places around the world. Different countries celebrate Mother’s Day on various days of the year because the day has a number of different origins. In South Asia and USA it has been observed on second Sunday of May.

Mother plays vital role in upbringing of children. Everyone has a special relation with their mothers. I also have this unique affection and love for my mother. She knew all my needs before I say anything. The purest relation in this materialistic world is probably the relation of mother and child.

Men are what their mothers made them”.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have two mothers, like all of us I love both of them equally. They both made me what I am today but I am worried now days because one of them is in poor health these days. She is 63 years old but due to many diseases and problems in earlier life she is unwell. She has been debilitated by tumors in various parts of the body. Doctors told that the tumors are grown enough to be operated but the whole family was not ready to take chance. We wanted to have any alternate way so that without any pain she could gain health. It seems that she is loosing her health and Dr warned us that if we wanted her to be healthy again we must operate.

We had to swallow this bitter pill and agreed for the operation. The whole family gathered and supported each other in the decision. The operation is complex and still in progress. I request all of you to please pray for my mother on this mother day. May all of us be able to have the blessings of mother with us.

Hope you all know about my second mother and pray for her life.

People of Swat, Dir, Buner need our Help

Swat Displaced People

Military operations are taking place in three districts that stretch over some 400 square miles (1036 square kilometers), but most of the fighting has been in the main town of Mingora, which before the insurgency three years ago was home to around 360,000 people. The military claimed to have killed more than 147 militants in Swat and the neighboring Buner region. Officials have said nothing about civilian casualties. But those fleeing the region bore tales of families wiped out by stray shells.

Fazl Hadi, a doctor at another hospital in Mardan, said 45 civilians had been admitted with serious gunshot or shrapnel wounds in recent days and was bracing for many more.

Among the youngest patients was Chaman Ara, a 12-year-old girl with shrapnel wedged in her left leg. She said she was wounded last week when a mortar shell hit the truck taking her family and others out of Buner.

She said seven people died, including one of her cousins, and pointed to a nearby bed where the boy’s wounded mother lay prone. “We mustn’t tell her yet. Please don’t tell her,” she whispered.

Swat RefugeesThis dislocation of more than half a million people has now become world’s biggest displacement crises. Sitara Imran, minister for social welfare in North West Frontier Province, called the exodus “one of the huge displacements, internal displacements in the world”. “We are preparing ourselves with the help of the federal government, we asked international donors,” she told the BBC’s News hour programme.

Yar Mohammad, a 50-year-old stone mason, said he had “poured his blood” and his best years into the development of Swat. “And now I am seeing the buildings that I have helped to construct being blown up and destroyed,” he said, blaming both the Taliban and the authorities.

Some residents complained that the Taliban had blocked their escape.

Ayaz Khan said he loaded his family into his car Thursday in the Kanju area of Swat only to find rocks, boulders and tree trunks laid across the roads, forcing him to turn back.

“I am helpless, frustrated and worried for my family,” he said.

It has also been reported that power and water supply had been shut down and all markets have been closed since Thursday. The situation is becoming Complex day by day. There is a threat of food an medicine shortage in days ahead. The roads also have been blocked or mined by the rebel which is a severe apprehension for the people.

This is the high time to help those who left their homes and now living in tents. We should help them either personally or via NGOs who are working for them like Edhi foundation, Alkhidmat welfare trust etc. The Tarkai family of Swabi has accommodated over 6,000 members of around 1,200 families of Buner and other affected towns after they left their homes in their respective areas, in thier huge house. They are approaching friends and other people to provide them with tents to accommodate hundreds of other families who are still living in the open.

Those wishing to support the affected people can approach Wilayat Tarakai on his cellphone numbers: 0300-5006160 and 0333-9858800

Meray Watan K log

  • غم زیست سے بے زار ہیں میرے وطن کے لوگ
    مہنگائی کا شکار ہیں میرے وطن کے لوگ
    ہیں منتظر کبھئ تو بدلے گا یھ نظام
    تا عمر انتظار ہیں میرے وطن کے لوگ
    پو چھو تو ان کی داستان غم سے بھری ہوئی
    د یکھو تو خوش گوار ہیں میرے وطن کے لوگ
    میں ا پنے عہد ہ دارو ں سے بس پو چھتا ہوں یھ
    کیوں اس قدر لاچار ہیں میرے وطن کے لوگ
    میلی نظر جو ڈالے گا اس سر زمین پر
    ا س کے لیے تلوار ہیں میرے وطن کے لوگ
    مخلص تمھاری سوچ کی گہرائی د یکھ کر
    ملنےکو بے قرار ہیں میرے وطن کے لوگ

Nail Art Trends

Nail art

We often consider our nails as just a simple part of our hands and feet. But with nail art becoming popular among the middle class, it’s changing everyone’s perspective and ordinary people are beginning to appreciate the artistic beauty of creative nail arts.

Funky Nails

Just paint the town in the color you want to, go ahead and have a blast.

Nail art

First apply a Crystal Clear, (Wear Extraordinaire) shade or Top Coat, this prevents staining the nails.

  • Deeply Red, was used as a base coat for nails on both hands.
  • On the left hand – The thumb is painted with Abrupt, and Jet, the pointer with Jet, the index finger with Brisk. The ring finger with Fatigues, (Wear Extraordinaire) and the little finger with Abrupt, and Brisk.

On the right hand – The thumb is painted with Jet, the pointer with Zippy the index finger with Brisk, the ring finger with Pearly Whites, (Wear Extraordinaire) and the little finger with Boogie, After you’ve adorned your nails, apply Crystal Clear, this prevents your nail colors from chipping and peeling. If your nails are weak, use a nail hardener

Funky Ten Commandments

Here’s a crazy option to contrast the classic look! Paint you nails with any wild color, may be a purple or blue. Or just to be absolutely different and don’t have the patience to create a special look on each nail, take the easy way out. Just paint each nail with a different color.

The Top hand – Starting from the thumb, Jet is painted on, then Departure, Wild Grape, and finishing off with Deeply Red, The Lower hand – Starting from the thumb Departure, Deeply Red.

Purple Maze

Here’s a crazy option to contrast that classic look! Paint your nails in a haze of lilac.


Always let the first coat of nail enamel dry and then apply another coat.

You can try some glitter or stars or stickers for funky nail art.

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