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What to cook without Indian Tomatoes?

Haye kiya btaon. Wo bhi kiya din thay jab hum karahi banatay thay kilo gosht main koi kilo timatar daalkay. Ayee haye. Ghee main gosht k sath timatar bhun k jo caramelized flavor deta hai bus kiya hi baat hai us zaiqay ki. Abhi kal hi nihayat lazeez jheenga karahi paka k khai.

Tou hum baat kr rahay hain laal surkh timataron ki. Aaj khabar sunkay pata chala k timataron ki bhi apni qomiat khatray main hai.

Pulwama main hoaye bhari jaani nuqsan k baad bharti jangi junoon timatar gardi tak a pohancha hai aur ab hamain apnay gharon main is jangi jarihyat ka muqabla aisay khanay paka k karna hai jismain timatar na ho.

Wesay ye kesay pata chalay ga k meri kal ki handi main parros se aya timatar tha k nahi? Chalo khair, ye timatargardi tou aaj se shru hoi hai. Aayen Bina timatar k kuch pakaya jaye.

میرے پاس اگر ٹماٹر نہ ہوں تو میں پلاؤ پکاؤں گی. مٹر پلاؤ، کوفتہ پلاؤ، مٹن پلاؤ، بیف پلاؤ، آلو پلاؤ وغیرہ وغیرہ.

دال بھی پکائی جا سکتی ہے. مونگ مسور کی دال اور چاول، ثابت مسور، ارہر کی دال، ماش کی دال وغیرہ.

بیف کی نہار اور پائے ہوں یا حلیم کسی کو سرحد پار کے ٹماٹر پکنے سے نہیں روک سکتے. بار بی کیو کریں گے ہم، پسندے کھائیں گے، کباب پراٹھے، حلوا پوری غرض ایسا سب کچھ پکا کر ہم اس ہندوستانی غذائی جارحیت کا منہ توڑ جواب دے سکتے ہیں.

تو کیا آپ اور آپکی کڑچھیاں اور چمچے اس مقابلے کیلئے تیار ہیں؟ کیا ہمارا ٹماٹر جانتا ہے کے سرحد پار سے ٹماٹر گردی شروع ہے اور کیا ہمارا ٹماٹر محبِ وطن ہے؟

آپ کیا پکائیں گے بغیر ٹماٹر کے؟

#TamatarGardi muhim main shamil hojayen.


Pakistan aims to be #Measles Free by 2020

After the recent surge in the reported cases of Measles in Pakistan, it was feared that an outbreak can effect kids between the ages of 9 months to 5 years of age. As we all know that there’s no treatment for Measles (خسرہ) and it can be fatal sometimes. Only Vaccination can save lives and that’s why government of Pakistan in collaboration with UNICEF Pakistan started a countrywide Immunization Drive to eradicate measles completely.

EPI(Extended program of Immunization) health workers were mobilized across the country during 2 weeks long Vaccination drive to make sure that every kid in Pakistan gets immunity against measles.

Hats off to the dedicated teams of EPI, UNICEF and our health workers who crossed rivers, mountains & deserts to reach far flung areas defying weather conditions. We owe you guys a lot.

EPI & UNICEF’s Measles Vaccination drive held from 15th October 2012 to 27th October 2018 (Extended in few areas for 2 more days to ensure complete immunization). The teams were mobilized through every means & the message was communicated at every possible platform. At Least I haven’t seen a bigger vaccination drive than this. From schools to hospitals to mobile vans, Measles vaccine camps were established everywhere. EPI workers went door to door to tell people about the availability of vaccine in their area & how they can get it. Measles vaccination was administered completely FREE & in most secure way possible. The vaccine is temperature sensitive & couldn’t be injected during door-to-door campaign due to safety issues. That’s why mobilizing people were necessary. Media played its part & vaccination drive was quite a rage on social media too.

As per reports, a total of 32 million kids were vaccinated all over Pakistan which constitutes about 10th of Pakistan’s population. Better future of our kids depends on being healthy and we should take it as a responsibility to not only vaccinate our kids but educate others about it too.

