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#HaarKoHarao – Let kids learn through failures 

There’s a famous proverb in Urdu that says, “Tajarba wo kanghi hai Jo insan ko hamesha baal girne k baad hi milti hai”. (Experience is that comb which you can have only after losing hairs). Agree with it or not but to foresee ain’t everyone’s cup of tea. Same is the thing with failures and lessons we learn from it. You cannot plan for success and failure but the way you tackle with such situations is a great learning experience. Everyone behaves differently while being in almost similar situations, that’s where brought up, parenting and kid’s own experiences matter the most.

Being a parent myself now what I see lacking among our kids is the lesson to learn from failures and gain experience out of it. Kids of our age are extremely sensitive and well informed. They learn things way faster than us but are they learning to fail? With the warnings like, “beta test main full marks lana”, how can you boost kids self esteem if they get 8 out of 10 marks? It OK to say to your kids that there are enough toys, you don’t need more. It is OK to teach kids that if you want something then earn it. Make it a test for them. Let them disappoint sometimes when they’re expecting something from you. As a parent we should put kids in challenging situations rather than giving them ideal scenarios. Life is not a bed of roses and they should start learning early.

When I think about my 4 years old daughter I can surely say that she knows what’s 1st and 2nd (she even knows Top is better than 1st) but she has less knowledge about failures. She thinks if teacher will give her less marks then she’ll fail and she hates the description of it. She’s not ready to fail. She’s not ready to be disappointed.

One day she came crying from school and the reason was that the teacher hasn’t drawn a star on her hand while everybody else got it. How do you console kids in such situations? I took it as a challenge and started to make her believe that it is OK to sit on the second bench and it is OK to get 7 marks out of 10 but you shouldn’t stop trying. You can do better. She’s learning and I hope she grows up to be a better person. Failures help you grow and learn. Make every experience count be it failure.

Haar na mano balkay Haar ko harao taakay Jeet milay.

With #HaarKoHarao spirit I came across this TVC by surf excel which my kid can relate so well. When the coach wants to quit his job because the kids were failing as a team, little boy Haroon with lots of hope comes forward. Such is the spirit we need to instill in our kids. AAJ HARAY HAIN TOU KAL JEET BHI TOU SAKTAY HAIN? That’s exactly what every kid should believe in. This message is going to help a lot of kids learn resilience.

Let the kids try and learn new things. Let them experience. They’ll learn some, they’ll fail some but the experience with it will stay with them for life long. I get inspired with this TVC. Show it to your kids too and ask them what they get from it. Celebrate resilience.


#JeeLayHarPal – Youth’s Mantra of Life

​How many times you’ve heard in your life that “Hawww Haye? Aisa kyun?”, “Mat krna!! Log kiya kahain gay?”. The dilemma of our generation was to hear lots of clichéd statements like this. No longer valid for youngsters I guess. I don’t often say this to my kids,infact never should I want them to grow up being suppressed by society’s approach. One should be able to enjoy life to the fullest and that’s what #JeeLayHarPal is all about. 

Pepsi, being the youth centric brand has always come up with interesting campaigns to cater to the dynamic community of youngsters. By getting youth icon, the biggest rock star Atif Aslam on board as the new face of Pepsi, the brand has definitely struck gold. Who else in fact the youngsters look Upto as their Idol other than Atif Aslam? He can mesmerize crowds with his unique voice & recently been praised a lot for being a gentleman in one of his concerts by rescuing a girl (victim of harassment) on stage. The act not only wins hearts of Atif’s fans but had a message for all of us to live in the moment & let that moment be memorable for all the good reasons.

The very next week, Atif Aslam unveiled Pepsi’s new moto, Jee lay Har Pal in his beautiful voice during a star studded event in Lahore. Listen to the rocking number here, in case you’ve missed it. PS: You can download JLHP tune on your phone. Just type ‘JLHP’ and send it to 9005 to get the download link.

Jee Lay Har pal is all about enjoying life to the fullest without any conditions. Living in the present without being worried about the future. The message is very relatable to millennials because they’re the enthusiastic generation with passion for living life fearless. Despite all the hardships that may come their way, today’s youth knows how to overcome their shortcomings and carry on to achieve their dreams. Pepsi’s new mantra encourages youth to follow their dreams, be energetic and unconventional. Living life while enjoying every moment of it is what Jee lay Har pal is all about.

