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#AlbelaRahi – Biopic on Living legend Alamgir announced by Fog Catcher films

Woah!! That was huge and came as a surprise in an exclusive event. Not only biopic on living legend Alamgir is a huge news but the lead actor being Fawad Khan is a surprising factor too. Lollywood is doing things right these days. #AlbelaRahi is going to be one movie that we all are now looking forward to.

Fawad Khan as Alamgir.

Fog Catcher Films, a sister concern of Stimulus Productions, has announced (what can be tipped to be the next blockbuster of the Pakistani cinema industry) #AlbelaRahi – a film on the epic tale of once an ordinary man, Alamgir, who rose to be the iconic Pop star of Pakistan and the one who pioneered the pop music genre in Pakistan.

It has been revealed that the lead actor playing the legendary pop singer is none other than Fawad Khan, Pakistan’s very own heartthrob and superstar. The 34-year-old actor who has been a true sensation in the television and film industry of Pakistan and India is perfect for this role being a seasoned musician himself.

The plot of Albela Rahi revolves around Alamgir and his struggles, his journey from East to West Pakistan and how he brought a wave of pop music along with him. Alamgir with his vigorous style of singing and stage performance brought a fresh breath of air to the Pakistani music industry in the early 1970’s. He introduced Urdu pop music and became an instant hit with his song ‘Albela Rahi’.

With an original script, a legendary protagonist together with Fawad Khan as the male lead, ‘Albela Rahi’ – Fog Catcher’s debut film shows immense potential of being a huge success. Fingers crossed.

‘Fog Catcher Films’ is a sister company of Stimulus Productions, Pakistan’s leading TV commercials’ production house. Stimulus Productions has rose to top in short period of six years and has produced over 200 television ads for blue-chip brands in Pakistan, working with both local and foreign directors.

We wish them best of luck for Albela Rahi.