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#JeeLayHarPal – Youth’s Mantra of Life

​How many times you’ve heard in your life that “Hawww Haye? Aisa kyun?”, “Mat krna!! Log kiya kahain gay?”. The dilemma of our generation was to hear lots of clichéd statements like this. No longer valid for youngsters I guess. I don’t often say this to my kids,infact never should I want them to grow up being suppressed by society’s approach. One should be able to enjoy life to the fullest and that’s what #JeeLayHarPal is all about. 

Pepsi, being the youth centric brand has always come up with interesting campaigns to cater to the dynamic community of youngsters. By getting youth icon, the biggest rock star Atif Aslam on board as the new face of Pepsi, the brand has definitely struck gold. Who else in fact the youngsters look Upto as their Idol other than Atif Aslam? He can mesmerize crowds with his unique voice & recently been praised a lot for being a gentleman in one of his concerts by rescuing a girl (victim of harassment) on stage. The act not only wins hearts of Atif’s fans but had a message for all of us to live in the moment & let that moment be memorable for all the good reasons.

The very next week, Atif Aslam unveiled Pepsi’s new moto, Jee lay Har Pal in his beautiful voice during a star studded event in Lahore. Listen to the rocking number here, in case you’ve missed it. PS: You can download JLHP tune on your phone. Just type ‘JLHP’ and send it to 9005 to get the download link.

Jee Lay Har pal is all about enjoying life to the fullest without any conditions. Living in the present without being worried about the future. The message is very relatable to millennials because they’re the enthusiastic generation with passion for living life fearless. Despite all the hardships that may come their way, today’s youth knows how to overcome their shortcomings and carry on to achieve their dreams. Pepsi’s new mantra encourages youth to follow their dreams, be energetic and unconventional. Living life while enjoying every moment of it is what Jee lay Har pal is all about.

Being a mom restricts me to so many things in life like hanging out with friends, going out for movies or long shopping sprees but my Jee Lay Har Pal moment is definitely the time I spend with my kids, making memories with them. Afterall, this precious time will not return in my life and I’ll be cherishing these memories later. For all those hangouts that I am missing, you can wait for a few years. No?

Anyway, I am so looking forward to seeing more of Atif & Pepsi together this year as it is just the beginning. Till then let’s just try to #JeeLayHarPal kiya Pata Kal ho na ho. 


#MealsTurnExciting with new Pepsi TVC featuring Fawad Khan and Syra

Ammi kiya pkkaya hai?

Beta daal pakki hy. 


This is a story of every household. How desperately you want to turn that boring daal roti into something exciting? Ahh. Sometimes you don’t even want to eat a boring meal at all and then get flashes of Pepsi TVC of last year. How I wish I can do that in real life. *Hogwartz feels* Know what’s the magical wand?

All you need is a gulp of Thanddi thaar Pepsi. Perfect thirst quencher and meal upgrade guaranteed. The concept of making boring meals exciting extends from last year to new TVC of Pepsi. The magical Khana banay exciting theme relives in New Pepsi TVC with heartthrobs of the nation. OMG!! Yes its none other than Fawad (Handsome) Khan in the TVC making us all Drool over him more than the food and less than the Pepsi lol. He’s slaying in the ad with the beautiful Syra Shahroz and the cool Shahzad Noor. Feeling Quetta ki hawain now. Brrrrr…. That’s a cool star studded lineup of celebrities for a TVC. 

To my surprise, keeping the theme of #MealsTurnExciting in mind BBPR & Pepsi hosted a bloggers dinner in Karachi last week. The event was organized to reveal the new Pepsi TVC with an opportunity to meet & dine with the celebrities featuring in the ad. Yasss!! As exclusive as it gets.

Too bad that Fawad Khan couldn’t make it to the event *dil toots*, Thank God that the gorgeous Syra Shahroz was there to lit up the venue. OMG how cute is she. One can forget to even look at the food when she’s around. That was an exciting meetup for bloggers as we(yes we, ahem! )  got the first hand knowledge of all that Pepsi has in store way before the audiences. *drumrolls*

Have you missed bloggers exclusive live tweets from the venue? Awwww Koi nahi. Just check the hashtag #MealsTurnExciting on social media to get the glimpses of excitement that we gotta enjoy with Pepsi, celebs & fine dining. Such an exciting day out it was.