Being a mom restricts me to so many things in life like hanging out with friends, going out for movies or long shopping sprees but my Jee Lay Har Pal moment is definitely the time I spend with my kids, making memories with them. Afterall, this precious time will not return in my life and I’ll be cherishing these memories later. For all those hangouts that I am missing, you can wait for a few years. No?

Anyway, I am so looking forward to seeing more of Atif & Pepsi together this year as it is just the beginning. Till then let’s just try to #JeeLayHarPal kiya Pata Kal ho na ho. 

#DouNetworkAikAwaz TVC – Celebrating diversity of Pakistan

Pakistan is a land of diverse cultures, picturesque locations and beautiful languages. People of Pakistan are very warm and their hospitality is very well renowned. The warmth, smiles, mountains, plains, food, beautiful regional outfits & rich heritage makes us a proud nation. I remember watching PTV-(Pakistan’s state television)  tries to encapsulate the essence of every provincial tradition via their transmission. Today, in the age of globalization we’re moving far from our regional languages and seldom celebrate diversity. It is a welcome change to see such heartwarming visuals of Pakistani people belonging to various age groups greeting each other in a TVC. The happy faces across Pakistan made me smile. I felt the warmth. Did you?

It all happened because of a celebratory advertisement to mark Pakistan’s first telecom merger. Leading telecom company Mobilink has revamped itself as Jazz Pakistan and announced On-Net merger with Warid Pakistan. The users of both the networks are now a giant family of 50millions. That’s a huge number and definitely calls for a celebration in style. What better way to say it than a beautifully executed TVC that soon made to the trending list of Twitter. 

#DouNetworkAikAwaz TVC has been released to celebrate the milestone with a welcoming tale. The ad features beautiful landscape of Pakistan from desert to plains & mountains  alongwith heartwarming visuals of people of all ages. Red & Blue bokeh effect throughout the TVC marks the merger of Jazz (red) and Warid(blue) very subtly. To my surprise there’s no song in the ad. Definitely a welcome change. All you are going to hear in the TVC is an impressive voice over & our sweet regional languages. People of different regions welcoming each other with a warm hug and smiles. Extremely in love with welcome phrases like “Khush Amdaid”, “G aya noon”, “Pakhair Ra ghalay”, “Wash ahat” etc. We’re so diverse, so far, so near- yet one & united. 

Here’s how Pakistani social media users responded to the #DouNetworkAikAwaz. 

Hope this telecom merger will result in better connectivity across Pakistan with affordability. We can trust Jazz and the best part is they’re going to be 4G providers too. Expecting some cool things to roll out soon. 

Ufone honors unsung heroes of Pakistan 

It was an inspiring experience to meet four shinning individuals of Pakistan featured in a TVC by Ufone last month. Ufone recently arranged a bloggers’ meet to create awareness about unsung heroes who are actively reshaping the society through their utmost efforts for humanity. Taking its primary message forward, ‘It’s all about U’, the company extends its support to consumers and people around, thus making them the core focus so as to serve them right. 

Ufone makes conscious efforts in recognising and highlighting people who are an outstanding role model and a personification of the very message ‘It is all about U’.  These are the people who, despite their challenges, have risen above and beyond them and made it big in life. These are the role models who people will look up to as an inspiration as their achievements send out a message that inspires others to do good in their own capacity. 

Four of these compassionate individuals were invited to share their inspirational stories and discuss about their endeavours in order to instill a higher sense of benevolence in people around. These included Muhammad Mohsin Ali, Shamim Akhtar, Saqib Ali Kazmi, and Sabia Abbat. Heroes in their respective areas, Ufone scouted them and picked them up to portray them as models of excellence to the society, so as to trigger the self-belief and inspiration needed to excel in life. Through TVCs and a comprehensive 360 degree campaign, the company has highlighted the life stories of these individuals, their struggles and their unparalleled achievements to inspire the nation and instill in them the belief that nothing is beyond their reach, provided they have the determination to make their dream come true. 

Shamim Akhtar Pakistani female truck driver
Shamim Akhtar, First Pakistani female truck driver

Shamim Akhtar one of these heroes, at 53 is Pakistan’s first female driver; she is one such example who decided to go against all odds to make both ends meet for her family and adapted to a role skewed toward gender based obstacles. She attributes her success to the Islamabad Traffic Police Training course that paved the way for her to show her the possibilities of being able to drive heavy vehicles as she had gained an excellent road sense and courage to defy all stereotypes associated with driving vehicles. Her untiring efforts later helped her gain a public service vehicle license, making her the first Pakistani woman licensed to drive trailers, tractors and trucks. 

