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True Taste of Arabia – Arabic Food Festival at Avari Towers Karachi

Avari Towers has some serious obsession with providing great quality food and it has gained a reputation for it’s food festivals since past few years. If you haven’t been to any of such festival you are definitely missing on the best of the cuisines from around the world prepared by experienced chefs. I have been to quite a few of them, so yeah!! Take my word.

Asia Live at Avari Towers is hosting Arabic Nights themed “Arabic Food Festival” from 26th October 2018(today) to 28th October and it is a buffet of famous Middle Eastern delicacies like Fatoush, Hummus, Kabsa, Shish Taouk, Shawarma, Basboosa, UmmAli etc. You have to leave your Pakistani pallette at home to experience authentic flavors although the head Chef Naim said that he’s giving a little bit Pakistani touch but he don’t want to compromise on authentic recipes & ingredients of Arab delicacies. All the dips & sauces are being made in-house from scratch which will give the diners a unique taste profile.

What to Expect in the Menu?

Well, somethings can be a surprise entry but they are offering delicious & authentic spread of cold mezze, salads, desserts and main courses from Middle East with live music & Arabian Night ambiance.

Cold Mezze

A mezze or meze is an integral part of Middle Eastern cuisine which is served as appetizers but can easily be used with the main course dishes to enhance flavor profile. At Avari Towers Asia Live Arabic Food Festival there’s a wide spread of dips & salads.

Arabic mezze has dips with spreadable consistency & quite rich in texture and flavor. For the appetizers, I highly recommend to have Muhammara (Roasted red peppers and walnut dip), Baba Ganoush (Roasted Eggplant spread) as I just loved the freshness of it. Muhammara had in house made molasses of pomegranate giving it a unique tangy taste profile & walnut grits made it a treat. Baba Ganoush was so refreshing, just like finding a tree in the middle of a desert. Other usual suspects are Hummus, Tabbouli Fatoush etc. Enjoy them all with Arabic/Pita bread & you don’t even need a main course. It is that satisfying.

I would love to stuff my pantry with a bottle of each Muhammara, Hummus & Baba Ganoush for my midnight snack cravings.

Main Course

It is a tough choice, trust me. To have shawarma or Kasba rice or the amazingly tender lamb chops or the exquisite Shish Taouk? Won’t mind the glistening rice, mince & cheese stuffed goodness of peppers, zucchini and Brinjals. Oh!! My my. What a spread it is. What will you pick to eat first?

Shawarma Arabic Food Festival Avari Towers
DIY Shawarma Spread
Farrouj Grilled chicken at Avari Towers
Summac Onions at Avari Towers
Summac Onions were Awesome
Shish Taouk at Avari Towers
Shish Taouk
Stuffed Roasted Bell Peppers
Stuffed Roasted Pepper
Chicken Kabsa Rice at Arabic Food Festival Avari Towers
Chicken Kabsa Rice

I recommend starting with Chicken Kabsa Rice, put some Muhammara & Fatoush with Summac Onions on the side, add Shish Taouk & a lamb chop. Drizzle fresh lemon juice & enjoy the Arabian night while you’re there. Thank me later.


Traditional Arab desserts are a labour of love & made in house from scratch by the Internationally experienced Chef Naim his team. He has served for two decades in Middle East &also was the Captain of Pakistani Chefs team during Foodistan competition apart from other milestones of his culinary career.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I highly recommend Umm Ali (Puff pastry based gooey warm goodness you’ll never forget), Baklawa & Basbousa in case you can’t resist, Try them all like me. Ah!! My sweet tooth was in heaven.

Arabic Food Festival Avari Towers is a buffet for Rs2700+Tax per person. Kids from 5-10 years will be charged half. For any other query or bookings you can join the event Avari Towers Arabic Food Festival or dial 111-282-747.


#ReelOnHai – Beautifying Karachi through art and Recycling 

There is nothing better than to giving back to the community and what better way than through art. Karachi needs a lot of effort to beautify every nook and corner of it being the biggest metropolis. It is a pleasure to see brands stepping up for the cause and executing campaigns like #ReelOnHai in a really beautiful way. It was a mix of Re-cycle, re-use and artwork. The end result was so eye catching that you can’t stop looking at it.

