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Body Makeover Challenge by Tapal and BBRC setting fitness goals

Getting rid of all the weight you have put on during pregnancy is a stressful struggle but to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet is even a greater struggle. I am in the phase of life where I need all kinds of motivation to keep reminding myself that fit hongi mein. About time for a much needed motivation with Body Makeover Challenge by Tapal and BBRC (Body beat recreational center). If you haven’t heard about it yet, let me tell you about #BMO4.

Tapal Green Tea has catechins and much needed antioxidants to aid detoxification and Theanine in it makes you feel relaxed. Much needed boost of refueling after intense workout to keep you healthy and fit. Following the theme, Tapal joins hand with BBRC for a fun fitness challenge called “Body Makeover Challenge” or #BMO4.

Tapal Green Tea along with BBRC brought various fitness experts together to compete in toughest challenges while enjoying some Iced Tapal Green Tea and fun giveaways.

Hassan Rizvi of BBPR, Nusrat and Sameet from 42 DC, Mustafa from Impulse, Zainab Ansari, cofounder DXD, Hydro, Bilal Munir, and many more were part of body Makeover Challenge & were such a good sport.

Body Makeover Challenges:

  • Piston Squats,
  • Dynamic Pushup Challenge,
  • Head Stand Challenge,
  • Paper Challenge and the final,
  • “The Tapal Fitness Challenge”.

The Tapal Fitness Challenge included a series of hand claps, pushups, burpees and finally a frog jump all in one rep.

All this effort by top fitness instructors of Pakistan wasn’t just for fun and inspiration. They won some cool stuff too. The Grand Prize included an Apple iWatch, iPod Nano, Yoga Mat, Fitness Gloves, and the entire range of the delicious flavors of Tapal Green Tea.

The winner of the Tapal Green Tea Challenge, and the grand prize, was the lucky Mr. Rizwan Noor.

Other winners included Mr. Sajid who won the dynamic push up challenge, having preformed a whopping 75 Pushups in less than one minute ( Saw Shahzad Roy doing 72 push-ups in jeeto Pakistan and I was like kiya khata hai yaar). How many push-ups you can do btw?

We should take part in such healthy activity and promote fitness lifestyle. Staying healthy should always be a priority. I wish Tapal can bring something really helpful for housewives as part of BMO challenge. Maybe a reality show or something. Aakhir #FitHongiMein bhi is motivation se.