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I watched #JabHarryMetSejal first day first show and I am disappointed 

I am Shah Rukh Khan fan. I just adore him. His charizma is unmatched, although I have grown up seeing him in movies on a VCR and later on TV mostly. Just few years back Indian movies started to release in Pakistan and I went to see SRK’s charismatic persona on 70mm for the first time in my life. The movie was “My name is Khan” and I loved it. Capri cinema’s audience was generous to clap, whistle and shout during his entry and performance. It was a memorable experience. As I am already his fan, the experience was of a lifetime for me. Afterwards his few other movies got released in Pakistan but I couldn’t manage to watch them in cinema because kids happen or some other issues.

Raees was his recent much awaited release but it couldn’t make it to Pakistani cinema despite Mahira Khan being in the lead. Sad indeed. Anyway, I was excited for Imtiaz Ali’s first venture with Shah Rukh Khan. As soon as the movie title was announced the buzz was the there. Although I didn’t like the title at all. Definitely because of the vibes it gave of previous Imtiaz Ali hit, Jab we met. 

I went for the first day first show of “Jab Harry Met Sejal” at Atrium cinema Karachi as a SRK fan for an experience of a lifetime with his fanclub, “SRK universe Pk”. The show was advanced booked and a housefull one. Families flocked to watch him on screen. 

I am disappointed because I was expecting something of standard and substance from the trio but all I can remember the movie for is Europe ki locations or SRK’s button down shirts exposing half of his tattoo on his shoulder and chest. What else will I remember? Maybe Safar main raha song or the cheese fries that I had after the movie. Did I enjoy? Yes coz his appearance made me smile, his Punjabi accent and dialogues were catchy and his persona always has a magical effect. Did I like the movie? Sigh….!!! What was that Imtiaz Ali? I can’t believe that it is actually a movie made by Imtiaz. There’s no character building, no relation of the protagonist with his ancestral town established or explained, Female lead (played by Anushka Sharma) impresses with her accent and antics but why was she forcing herself on him despite being engaged? The plot is so confusing that you’ll feel bored. 

Dear Shah Rukh Khan!! You were a heartthrob, you’re still one for many but we all should age gracefully. If red chillies or Gauri didn’t produce the film it might have a different impact I believe (I could be wrong but maybe). You were adorbs in Dear Zindagi, I loved you in fan (Fabulous fan act), Raees was cool too. JHMS wasn’t.

PS: I don’t review movies and this is not a movie review either.  


Pakistan’s first online film #OyeKuchKarGuzar dekhi aapne?

Being a movie buff how many times you’ve thought that kaash is movie main aisa na hota? Ya kaash ending aisi na hoti? I am sure this must’ve happened more than once. I can so imagine myself wanting to change the ending of “A walk to remember” & “Devdas”  the most. Such heartbroken I was when I watched “Mera naam hy muhabbat”. I am sure you can relate. 

How times have changed that now you can actually use the power of your imagination to choose what happens next in the movie. How cool is that? Yes!! you’re now empowered to watch a movie online with the twists that you decide on the go. Never in my wildest dreams I’ve imagined this would happen in my lifetime buy it did. Have you experienced it yet? You should Foran se if not yet. No torrents needed 😊
Remember the city war trends on Twitter? It still is the talk of the town & now you know that it was prelude of Oye Kuch Kar Guzar. Pakistan’s first online movie, #OyeKuchKarGuzar has been released by Djuice Pakistan in collaboration with YouTube on 3rd of December. The movie has been launched in Karachi during a start studded event. Subscribe to Official Djuice YouTube channel and get the control of #OyeKuchKarGuzar. Ek Dam fit scene hy. 

*Picture credits: Movie Shoovy 

Oye Kuch Kar Guzar is a youth centric movie featuring Ali Safina, Ushna Shah, Uzair Jaswal, Mahjabeen and Nayyar Ijaz. The plot revolves around 4 young individuals chasing their dreams and ideals. They all met during a train journey to Karachi and while on their way they missed their train at a random station. Then the story unfolds it’s twists and turns which you choose. 

The movie has been released in five episodes and every episode’s ending gives viewers the choice of two twists. That’s how you’ll enjoy the movie the way you want it. May life my rules way 😊

That creepy toothed smile of the guy behind Nayyar Ijaz. Ufff.
White curtains in a Pakistani train? Ziada hogaya.