Last year in July, Pakistan Cables and Karachi Biennale Trust signed an MoU to collaborate on a public outreach project, Reel on Hai. Through “Reel on Hai” project, the Public Outreach Committee of the Karachi Biennale Trust invited artists, designers and architects to transform and recycle giant empty cable reels (provided by Pakistan Cables) into pieces of art. For the project Pakistan Cables provided 100 reels and now these reels have been installed at over 35 locations across Karachi including KU, IBA, KPT, churches, schools etc. 

It was a beautiful sight all over Karachi when artists have worked on site to engage the local community through this project. Each unique work engages the community and people were able to realize how important art and Recycling is. 

Pakistan Cables summed up the journey of Reel On Hai project in a coffee table book titled, “A reel on Karachi”  and it was launched on 13th December in Karachi. If you’re an art enthusiast or love Karachi, you should have a look at it. A free e-book version of “A Reel on Karachi” is available at Pakistancables.com. Download the book and see for yourself how our artists have worked tirelessly to give Karachi some beautiful looking installations. It is our duty now to take care of this and don’t let the reels fade with time.

I would love to have one of these gorgeous looking art pieces turned upside down to be used as a coffee table or garden decor. What say?

Thanks to Pakistan cable, KBT and all the hard working artists for contributing towards a better looking Karachi. No need to dump empty reels now. Beautify them to beautify Karachi. 

Bites and Vibes comes to Karachi this weekend 

After the success of first-ever “Bites and Vibes” event in Lahore, Foodpanda.pk is bringing Pakistan’s coolest food market to Karachi. Let me guide you how you can make the most of the event and actually save without compromising the enjoyment and skipping dishes. (Read Pro Tips👇)

Event Details:

When – Sunday, December 17th, 2017 from 12pm-10pm

Where: Alliance Française De Karachi.

Click here for map of location.

Tickets: PKR 200 (available at the entrance)

Musical vibes by: Shajie and Darvesh

What to Expect:

  • Delicious tasting bites like,
  • Exotic sushi from Yaki,
  • Live pasta from Del Frio
  • Juicy sliders from Big Thick Burgerz,
  • Brownie waffles from Heaven – The Waffle Bar,
  • Mousse shots from Sugar Pearl,
  • IcePopco PK‘s frozen delights and
  • Lots more.

    Get a bite of all these yummy foods for only PKR 200 each. To pair with the first bite of your favourite food, 7UP will be serving free Margaritas.

    Patari will be there to give you good vibes with their lively tones all day long good vibes all day long and the soulful star performances in evening.

    Hungry yet? Do read terms and conditions below and obey them to make the event a successful one.

    Portips to make the most out of the Event:

    Go with family and friends and share your meal to enjoy more variety. Say you’re going with 5 friends means you can share 5 plates, 200 each. On American system of course, you’ll just pay 200 but end up tasting 5 bites. How cool is that? Akhir dou sou rupay main aur kiya chahiae?

    If you have Bank Alfalah cards, you can buy entry tickets for two in price of one. ISN’T THAT A STEAL?

    Unlike during buffets you don’t have to pay for drinks as 7up will be serving free margaritas.
    Uber is offering the promo code “BITESVIBESKHI” for a flat 50% off on fare to and from the venue this Sunday.

    No need to go to SMCH for Delfrio and then DHA for Big Thick Burgerz coz they’ll be there together.

    Just enjoy. Eat and have fun.

    *Terms and Conditions*

    1. The ticket must be bought from the ticket counter at the venue and presented at the entrance.

    2. Each ticket is valid for only one entry into the event.

    6. Entry tickets are applicable for children over 3 years of age.

    7. Not more than one infant in arms or child under 3 can be admitted with an adult per ticket.

    8. foodpanda may use the ticket holder’s image or likeness in any live or recorded video display, photograph or picture.

    Sehri and Iftaar deals for under Rs 600 in Karachi 

    Although I am not a fan when it comes to dining out for Sehri or Iftaari as it gets very crowded and difficult to manage with kids but sometimes you have to. Specially when you’re out for shopping during Ramazan. 

