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Give your life Flavor ka Daily Dose coz #LifeNeedsFlavor 

Every moment of life deserves to be cherished and I am the type of person who never believed in planning. I like to live it in the moment and enjoy it to the fullest but sometimes you need to boost up a little. Like when you’re with friends the energy is totally different as compared to when you’re with family or colleagues. Fun times needs to be celebrated differently and what better than lays. Instant mood upgrade guaranteed. 

Recently I went to a road trip from Karachi to Northern Areas of Pakistan for the first time with my two kids. The experience was surreal. It has its ups and downs and my mood swings too. Trust me with kids a road trip can be so much fun or a mess. There’s no other way around. Thank God I had an ample stock of lays with me throughout the journey to keep kids munching on while enjoying the ride. Uptill Babusar Top from Karachi there’s no dearth of Lays too. They’re available at every gas station and shop which is remarkable. Afterall life needs flavor and a road trip is incomplete without fighting over the last lays chips in the bag. 

My little one is a fan of masala lays while elder one likes to have French cheese flavour. My daily favourite is Lays salted and for a gathering of siblings I prefer special edition flavours. We seldom get together for tea time, probably once a week and the time calls for special fun filled flavorful evening. So we like to munch on new lays offerings and then discuss life and happenings. Such memorable discussions we had over a cup of tea and Lays. The most consumed flavor so far is yougurt and herb in our meetings. Soon to be beaten by new launches I guess. 

While treating guests on special occasions, I like to serve some wavy Lays or salted ones because of their presentation and different taste profile. During a movie marathon at home, we love to munch on a combo of Salted and French cheese lays with few dips like salsa, garlic mayo etc. There’s a flavor for every moment of life.  

Wondering which flavour we’ll go for our next fun filled meet up? Lays has introduced two new flavours,  Mexican Paprika and Thai chili and both are tempting me. Can’t wait to try them and pick my favourite. What’s your daily dose of Flavor for a life boosting experience? 


Lays Chips, Junaid Jamshed & Ulema; A never ending controversy

Lays and Junaid Jamshed

Lays has been facing the prevalent and incensed crisis ever struck a food product in Pakistan. The issue of using E631 flavor enhancer and pig fat has really declined the sales and image of Lays. It has become a favorite brand in no time when introduced in Pakistan. The recent addition to the story was Junaid Jamshed endorsing the brand for the first time. He urges people to eat lays as he found that they are HALAL. Daily Ummat has published around 12 stories about the Product and created hype for it insisting that Lays are Haram. After Junaid’s appearance in the advertisement, they had published a new story on Lays saying that not every bearded man is a scholar and condemn his act of declaring the product Halal.

Now my point is this;

If Jamia Ashrafia issued the product a Halal certificate already, why the debate is still ongoing?

If Jamia Ashrafia is not authorized to issue a FATWA or declare any edible product halal, why the certificate issued?

How could Lays prove that there is no haram ingredient in the chips?

How could Lays prove that there is no haram ingredient in the chips?

And many questions like this. I haven’t seen any blog post or article in favor of the product. All of them are criticizing only Lays and Pepsi. It is human psychology to address controversial issues more than a non controversial.  Is it as easy to convince a nation by just saying some haram ingredient is used in it?

Lays TVC Parody

I urge all Ulema, government and Pakistanis to reach a consensus on the issue as soon as possible. Please don’t play with the beliefs of people and mislead them by spreading disinformation of any kind. Government has to play its part now to declare the product as halal because it is the responsibility of government in an Islamic to ensure provision of HALAL food products. They must interrogate the matter and let the public know whether it is haram or not.

If found Haram Lays should be banned in the country and if not Lays should sue all the people who are involved in the controversy.

Originally written for PakFactor.com

Lays Chips Haram or Halal

I had a conversation with Lays official and they provided some proofs that in any way Lays are not HARAAM. Without adding any comment myself I am going to post the whole conversation in Question answer manner so that one can understand it better. I will not repeat the previously written info but for your ease I would like to mention that about E631 code web provides the info that it can be of animal origin and somewhere it is written that it can be of both plant or animal origin. The lays official said that they are getting the supply of this E631 from IFF Thailand , which obtains it from a plant called Cassava that yields tapioca starch. Now my questions and Lays Pakistan’s answer for your review.

* E627 and E631 salts are originated from ANIMALS as everywhere on web. Can you justify its plant origin?

* E627 and E631 is not necessarily originated from animals, there are a lot of references available on the internet, books etc. As you know that we are getting Masala flavour from IFF and E631 is one ingredient of that flavour, IFF is buying this ingredient from Ajinomoto Ltd.
o Please visit Ajinomoto’s website (for reference see attached ppt).
o Also see book reference
o IFANCA (largest halal certifying body) website and Sodium Inosinate (E631) is not included in Haram or doubtful list.
o Indian website, see E631 suitability for vegetarians as it can be obtained from plant source

* On web the mentioned CASSAVA plant, is a thickening agent not a flavor enhancer? Cassava, also called manioc, mandioc or yuka, is an edible tropical plant that yields tuberous roots from which cassava flour, tapioca (laundry starch), or even an alcoholic beverage can be derived.
* Tapioca Tapioca is a flavorless, colorless, odorless starch extracted from the root of the plant species Manihot esculenta (cassava)?

* Tapioca starch if being used itself, then it would perform function as thickening agent, basically its being widely used as replacement of expensive starches e.g. corn, potato starch etc in different products. However if we talk about Ajinomoto ltd. they are biotechnological converting Tapioca starch into different products like E631. I can further send you details and process flows if you required.

* It has been on a site that E631 and E627 are problem Additives. Some additives have specific effects to watch out for – such as ribonucleotides (E627, E631, E635) which tend to cause rashes (“ribo rash”), or aspartame (E951) which tends to have MSG-like effects and cause depression?

* Ribonucleotide never means Rashes or anything cause rashes, Ribo is a sugar part of Ribonucleotide which gives energy only, please consult any chemistry/biochemistry fundamental book. Its never banned in any part of the world, however many non government authorities has advised to reduce its usage, like many websites would advise you to reduce sugar and common salt intake. Hence E631 is approved in every food law all over the world like common salt and sugar. (by the way, we are merely adding below 0.00% — means its already below two decimals — nothing harmful).

* Daily Ummat has been publishing this story whole week. Are you suing them?

* We can’t stop any one to write against us, however people should contact us for clarification if required.

Attached also find comments from SANHA (a well reputed Halal certification body) about our products and current issue of hoax emails, you can contact them to get further details.

If you still have questions, please write to Lays Pakistan at pak.customerservice@intl.pepsico.com instead of being affected by rumors.

PCSIR ( Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research ) Labs. Complex, Lahore has analyzed only the fat contents of extracted from the Lays chips and the results showed that it was not of animal origin.

PCSIR has given only the statement about source of fat used for frying and nothing else. They have not worked on E631. Lays chips is not included in the list of 20 mandatory items of food published by PSQCA.

From all above statements it has been proved that Lays Pakistan is using Halal Sodium inosinate obtained from Plant cassava. It is also an ingredient approved by Ajinomoto international.

Visit original post on Pakfactor.com.