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Biryani, Aaloo aur parrosi 

Biryani main Aaloo Hona chahiae k nahi? Lahore main achi Biryani milti bhi hai k Nahi? Aap apnay parrosi se Khana share kartay hyn k Nahi? The queries have become legendary and center of debate soon after a Chinese lady took a crash course to make perfect chicken biryani with Shan spice mix. Wallah. Kiya Biryani bnai thi behan ne. SubhanAllah. 

It all started with CPEC when a Chinese engineer landed in Lahore for work purposes and his lonely wife decided to bond with her neighbors over food. In a touching tale of food bringing people closer, shan plays the hero part. Watch it all happen here. 

Shan Foods has hit the right chords just like last year. The TVC soon after its release took social media with a storm to become a viral sensation. Chinese Biryani Baaji became everyone’s favorite parrosan with flood of memes and so many comments that every brand crave for on digital. Everyone was (and still) talking about Shan #KhaanaWithParosi ad. The revival of parrosi bethaks and how important it is to know each other is the need of the time. Look at some of the social media commentary on the core message of sharing Biryani, putting Aaloo or not and meeting neighbors.  

Sharing food has always been part of our culture. I’ve grown up watching my mom sharing meals with the neighbors quite often. Be it some fancy food like Biryani, Saag, Karrhi or be it everyday food items like sabzi and achaar. Mom use to always feed our part time maid too. My grandfather was a farmer and he use to send us multiple sacks of potatoes every year. We call it best part of the year as we get unlimited supply of fries at home and use to bike around with dad to share potatoes among relatives and neighbors. Good old times.

On a bigger level we see many Khaana ghars and dastarkwaan sharing food with the deserving ones in every city. Then there’s massive food sharing drives during the Holy month of Ramzan every year. Sending Khajla pheeni to your loved ones mark beginning of Ramzan Sharif and then Khwan of Iftaar items covered with beautiful cloth piece is part of our lives too. 

Times have changed. In today’s fast moving world we don’t even have time for ourselves often. Some of us might also not know or met people in out neighborhoods for any reason. In such times shan Foods has surely struck a chord among masses with the theme of sharing and caring for your near and dear people, be it neighbors, colleagues or relatives. Let’s take some time out for people around you and bonding over some food. How about some Biryani just for the sake of having good time? 

Go ahead. Make something delicious and share it with your neighbors. You’ll feel good too. 

#FPSL17 to help you #HungerOut this PSL season

T20 cricket ho wo bhi apni PSL tou tension aur celebrations dono banti hyn. For us housewives it gets a bit difficult to watch the whole match because of you know the ultimate kitchen duty. Stress main banda ziada khata hy. Nahi? PSL matches are falling exactly during the dinner hours & I don’t want to spend that time in the kitchen considering the matches during PSL season 2 are such a nail bitting ones. Thank God for Foodpanda the savior. 

When there’s a match, we order food away (not because I am that landlord lol but because of the discounts that foodpanda is offering). Who can resist Upto 60% off on more than 200 restaurants? At least I can’t. Gotta get some days off from kitchen. Wohoo!! 

Check out the deals on offer during whole PSL season, yes!! For almost a month these discounts are valid wo bhi not only in Karachi. You can avail the discounts all over Pakistan and enjoy nail bitting PSL matches with friends and family. 

By the way the discounts in McDonalds & pizza are unbelievable. Which one have you availed yet? 

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#MealsTurnExciting with new Pepsi TVC featuring Fawad Khan and Syra

Ammi kiya pkkaya hai?

Beta daal pakki hy. 


This is a story of every household. How desperately you want to turn that boring daal roti into something exciting? Ahh. Sometimes you don’t even want to eat a boring meal at all and then get flashes of Pepsi TVC of last year. How I wish I can do that in real life. *Hogwartz feels* Know what’s the magical wand?

All you need is a gulp of Thanddi thaar Pepsi. Perfect thirst quencher and meal upgrade guaranteed. The concept of making boring meals exciting extends from last year to new TVC of Pepsi. The magical Khana banay exciting theme relives in New Pepsi TVC with heartthrobs of the nation. OMG!! Yes its none other than Fawad (Handsome) Khan in the TVC making us all Drool over him more than the food and less than the Pepsi lol. He’s slaying in the ad with the beautiful Syra Shahroz and the cool Shahzad Noor. Feeling Quetta ki hawain now. Brrrrr…. That’s a cool star studded lineup of celebrities for a TVC. 

To my surprise, keeping the theme of #MealsTurnExciting in mind BBPR & Pepsi hosted a bloggers dinner in Karachi last week. The event was organized to reveal the new Pepsi TVC with an opportunity to meet & dine with the celebrities featuring in the ad. Yasss!! As exclusive as it gets.

Too bad that Fawad Khan couldn’t make it to the event *dil toots*, Thank God that the gorgeous Syra Shahroz was there to lit up the venue. OMG how cute is she. One can forget to even look at the food when she’s around. That was an exciting meetup for bloggers as we(yes we, ahem! )  got the first hand knowledge of all that Pepsi has in store way before the audiences. *drumrolls*

Have you missed bloggers exclusive live tweets from the venue? Awwww Koi nahi. Just check the hashtag #MealsTurnExciting on social media to get the glimpses of excitement that we gotta enjoy with Pepsi, celebs & fine dining. Such an exciting day out it was.

Watch how Fawad Khan makes the #MealsTurnExciting & the whole feel of the ad changed into a celebration. We all love food and what better to serve it with Pepsi, Han? I am so eyeing on that BBQ that Shahzad Noor just turned exciting. Pepsi Pi lay Zara….. cant stop humming.