    Here are few of the affordable options from Sehri iftaari deals of K-town in or under Rs 500. Keep an eye on the favorite ones and enjoy them. Don’t forget to share food with the deserving ones this month and try not to waste food. 

    Happy fast and feasting!! 

    Dunkin Donuts 

    They’re always the winner when it comes to the most filling and affordable iftaar deal. The Holy feast is a winner as it has savory and sweet everything. They just need to add a date complimentary or make the drink bottomless. I hope it isn’t too much to ask for in Rs 500.


    McDonalds is serving value for money iftaar and Sehri meals and I’m loving it. The picture does not include my favorite deal which is two pc crispy fried chicken with drink for just Rs 375. 

    Burger O Clock 

    They have a unique iftaar platter to offer and that’s pretty affordable considering the items included. Their deals ain’t bad either. 

    The Sauce 

    The Sauce burger Cafe is offering a good iftaar deal with some Ramazan special items included. 


    They had a surprise entry in the list with amazing menu for iftaar that too in under Rs 600.

    Hunger’s Pack 

    Is this the best deal in town? This definitely looks great value for money deal but it might not be filling for a fasting tummy in this heat. Still, unbeatable price. 

    Pizza Point

    Although they fall in the category of under Rs 600 per head but the deal doesn’t include drink which is a turn off. Considering month of Ramazan and fasting, drink should be there. 

    Domino’s Sehri

    Domino’s has a good Sehri deal only if you can digest pizza early in the morning and survive on it the whole day. 

    Pizza Hut Sehri

    Pizza Hut has Sehri deal with personal pan pizza. Affordable but definitely you’re going to eat two or maybe three of them. You can also go for Pair deals when there’s 40% off on your card. 

    Pizza Max

    Pizza Max is offering good value for money all you can eat deals for Sehri and Iftaar but you can always go for personal deals. 

    My picks from Makeup City store 

    Makeup City has always been my go to place for affordable makeup shopping under one roof. Makeup City stocks top end brands like Gosh and Kryolan with Femina, Sweet Touch and Framesi etc. One thing that you’ll be ensured is that you’re buying authentic makeup products so you can shop with confidence. 

    Makeup City has opened their new outlet in biggest mall of South Asia i.e lucky one Mall and they day I was there happened to be their launch day. The shop is at lower ground floor just at the entrance. There was media and lots of Awaam to have a glimpse of super model Nadia Hussain. She interacted with people and guides them with her beauty secrets too. I’ve asked her what she’ll recommend buying from Makeup City and she replied with Gosh mascaras and Kryolan products. 

    Highlights from Makeup City store launch at Lucky One Mall 

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Here’s what I’ve picked up from the store that day because who can resist shopping for some make up. Anytime!!  

    Makeup City haul.

    Gosh Mascara 

    Got this one because Nadia recommended and I haven’t tried it before. This one is a brown Mascara which kinda attracted me. Love the smooth applicator and marker look of it. The product has a shelf life of 6m and the quantity is good too. 

    Sweet Touch nail colors 

    These are a repurchase. Affordable and don’t dry as quickly as other nail colors. Looks s bit watery but they’re good value for money and the applicator brush helps spread mail color evenly. The shades I have are 1190 Sparkling bisque and 1037 nut shell. The light golden shade despite several coats appear lighter as I was expecting but the metallic one is super gorgeous. Highly recommend nutshell. 

    Ignore the messy nails, I have kids around lol

    Femina Blush

    This one I have already & bought for my sister to gift her on this Eid. I like the subtle glow and shade of it on my skin. This is shade Sb-06.

    Sweet Touch Eye shadow

    This one is a repurchase too as I like to gift it to my siblings for Eid. The shade is called Kuffer and it is perfectly pigmented for a copper tint.

    Jansen Gel exfoliator 

    Saw this for the first time at Makeup City and couldn’t resist buying it for my oily skin. The packaging is good and I am hoping it gives me the results I wanted on my skin in the longer run. A bit expensive product but I like to invest in good skincare stuff. 

    Sweet Touch and Femina Lipsticks 

    For the price they’re a steal. Look at that coral shade (shade number 761 matte). Perfect summery shade it is. If you’re lucky to visit makeup City during 50% off sale days you might end up buying these lipsticks for under Rs 100. Now who can beat that price?