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Give your life Flavor ka Daily Dose coz #LifeNeedsFlavor 

Every moment of life deserves to be cherished and I am the type of person who never believed in planning. I like to live it in the moment and enjoy it to the fullest but sometimes you need to boost up a little. Like when you’re with friends the energy is totally different as compared to when you’re with family or colleagues. Fun times needs to be celebrated differently and what better than lays. Instant mood upgrade guaranteed. 

Recently I went to a road trip from Karachi to Northern Areas of Pakistan for the first time with my two kids. The experience was surreal. It has its ups and downs and my mood swings too. Trust me with kids a road trip can be so much fun or a mess. There’s no other way around. Thank God I had an ample stock of lays with me throughout the journey to keep kids munching on while enjoying the ride. Uptill Babusar Top from Karachi there’s no dearth of Lays too. They’re available at every gas station and shop which is remarkable. Afterall life needs flavor and a road trip is incomplete without fighting over the last lays chips in the bag. 

My little one is a fan of masala lays while elder one likes to have French cheese flavour. My daily favourite is Lays salted and for a gathering of siblings I prefer special edition flavours. We seldom get together for tea time, probably once a week and the time calls for special fun filled flavorful evening. So we like to munch on new lays offerings and then discuss life and happenings. Such memorable discussions we had over a cup of tea and Lays. The most consumed flavor so far is yougurt and herb in our meetings. Soon to be beaten by new launches I guess. 

While treating guests on special occasions, I like to serve some wavy Lays or salted ones because of their presentation and different taste profile. During a movie marathon at home, we love to munch on a combo of Salted and French cheese lays with few dips like salsa, garlic mayo etc. There’s a flavor for every moment of life.  

Wondering which flavour we’ll go for our next fun filled meet up? Lays has introduced two new flavours,  Mexican Paprika and Thai chili and both are tempting me. Can’t wait to try them and pick my favourite. What’s your daily dose of Flavor for a life boosting experience? 


#LaysLegends #AkramAndMessi took social media with a storm

Pakistan’s favorite crisps, Lays has undoubtedly taken over social media with a storm after #LaysLegends are revealed in their recent TVC. Brand has creatively made fans guess about the Legends on their Facebook page before the ad release.

Ace footballer and five times BallonD’Or winner, Leo Messi appeared with The sultan of swing, Wasim Akram enjoying lays while roaming around Italy. It was a huge surprise for the fans of both the players and lays.

Since the release of TVC on digital media it’s the talk of the town. Lays Pakistan has also engaged audience by asking questions about the TVC. Twitteratis actively participated in the contest and some lucky winners will be having the taste of new lays. No wonder that #LaysLegends trended for hours on Twitter alongwith #YougurtAndHerb & #AkramAndMessi.

Mambo Italiano jingle is very catchy and you can’t stripe yourself humming along. Wasim Akram has appeared in the ad in a totally different look wearing a floral shirt (that wasn’t liked by few but I guess it’s looking fresh) while Messi is looking super cute.

Here’s the TVC bringing Football and Cricket #LaysLegends together for the very first time to introduce a new flavor, #YougurtAndHerb. Can’t wait to try it.