7Up #FoodieswithoutBorders celebrated regional cuisine

Imagine yourself roaming around Lahore and suddenly you got craving of succulent namkeen tikka that you had in Peshawar once or Burns Road kay bun kebab that you had loved during your Karachi visit, what would you do? You will definitely be going to have a sigh moment, miss being there in the other city and move on.

No matter how much the foodie inside you is asking for the authentic food of other cities you have to compromise with the locally available versions. How can the foodie trademark drink of Pakistan, 7Up can ignore such genuine cravings. Afterall they’re the official foodie drink of our country and they know what a foodie wants.

7Up always come up with refreshing ideas just like its taste to unite foodies from all over Pakistan. Recently Lahore hosted first ever 7Up #FoodieswithoutBorders event to satisfy regional food cravings of foodies. What a grand and unique event it was. Although I wasn’t there but apparently I’ve seen it all through snapchat of my Lahore based friends Aman, Abdullah and Huda. My God!! All my Lahori friends had such an amazing time while gobbling down scrumptious food from all over Pakistan. I am so jealous of them by the way. Their snapstories were all painted green by 7Up and yummy cultural delicacies.

Be it Peshawari Chapli kebab, Charsi Namkeen Tikka, Burns road ke Bunkebabs, Karachi’s signature 7Up Limca, haleem and gol gappay or Lahori Phajjay ke payee, Waris Nihari, Gurday chaanp, Chikkarr Cholay and doodh soda, #FoodiesWithoutBorders brought these popular delicacies from their authentic vendors just for the most amazing foodie experience under one roof. Yes, You read that right. 7Up manages to gather around two dozen authentic vendors from Peshawar, Karachi and Lahore to have their signature dishes at #Foodieswithoutborders event so that people can enjoy the authentic taste of famous foods. Hats off for the effort and idea guys. You have raised the bar for any future food festival.

I was drooling over the scrumptious food spread, loved desi yet hip ambiance with live music by the popular sans vocalist band khumariyaan (they are btw coming up with their version of GoT theme song soon) that took over my snapchat with storm. Virtually met so many celebrities like Noor, Cybil, Ali Hamza, Ammanat Ali, Ahmed Ali Button, Niman Javed, Q of Josh etc as they were all enjoying the taste of famous regional trademark dishes and expressing their love of food in the coolest video booth ever. Loved Ahmed Ali Butt’s chanay reference and Burp in the video booth and Amanat Ali’s singing or Dhaga Kebabs. Such fun vibes.

Loved the rickshaw one liners in the backdrop where my friends had some great pictures.

Such a fun combo of food, music and fun it was. I hope 7Up brings #FoodieswithoutBorders to Karachi too so that we can mana lo food ka love with some great music and off course  our favorite drink 7Up.

Ramazan #MadeEasy with National Foods

Summers and Ramazan calls for some magic trick to cut down time spent in kitchen and thank God I got that trick this year. All credit goes to National Foods MadeEasy approach and chef Saadat for blessing us not only with some handy kitchen tips but for his unique quick and easy recipes for Iftaar and Sehri.

Since the National Foods Bloggers meetup where I had a chance to meet Chef Saadat and taste his food, I was so tempted to try his fusion ideas made easy with such tempting videos. A recipe is now just a minute away.

I have tried few recipes from the MadeEasy video section and they’ve turned out yum. Here’s my MadeEasy journey so far this Ramazan.

Peri Bites:

MadeEasy Peri Bites

This was the best thing that I have made this Ramazan and repeatedly so far. It has been made easy peasy by National foods but the only trick you need to master is cutting and de-seeding jalapenos.

My Tip: Squeeze a lemon over chilies before filling them and try to make them before iftaar and let them sit in your fridge for better frying.

Masla Dosa:


Can’t thank enough for this made easy recipe coz it doesn’t require sitting of Dosa batter for fermentation. The Aaloo bhurta turned out to be finger licking good we’ve had the left over in Sehri with parathas. It is a house favorite non-veg meal now.

My Tip: Non-stick pan will do the trick for dosa and as Chef said,”pehla dosa kharab hi banta hai” so keep practicing.

Mint lemonade:

MadeEasy Mint Lemonade

This drink will make you refreshed with every sip. The ting of lime and coolness of mint will make your dehydrated rozaydaar self extremely satisfied. perfect summer cooler it is.

My Tip: Blend the mint at the last moment for the freshness.

Pizza Paratha:

MadeEasy Pizza Paratha

I’ve made this paratha one fine sehri morning when there was ‘egg-mergency’ spotted. There were no eggs available that day and i was running out of time to make something quick. had some left over chicken and cheese so I gave pizza paratha a try. So filling and hearty meal that kids will fall in love with.

My Tip: Mix two o three types of cheese for a flavor burst.

Go through MadeEasy website or download iOS/Android app to learn more of such easy recipes and thank National Foods Pakistan for being so helpful with their contemporary cooking approach.

A recipe mix is not just a box of one recipe wonder. the possibilities are endless. use them as suggested by Chef Saadat or create your own masterpieces of indulgence. Ever tried making aaloo ki bhujia with achar gosht masala? or making a steak with tikka masala?

I tried using spices in different ways. Like I’ve used National Tawa Chicken Masala as a steak rub on this grilled chicken.

I have also added National Karahi Masala to cook simple aaloo qeema for sehri and it was a hit.


Not to forget the hero among all desi Pakistani spices, National Chaat Masala can save your taste buds from getting bored. Sprinkle over Pakorras to Dahi barra to French fries or try stuffing it inside a jalapeño with some lemon juice and mashed potato. This is the super hero of all spices.

Do try creating some gastronomical wonders with National Foods MadeEasy this Ramazan.