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#60SIFF2018 – Nationwide Short Film screenings encouraging youth to #LetsFilm

If you have a know how of video making & have an idea to film something belonging to categories like Music, Poetry, Food, Architecture, Folklore, Craft or Fiction then 60SIFF (60 seconds International Film Festival) is the event you should be participating in.

The 60 Second Intl. Film Festival (60SIFF) is a platform aimed at empowering the youth by providing them an opportunity to express themselves. 60SIFF encourages anyone with a story to step up and film their thoughts in 60 seconds. 60SIFF has fosteref a community of participants and viewers and each year, it gets one step closer to bridging the gap between cultures and creating strong global ties among aesthetically driven individuals. This year the festival has received 1056 film entries from 56 countries globally.

On 11th May, 2018 Pakistan has seen athe biggest Short film screening event by 60SIFF with multiple film. screenings happening at various places and many cities simultaneously. It is so good to see youth of Dadu, Gilgit Baltistan, Gwadar, Jamshoro as well as Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad’s supporting creativity and learning through the 60SIFF.

To execute such a huge festival with panel discussions about films and techniques at such level is commendable. Following venues across the country has seen #60SIFF2018 in all its glory live.

  • College of Media Sciences, Ziauddin University Karachi
  • Adcore Productions, Faisalabad
  • Filmbailay, Lahore
  • Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan
  • Café Garage, Islamabad
  • Nutrition Support Program (NSP)

There were Facebook live sessions of film screenings for public sitting at home too. Absolutely enjoyed the Panel discussions that I have seen live about our films as I love watching movies and short films. If you’re one film enthusiast, keep an eye on 60SIFF social pages for future festivals.

Facebook 60SIFF

Twitter 60SIFF.


#OyeKuchKarGuzar – From city wars to Pakistan’s first online film

The best of the banter that Pakistani Twitter has ever seen happened during the first edition of PSL. City wars always bring the best of pun and fun from twitteratis. Although the second edition of PSL is yet to begin but the city wars have already made their way to social media courtesy Mangobaaz’s celebrity city roast video featuring Ushna Shah, Ali Safina & Uzair Jaswal. What followed the video is just madness of Karachi vs Lahore vs Islamabad and an unforgettable trend of #OyeKuchKarGuzar.

Must say that Mangobazz Tussi barray mazaqi te chalak ho. Who knew that this is where the journey towards Pakistan’s first online movie begins? Take a bow you Mangobaaz.

The way people reacted to the roast video is beyond any promotional stunt or advertising which makes it such fun. With people taking sides of the celebrities & praising how they’ve defended their cities makes #OyeKuchKarGuzar the most happening online engagement activity. Just look at the master blaster of banter.

The uniqueness, the differences, the love among us all is due to Pakistan which we absolutely love. Like every city war which ends when someone points out that, “In the end we all are Pakistanis and must love & respect our cities and people”, City roast video brings the best out of us and in the end what we are getting is a first for Pakistan, for us all. First ever online movie. No Torrents required.

#OyeKuchKarGuzar is going to be Pakistan’s first online movie which will be released on Youtube by Djuice Pakistan.Since the launch of Youtube Pakistan and the option of monetizing content, Djuice is the first brand to step up their digital game. Being a youth centric brand they are exploring the opportunities on 3rd most visited website of the world. The popularity of 3G and 4G, ever so expanding digital lifestyle through smartphones makes the medium much more accessible.

The trailer clearly depicts that the youth wants to take the plunge and want to achieve something in their lives. The most exciting thing about watching #OyeKuchKarGuzar movie online will be not paying for the tickets and no guilt of piracy yet you gotta experience fresh content exclusively released on digital front. This is going to be a treat for Movie lovers.

What are you waiting for? Oh acha! Movie ki release ka wait horaha hai. Won’t tell you when it is happening. Go subscribe to Djuice Pakistan’s Youtube channel and sit back. get your popcorns and snack stock ready while #OyekuchKarguzar happens.

#AlbelaRahi – Biopic on Living legend Alamgir announced by Fog Catcher films

Woah!! That was huge and came as a surprise in an exclusive event. Not only biopic on living legend Alamgir is a huge news but the lead actor being Fawad Khan is a surprising factor too. Lollywood is doing things right these days. #AlbelaRahi is going to be one movie that we all are now looking forward to.

Fawad Khan as Alamgir.