Mohammed Mohsin, Graduation Gold Medalist
Mohammed Mohsin, Graduation Gold Medalist

Similarly, Muhammad Mohsin, son of a bread maker and resident of Hafizabad scored 688 points in his B.A exams through his uncanny efforts; thereby topping the list in B.A/B.Sc exams held by the Punjab University and made waves nationwide. Not being able to manage his college dues, he still had his motivation geared towards his goal of completing his graduation and therefore appeared for exams as a private candidate. Mohsin continued his quest for education while assisting his father to support his family and ensured that financial obstacles do not become the reason for a break in his education.

Sabia Abbat, National Cycling champion of Pakistan
Sabia Abbat, National Cycling champion of Pakistan

Sabia Abbat, on the other hand, is a 25 year old cyclist hailing from the village of Haripur and has also been handpicked by Ufone to brace its campaign. Within two years of her enthusiastic endeavors for sports, she became the national champion in Lahore; prior to this, she had been representing her college in regional events. She is now a professional cyclist and holds a bachelor’s degree in physical education.

Saqib Ali Kazmi, Entrepreneur and Waterman of Gharo
Saqib Ali Kazmi, Entrepreneur and Waterman of Gharo

Another flourishing example is of Saqib Ali Kazmi, an inspiring young entrepreneur and social worker from Karachi. From education to health, Kazmi works in the development sector to help the underprivileged of the society however he can. He started a project called “Mera Karachi Meri Zimmedari”. The name being self-explanatory focused on the role of each individual towards the society instead of relying on the politicians or ruling elites to facilitate people. Taking a leap forward, he worked in a small school and later with the help of his friends identified two areas of development in Interior Sindh, that is, water and education. To resolve the water crisis in the area, Saqib and his friends installed 320 hand pumps in different areas of Interior Sindh, particularly Gharo and Thatta. Saqib and the team also manage an educational venture in a village in Gharo. They provide books, free education, uniform and linguistic training to children to allow them to grow and prosper as well as make a difference. 

As part of Ufone’s brand philosophy, it also supported people and organisations not generally known to the public but who all have been doing extra ordinary work for the betterment of the society. These were small scale philanthropic initiatives started by individuals on a personal basis who later went an extra mile, thus impacting their surroundings magnanimously. These include Operation Eid Child, Deewar-e-Mehrbani, and Khaana Ghar. All 3 initiatives have been conceived and are conducted by individuals in their personal capacities. These are being highlighted by Ufone to inspire similar ventures and to invite participation in the on-going activities. Ufone showcased these initiatives through a large electronic media campaign to share the message of goodness with all Pakistanis. Parveen Saeed of Khana Ghar also graced the event with her presence and explained how she was encouraged to pursue her mission of feeding the underprivileged when she heard of a mother having killed her two children as she was unable to feed them. 

The discussion by these unsung heroes was followed by an interactive session with the bloggers whose keen interest in their endeavours revealed many more unsung heroes in the making!

#ServisTyre TVC will left you dreaming a road trip

Servis Tyres, the market leaders in motorcycle tyres in Pakistan, has recently launched its new campaign with a star studded commercial and we’re like o my gosh. It’s no less than stunning and makes you wanna go on a Road trip with friends.


Servis Tyres left a trail of success with its previous TVC starring Shaan and took the challenge of penetrating in the market with effective advertising. The past TVC gave a massive uplift to the brand setting the bar high for any new communication to follow.


The concept of the new TVC of Servis tyres is inspired by the youth of today who are passionate about living life to its fullest. A life which is cultivated with friendship, love and adrenaline rush. They are the ones who experience life.  Depicting this youth, the idea is a song showing young bikers as they live a side of life that everyone would always wish for.

‘Chalti Rahay Zindagi’ showcases three friends as they set on a dream road trip.  What makes it even better is the stardom seen in this commercial. Superstars like Shaan Shahid, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Danish Taimoor have changed the face of the TVC with their very cool biker getup as they ride across different terrains on heavy bikes. Keeping the TVC very relatable to the audience, we see the group of friends in different locations while experiencing all the excitement that life has to offer.


While the encapsulating words draw the attention, the composition takes the listener to another world.  With the background score sung by Ali Zafar, his vocals have surely done justice to the complete look & feel of the TVC.
By all means, this TVC will surely grip the viewer’s attention and will remain a highlight for many years to come.