Oye Kuch Kar Guzar has been dominated by Nayyar Ijaz and his goons. The impeccably shot scenes with the backdrop of fire and abandoned places of Dadu will give you goosebumps. From Sangeen Khan’s entry to Nayyar Ijaz, the movie is captivating. Not to forget the Angel cameo which came as a surprise (unnecessary though). Uzair Jaswal is there just to advertise not to sing, in case you were expecting him to sing. Ushna Shah is the eye candy only. Mahjabeen will give you some serious Urdu linguistic goals. The artwork is so so amazing. 

So good to see brands taking digital fronts seriously and exploring in creative ways. Overall, I loved watching Oye Kuch Kar Guzar as an experience of a movie my way. Do share your thoughts about the experience and which twists you’ve chosen. I chose the second option mostly & now planning to watch it with different options 😊. Haina ek dum new movie experience? 

#OyeKuchKarGuzar – From city wars to Pakistan’s first online film

The best of the banter that Pakistani Twitter has ever seen happened during the first edition of PSL. City wars always bring the best of pun and fun from twitteratis. Although the second edition of PSL is yet to begin but the city wars have already made their way to social media courtesy Mangobaaz’s celebrity city roast video featuring Ushna Shah, Ali Safina & Uzair Jaswal. What followed the video is just madness of Karachi vs Lahore vs Islamabad and an unforgettable trend of #OyeKuchKarGuzar.

Must say that Mangobazz Tussi barray mazaqi te chalak ho. Who knew that this is where the journey towards Pakistan’s first online movie begins? Take a bow you Mangobaaz.

The way people reacted to the roast video is beyond any promotional stunt or advertising which makes it such fun. With people taking sides of the celebrities & praising how they’ve defended their cities makes #OyeKuchKarGuzar the most happening online engagement activity. Just look at the master blaster of banter.

The uniqueness, the differences, the love among us all is due to Pakistan which we absolutely love. Like every city war which ends when someone points out that, “In the end we all are Pakistanis and must love & respect our cities and people”, City roast video brings the best out of us and in the end what we are getting is a first for Pakistan, for us all. First ever online movie. No Torrents required.

#OyeKuchKarGuzar is going to be Pakistan’s first online movie which will be released on Youtube by Djuice Pakistan.Since the launch of Youtube Pakistan and the option of monetizing content, Djuice is the first brand to step up their digital game. Being a youth centric brand they are exploring the opportunities on 3rd most visited website of the world. The popularity of 3G and 4G, ever so expanding digital lifestyle through smartphones makes the medium much more accessible.

The trailer clearly depicts that the youth wants to take the plunge and want to achieve something in their lives. The most exciting thing about watching #OyeKuchKarGuzar movie online will be not paying for the tickets and no guilt of piracy yet you gotta experience fresh content exclusively released on digital front. This is going to be a treat for Movie lovers.

What are you waiting for? Oh acha! Movie ki release ka wait horaha hai. Won’t tell you when it is happening. Go subscribe to Djuice Pakistan’s Youtube channel and sit back. get your popcorns and snack stock ready while #OyekuchKarguzar happens.

#MyTicketHunt on Cheetos Claw Ride

Being a parent I am always looking for exciting activities happening around for kids. Physical activities are so limited for kids these days after the inception of smart gadgets Era but it is necessary for growing kids. It was a surprise to see Cheetos Pakistan coming up with a giant claw ride idea for Kid’s favorite movie Ice Age’s premier in Lahore earlier this month. 

It was a fun collaboration to gain kid’s interests and bang on marketing. My kids love Ocean safari cheetos and I am a fan too. So is the case with our Ice age obsession. So a thumbs up for the idea of collaboration.

At Lahore Fortress, Cheetos Giant claw ride gave the opportunity of grabbing as a many cheetos as you can along with Ice age movie tickets for the first time as Lahore hosted a star studded Ice age movie premier. 
Ek ticket main do mazay. No more pop corn munching while watching Iceage Han? Go grab your cheetos and enjoy the movie kinda scene. Loved it when it was all over social media and probably then Cheetos Pakistan decided to bring this fun activity in other cities too. 

Last week Cheetos Giant claw ride was setup at Atrium Mall Karachi. I visited it with my kids and they had so much fun hunting those ocean safari cheetos packs on the claw ride. The ride was jam packed with cheetos fans and kinda crazy too.  Bad luck that we didn’t get any Iceage tickets😭😭,  yet it was a fun experience. 

The claw ride is not resting and you can find it in Centaurus Mall Islamabad this weekend. Go grab your Cheesy cheetos and hunt Movies tickets Isloo. It’s all yours now. 

#DubsmashWrongNo to win Movie tickets

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