Fog Catcher Films, a sister concern of Stimulus Productions, has announced (what can be tipped to be the next blockbuster of the Pakistani cinema industry) #AlbelaRahi – a film on the epic tale of once an ordinary man, Alamgir, who rose to be the iconic Pop star of Pakistan and the one who pioneered the pop music genre in Pakistan.

It has been revealed that the lead actor playing the legendary pop singer is none other than Fawad Khan, Pakistan’s very own heartthrob and superstar. The 34-year-old actor who has been a true sensation in the television and film industry of Pakistan and India is perfect for this role being a seasoned musician himself.

The plot of Albela Rahi revolves around Alamgir and his struggles, his journey from East to West Pakistan and how he brought a wave of pop music along with him. Alamgir with his vigorous style of singing and stage performance brought a fresh breath of air to the Pakistani music industry in the early 1970’s. He introduced Urdu pop music and became an instant hit with his song ‘Albela Rahi’.

With an original script, a legendary protagonist together with Fawad Khan as the male lead, ‘Albela Rahi’ – Fog Catcher’s debut film shows immense potential of being a huge success. Fingers crossed.

‘Fog Catcher Films’ is a sister company of Stimulus Productions, Pakistan’s leading TV commercials’ production house. Stimulus Productions has rose to top in short period of six years and has produced over 200 television ads for blue-chip brands in Pakistan, working with both local and foreign directors.

We wish them best of luck for Albela Rahi.

My love affair with movies and Lollywood

Hollywood becomes Bollywood with reference to Bombay apparently.  Therefore, I assume, Lollywood comes with the reference of Lahore (considered home of movies in Pakistan) eventually. Whatever the reason is, we all know our film industry is lollywood & we use to love it.

Being a 90’s kid (don’t ask my age😛) I fell in love with lollywood movies courtesy first ever private TV channel of Pakistan i.e. STN/NTM. Hailing from a middle class conservative family I’ve never been to cinema or seen my parents going to one.

We use to have a 14″ B&W hitachi TV at that time. Watching woodie woodpecker cartoons while having breakfast, just before going to school in Mustansar Hussain Tarrar’s PTV morning transmission is my fondest memory of that era. (ONLY) News bulletin of the day was awaited after having family dinner at 9pm. BBC’s radio transmission was a must at 8pm for us coz my father loved it.

Then came first ever private TV channel which lures us literally with its evening transmission and weekend movie manias. That was the beginning of my love for movies. Lollywood movies were aired every weekend and even though we weren’t allowed to stay awake till late night, I try to watch them all.

From Santosh Kumar, Sabiha Khanum, Shamim Ara, Nayyar Sultana to Nadeem, shabnam, Babra, Muhammad Ali, Zeba, Waheed Murad, Ismail Shah, Javed Shiekh, Neeli and Reema. I’ve seen them all. But NEVER on big screen. Yes Never :'(:'(

Times change. We got a color TV during my college days. Convinced abbu to have cable in our home and then I got to see Bollywood movies. Bang!!! Movies became a habit afterwards.

Got married and my husband was even more of a movies fan. He introduced me to Hollywood classics. I’ve only seen Rambo and few Hollywood flicks before. Then, with Hollywood my love for movies grew even more. Sadly till then lollywood was dying. I was allowed to go to cinema but I couldn’t 😥 coz there were no movies there. Drive-in cinema Karachi was just demolished & a shopping plaza was under construction these days( Now known as millenium mall)

Times change once again. There were movies and even bollywood movie screenings. Got so excited & finally managed to watch a few on big screen. My first was Singh is King and last memorable one was My name is Khan in Capri cinema. Imagine yourself being me and then imagine my level of happiness.

Still I haven’t watched a lollywood flick on big screen. The reason being my kids, who are too young to be taken to a cinema hall yet. When movies like Khuda k liaye & Bol were being made, I cannot make it to cinema 😥

This year, there are quite a few lollywood films making waves even across the border. There’s O21, Waar, Namalom Afraad, 3Bahadur, Bin Roye, Wrong No, Karachi se Lahore, Moor, Shah & Dekh Magar pyar se…. & the list is ever growing. Lollywood is having a blast, quite literally.


Can’t wait to be there in the cinema with my kids & watching a decent lollywood movie. Hope the producers and directors of this era understands that our people love meaningful cinema. Nothing beats movies when it comes to Entertainment. I hope and wish for a cinematastic lollywood experience in near future.

Till then, let me be a super mom ☺