#BlackFriday 2017 – Time to Plan a holiday with mega discounts by Sastaticket.pk 

If you’re an avid traveler or want to make the most out of discounted deals to enjoy traveling without breaking the bank, you should know about Sastaticket and use it. The much awaited annual sale, Black Friday Sale is scheduled to take place on 24th November 2017 this year. Sastaticket.pk, Pakistan’s premier travel portal, is offering colossal discounts on online flight bookings, hotel reservations, and holiday packages. This news has been met with joyous excitement by Pakistanis who are now counting the days to the launch date.

Visit Sastaticket.pk on Black Friday 2017 to avail up to 75% off on local hotel bookings, up to 20% off on international hotels, 15% off on international holiday packages, up to 10 % off on international flights and flat PKR 1,000 discount on domestic flights. Pakistanis are advised to keep their eyes glued to Sastaticket.pk’s Black Friday 2017 event when the deals begin to go live on Friday, 24th November, i.e. TONIGHT. 

While announcing the Black Friday Sale, Shazil Mehkri, CEO, Sastaticket.pk (Pvt.) Ltd. said:

 “We are thrilled to reveal our Black Friday deals for 2017 that guarantee the best rates for hotel reservations and flight bookings. Our aim has always been to make traveling more affordable for common travelers and events like these encourage us further in our pursuit.”

The already competitive rates on Sastaticket.pk matched with the Black Friday discounts guarantee that all travelers enjoy the cheapest ever airfares and hotel rates this November. Travel is an essential part of the human experience and Sastaticket.pk is enabling the creation of great travel memories. It is true that not everyone in Pakistan can afford to travel due to financial issues or work commitments but this time with so many packages and offers lined up, Sastaticket.pk has travel deals for everyone!

Based in Karachi, Sastaticket.pk is a one-stop shop for all travel related services. A leading consolidator of travel products, Sastaticket.pk provides reservation facility for domestic and international flights, domestic and international hotels, and holiday packages. 

Of Crazy Sales and Black Friday in Pakistan 

If there is one thing that makes me crave to buy designer lawn or pret wear, it has to be the magical word SALE. That’s how middle class I am. While going for shopping with my mom in my childhood, I use to wonder why the shops at Tariq Road has these buntings and banners mentioning Sale while it means to sell literally and we are here to buy anyway. Khair!! Samajh aa hi jaati hai time k saath.

Sale means discount and a good sale will become crazy if brands offer flat off of more than 20-30% on any occasion. Like the infamous Agha Noor and Sapphire sale where we have seen women fighting and even breaking the glass door to enter the shop. Both the brands has a history of offering flat 50% off on numerous occasions(which is great btw as a consumer). No wonder Sapphire is the pioneers of such in season huge discount wali sales in Pakistan. The rest of the brands soon joined the bandwagon. 

Agha Noor sale madness. Picture by @Rabeeyah

The most important question is, How fruitful these sales have been for the consumers or brands themselves? From consumer’s perspective I want to admit I didn’t know about Agha Noor as a brand at all before that Glass breaking video. So it worked. For Sapphire, they were the pioneers of fast fashion and flat sales. So a thumbs up here too. Great marketing but did the consumer got benefit of it? Of course!! Hundreds of women got their hands on clothes that won’t fit them or they literally don’t need from the sale and resell it on various pages of Facebook. It is  a win win situation for both public and brands. 

Recently, Khaadi opens doors of their largest store at Lucky One Mall with an irresistible offer of flat 40% off for 40hours and the hell broke loose. Hats off to the management that there weren’t any fights like Sapphire sales and door breaking entries like Agha Noor but the crowd did manage to make it look WTH. Pakistan’s biggest Mall with Khaadi’s largest store ever attracts the biggest crowd from the largest city of Pakistan and it is the moment Jis ne Gulshan ki Sarrkon pe breakain lagwa di. It was a crazy sale but public gets the most out of it. I am sure Gulshan and surrounding areas main now aunties have Khaadi clothing for the next 5 years stocked up.