Watch how Fawad Khan makes the #MealsTurnExciting & the whole feel of the ad changed into a celebration. We all love food and what better to serve it with Pepsi, Han? I am so eyeing on that BBQ that Shahzad Noor just turned exciting. Pepsi Pi lay Zara….. cant stop humming.

Why shy when you can #SayitwithPepsi

Digital media is a turf that not many brands in Pakistan are using to its potential, despite the fact that social media presence of PakistanI consumers is growing day in and day out. Pepsi is one of the leading digital media experts when it comes to creative content and marketing. So many unique campaigns on various platforms keep the fans of the brand always engaged and entertained.

Pepsi’s latest emoji campaign #SayitwithPepsi is the talk of the town these days. Pretty quirky and smart emoji content has totally taken over social media with a storm. Afterall, emojis are the language of youth worldwide. Who doesn’t love to express through cute emoticons? Specially when there’s a huge range of cool n eye catching Pepsi Emojis are here.

I remember the first bumper of #SayitwithPepsi that I’ve came across was Dil Dil Pakistan and it instantly clicked in my mind. I actually feel related to it. There’s no stopping since then. Loved every new emoji stories that Pepsi has come up with like the winter video and how cute were the bottles saluting at Quaid’s tomb.

I’ve sent Pepsi bottles with a cake emoji as invitation for my daughter’s first birthday and every body just loved it.

Planning to have a BBQ party too with some cool Pepsi emoji bottles as souvenirs for guests. I am sure they’ll love it.

How are you saying it with Pepsi?

Can’t wait to say it with #PepsiMoji

According to a study, world’s 2 billion smartphone users send over six billion emoticons in text messages alone every single day. Yes! Every single day. That pretty much explains the power and popularity of Emojis/emoticons amongst youth. Even when it comes to text messages, words have shrunk from OK to K and Get well soon to GWS.

Probably that’s the reason that Pepsi decided to launch #PepsiMoji in Canada for the first time ever in June, 2014. The campaign was a huge success and continued in US and Thailand too. I was waiting for emojis to land in Pakistan and we just got it.

Finally, #PepsiMoji makes it to Pakistan with some really cool and desi Emojis. Brand has intelligentaly incorporated local adaptation of Emojis that we can actually relate to and use them to tell a story like this.


I just love the popcorn Emojis and would love to see some more of foodie ones. Like a chicken piece one or a victory sign. Maybe a fashionista emoji or a cricket addict. Would love to have social media addiction walay emoticons. What say?


I am kinda excited to see such a globally recognised and popular campaign in Pakistan and desperately waiting to welcome it. Ain’t you?

Storytelling through #PepsiMoji is going to be the next big thing, I am sure. Can’t wait to see Emojis on every Pepsi bottle on my next visit to the superstore kyun k ye dil mangay more.

Pepsi Doodled #ExcitingAbhi meals

When it comes to digital media, Pepsi is surprising me (and its fans) with creative and well executed ideas again and again. Be it recent instagram dinner table idea of snapping meals on a huge dinner table and posting them as a grid or the #ExctingAbhi meals activity on twitter, Pepsi is really acing the digital media with every new campaign. No wonder they’re getting such huge engagement from fans on their social media platforms.

The recent twitter activity for #ExcitingAbhi meals campaign was conducted in real time by engaging hundreds of twitteratis. I am sure it’s first of its kind activity by any brand in Pakistan where fans were entertained so cutely with prompt replies. Twitter audience was asked to share pictures of their meals and Pepsi instantly responded with a super cool Pepsi-fied doodled version of the same meal. Shahzaib Hussain of ShahzaibHussainArt has really outdone himself with Pepsi meal doodles.

Be it a pizza or home cooked sabzi, many kind of meals were shared by twiteratis and they get amazingly cute doodled meals in return super-fast. People end up loving the doodles and of course loving Pepsi even more after this. I just love it and hope they come up with something even more exciting for social media.

#ExcitingAbhi was a top trend across Pakistan on that day with such high engagement; achieving a staggering 23 million impressions during the activity. Take a look at some of the cool doodles, in case you missed the live action of doodled all over Twitter timelines.