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Give your life Flavor ka Daily Dose coz #LifeNeedsFlavor 

Every moment of life deserves to be cherished and I am the type of person who never believed in planning. I like to live it in the moment and enjoy it to the fullest but sometimes you need to boost up a little. Like when you’re with friends the energy is totally different as compared to when you’re with family or colleagues. Fun times needs to be celebrated differently and what better than lays. Instant mood upgrade guaranteed. 

Recently I went to a road trip from Karachi to Northern Areas of Pakistan for the first time with my two kids. The experience was surreal. It has its ups and downs and my mood swings too. Trust me with kids a road trip can be so much fun or a mess. There’s no other way around. Thank God I had an ample stock of lays with me throughout the journey to keep kids munching on while enjoying the ride. Uptill Babusar Top from Karachi there’s no dearth of Lays too. They’re available at every gas station and shop which is remarkable. Afterall life needs flavor and a road trip is incomplete without fighting over the last lays chips in the bag. 

My little one is a fan of masala lays while elder one likes to have French cheese flavour. My daily favourite is Lays salted and for a gathering of siblings I prefer special edition flavours. We seldom get together for tea time, probably once a week and the time calls for special fun filled flavorful evening. So we like to munch on new lays offerings and then discuss life and happenings. Such memorable discussions we had over a cup of tea and Lays. The most consumed flavor so far is yougurt and herb in our meetings. Soon to be beaten by new launches I guess. 

While treating guests on special occasions, I like to serve some wavy Lays or salted ones because of their presentation and different taste profile. During a movie marathon at home, we love to munch on a combo of Salted and French cheese lays with few dips like salsa, garlic mayo etc. There’s a flavor for every moment of life.  

Wondering which flavour we’ll go for our next fun filled meet up? Lays has introduced two new flavours,  Mexican Paprika and Thai chili and both are tempting me. Can’t wait to try them and pick my favourite. What’s your daily dose of Flavor for a life boosting experience? 


#SayItWithASmile to be a millionaire

Lays Pakistan has always been my favorite when it comes to engaging campaigns and innovative ideas to get customers hooked to the product apart from the taste of it. I bet you can’t eat one is the most apt tagline when you think about lays. Lays as a brand has grown with millennials and catered to their approach in unique style. From engaging Messi and Wasim Bhai TVC to last year’s Lays #PassASmile fever with so many cash giveaways, the brand is definitely a consumer favorite. 

Good news is that they’re back this season with another quite engaging campaign called #SayItWithASmile. Watch the latest TVC of lays Pakistan featuring none other than Shahid Afridi who grabbed some lays to spread smiles. 

There are times when we all want to smile in a different way. Like when you’re watching movies with close friends or siblings and there’s a horror scene during which you want to terrify your most darpook sibling, you’ll need a vampire smile. Hehehe. I am so sure she/he’ll be hell scared but will also enjoy the smile. It is kinda new Bhaoo lol. 

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Lays has brought 25 unique smiles belonging to multiple movie characters/genres to let your creativity flow.  Add smile flavor to any situation with new Lays packs and have fun. With these filmy, comical and movie character smiles, you can create fun situations at odd times. 

Win It with a Smile:

To make every lays consumer a happy consumer there’s not just smile packs. Lays Win It with a Smile promo has also been launched by the brand to make sure every customer stays happy for long. 

What you can win? 

  • Samsung S7 Edge Smartphone(Daily) OMG! 
  • 1 million rupees (Weekly) OMG +OMG. 

How You can win?

  • Buy lays Smile packs. 
  • Make someone smile. 
  • Scratch the promo code on the back of the Lays Smiles pack. 
  • Send promo code in SMS to 9005. 
  • 1 SMS counts as an entry. 
  • Wait for the lucky draw. 
  • Get lucky and Keep Saying It With A Smile!

Don’t forget to pray for me that atleast I win something. Won’t mind a phone over a million rupees or both, maybe. Good luck to you too. 

I got my Australian #PassportToFlavor 

If you were given choice to chose between going to China, Italy or Australia(based on the food choices primarily), where would you like to go? I am sure that’s difficult to decide but I am a bit biased towards Australia when it comes to food. Blame thy Masterchef Australia maybe. All I need now is Passport to Flavor which is right here in my hands. 