As a consumer I just love these sales because iGhareeb. Never got the courage to be the part of instore madness. Obviously I don’t want myself to be filmed by the brands and then sharing it as a huge success video all over social media mocking every women. If you’re offering a crazy discount, expect crazy crowd. DEAL WITH IT. MANAGE IT. Instead of contemplating and demeaning customers by posting videos. If the brands can put a cap on pieces to be sold per person, then they might be able to decrease rush during crazy sales but then again, Pakistani Awaam has jugarr for everything. Online sale is what I am comfortable with and love to shop. The problem here is out of stock and gone with the wind kinda items. The pieces that you like won’t be available during sales or the order did not get through as happened with many, many a times. Brands need to sort things out too. 

  • So, Do I ever have something worthy from the online sale?
  • Yes. It was tough but yes, worth it. Yaaay!! Thanks to Bonanza Satrangi, Khaadi, Sana Safinaz, Daraz, Yayvo for the best sales last year. 
  • Do I ever want to be there in store during crazy sales? 
  • Well, Tbh yes, I want to but I couldn’t. Don’t want to die in a stampede. Allah maafi. 

Black Friday, The Western Sale phenomenon has made its way to Pakistani market with the debates over Friday being called black or white and lots more. Keeping it aside, it is for consumer’s benefit that every brand is now offering discounts be it by the name of black Friday or white Friday or blessed Friday etc. All hail daraz.pk for bringing the concept of Black Friday sales to Pakistan and making it big. Black Friday deals by most of the brands are already live or announced for the coming weekend but shop smartly guys. 

Tips to make the most of Sales:

  1. Subscribe to the newsletter of your favorite brands to get first hand knowledge of any sale. 
  2. Have Insomnia. Yes!! Because every online sale will begins at midnight and you’ll have to be checking it at a lightning fast speed. Warna miss. 
  3. Always look out for promotional vouchers or codes etc and payment partners. ECommerce sites like Daraz and Yayvo offers multiple payment options with additional discounts. 
  4. Save enough lol. Warna online shopping resist krna Barra mushkil hai boss. 
  5. Play it safe. Always double check prices and credibility of the website/brand you’re shopping from. 
  6. Start following me (hinasafi) and hashtag #SaleAlert on Twitter coz I post about sales often. Do share what you think about sales in Pakistan specifically black Friday. 

Happy Shopping and Saving!! 

Q mobile M6 – The power you need

I fell in love with Pakistan’s biggest smartphone brand Q mobile ever since I got my hands on the NoirZ12 (reviewed earlier) and then moved on to the then best, Q mobile NoirZ14. Still using the later one and no complaints what so ever. If there’s anything that a smartphone and social media enthusiast craves for in Android smartphones, it has to be a long lasting battery and no one is understanding this need better than Q mobile. 

The new addition to Q mobile smartphones family is a power packed M6 Android smartphone which is equipped with the most powerful battery. With 5000mAh battery this phone is going to be a must have. How I wanted to get rid of carrying that bulky power bank everywhere. 

At the biggest bridal fashion week of Pakistan- Q mobile Bridal Couture Week 2017, the most stylish Pakistani smartphone brand Q mobile displayed Q mobile M6 for a first hand user experience. From celebrities to common people everyone was discussing the power of M6. Fashion captured through the lens of M6 looks even better. 

The smart finger print sensor makes it even more desirable. QMobile knows the pulse of smartphone users and with such advanced features their smartphones are going to be the super power in your hands.

Look at the specifications of Q mobile M6. Hard to beat price (M6 has been launched for Rs 29,500) with such powerful battery. I am so willing to get it now. 

Q Mobile M6 Specifications:

  • CPU: 2.0GHz Octa-Core Cortex-A53
  • Chipset: Mediatek Helio P10
  • OS: Android 6.0 MarshmallowSupported 
  • Networks: 2G, 3G, 4G LTE; Dual-SIM
  • Display: 5.5” Super AMOLED with 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution
  • Memory:RAM: 4 GB
  • Internal: 64 GB
  • Card slot: yes
  • Camera:
  • Primary:13 MP, f/2.0, face detection autofocus,
  • Secondary: 8 MP, screen flash, beauty mode
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS, Infrared blaster, USB OTG
  • Battery: 5,000 mAh with fast charging support (comes with 18W Turbo Charger)

Are you the one underestimating a Pakistani smartphone brand so far? Take my words, you’ll not be disappointed with the power of Q mobile Noir series as I have personally used it for over an year now and so looking forward to get my hands on the power of M6.