Yes!! You can have your own passport to Flavor to travel to your dream foodie destination for free. Read that right. Lays packs are now your passport. 

Lays Pakistan and their campaigns always get the maximum fan engagements through lucky draw announcements and huge giveaways. With Passport to Flavor this time it is no less than a feat. Lays Pakistan has introduced 3 limited edition flavors namely, 

  1. Australian BBQ (the best) 
  2. Chinese Szechuan (V spicy) 
  3. Italian Pizza ( haven’t tried yet)

The packs can be your passport to land in either China, Italy or Australia. All you have to do is Vote and win. SMS the name of your favorite flavor to 9005 and you might get a trip to your favorite foodie destination. 

What are you waiting for? Australia here I come coz I love your fancy food. 

#50DaysofSummerSmiles with Lays #PassASmile Packs

Lays Pakistan has always been active on social media platforms with engaging content for Lays fans. With the latest Pass a Smile campaign,  Lays Pakistan is giving a lot of prizes throughout summers. Probably the longest giveaway campaign by any brand in Pakistan. Pass a smile packs are available in the market featuring smiles of people of all ages. It is a fun idea to snap a picture with these packs to spread smiles all around. But that’s not all. 

These fun smile packs can make you lakhpatti too and there’s a lucky draw for Audi A3 for participants. Sounds like a fun campaign to look forward to this summer. Forget popcorns and get lays pass a smile packs for all the summer movie marathons and family gatherings. It can’t get better than this. 

How you can win:

  • Buy a Lays Pass a Smile pack. 
  • Scratch code on its back. 
  • Text it to 9005.
  • Save the packet to claim the prize, Incase you win. 
  • Upload a Selfie with PassASmile pack to PassASmile website with your contact details. 
  • Keep your fingers crossed and wait for lays Pakistan’s Facebook page to announce results. 
  • To win iPod shuffle, post a picture /Selfie with a #PassASmile lays pack and post it on your social media profiles with the hashtag. 
  • Lastly, there’s an Audi A3 for a lucky soul too. (Hayee can’t wait to be that lucky one.  Allah miayan sun lain plz)

How to check winner announcement:

Winners for 50 days of the campaign are being announced on lays Pakistan’s Facebook page and pass a smile website. 

Check them out here:

  1. Lays Pakistan Facebook page 
  2. PassASmile website 

      With Lays Pakistan’s pass a smile packs every fan can win thrice. There are Rs100000 up for grabs via daily lucky draw for 50 days. Yes!! You’re reading it right. You can win Rs100000 daily and that too for 50 times. I am so going to try my luck by participating everyday. Fingers crossed. 

      It is indeed an engaging campaign where consumers get to interact with the brand and 50 days of prizes is very exciting tbh. Let’s see how good this summer season can be for 50 lucky people all over Pakistan. 

      #TasteTheGlory – Exceptional Outdoor branding by Lays

      Lays Pakistan is leaving no stone unturned this year when it comes to creative branding and surprising the audiences. From the #LaysLegends to #CleanAndGreen and then UEFA champions league association, lays Pakistan is going bigger and better. In the recent past you must’ve spotted life size neon lit cutouts of Akram and Messi at Tariq road roundabout. It looks as if they’re both playing. Unreal and catchy.

      This time lays Pakistan has done something beyond my expectations. The Palm round about near dolmen mall, clifton has been turned into a glitzy and glamorous football stadium. The installation is so mesmerizing with all those creative lighting and brilliant placement of action figure of Messi showing his moves. It’s like giving life to a grand tournament like UEFA champions league. Woah!!! Looks like i am in Milan.


      Truly exceptional. I haven’t seen anything like this before in Karachi. The same roundabout was earlier use for DewMocracy too but lays Pakistan installation is pretty huge and cool. The UEFA champions league dubsmash and #TasteTheGlory competitions are still on to win tickets to Milan. As a tribute to the taste of lays and UEFA giant installation, I’ll be sending my entries and hope to win something. What are you waiting for? Go #TasteTheGlory and be #GameReady.