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#JeeLayHarPal – Youth’s Mantra of Life

​How many times you’ve heard in your life that “Hawww Haye? Aisa kyun?”, “Mat krna!! Log kiya kahain gay?”. The dilemma of our generation was to hear lots of clichéd statements like this. No longer valid for youngsters I guess. I don’t often say this to my kids,infact never should I want them to grow up being suppressed by society’s approach. One should be able to enjoy life to the fullest and that’s what #JeeLayHarPal is all about. 

Pepsi, being the youth centric brand has always come up with interesting campaigns to cater to the dynamic community of youngsters. By getting youth icon, the biggest rock star Atif Aslam on board as the new face of Pepsi, the brand has definitely struck gold. Who else in fact the youngsters look Upto as their Idol other than Atif Aslam? He can mesmerize crowds with his unique voice & recently been praised a lot for being a gentleman in one of his concerts by rescuing a girl (victim of harassment) on stage. The act not only wins hearts of Atif’s fans but had a message for all of us to live in the moment & let that moment be memorable for all the good reasons.

The very next week, Atif Aslam unveiled Pepsi’s new moto, Jee lay Har Pal in his beautiful voice during a star studded event in Lahore. Listen to the rocking number here, in case you’ve missed it. PS: You can download JLHP tune on your phone. Just type ‘JLHP’ and send it to 9005 to get the download link.

Jee Lay Har pal is all about enjoying life to the fullest without any conditions. Living in the present without being worried about the future. The message is very relatable to millennials because they’re the enthusiastic generation with passion for living life fearless. Despite all the hardships that may come their way, today’s youth knows how to overcome their shortcomings and carry on to achieve their dreams. Pepsi’s new mantra encourages youth to follow their dreams, be energetic and unconventional. Living life while enjoying every moment of it is what Jee lay Har pal is all about.

Being a mom restricts me to so many things in life like hanging out with friends, going out for movies or long shopping sprees but my Jee Lay Har Pal moment is definitely the time I spend with my kids, making memories with them. Afterall, this precious time will not return in my life and I’ll be cherishing these memories later. For all those hangouts that I am missing, you can wait for a few years. No?

Anyway, I am so looking forward to seeing more of Atif & Pepsi together this year as it is just the beginning. Till then let’s just try to #JeeLayHarPal kiya Pata Kal ho na ho. 


#PinballCricket – Street cricket gets a makeover by Pepsi

​When it comes to the most favorite sport among kids & youth of Pakistan there’s no doubt that its cricket. During evenings & even late at night all our streets are bound to witness is a cricket match. Lack of playgrounds prompted street cricket & now it has become a norm. Each one of us has been a part of a gali cricket match either as a player or the one who gets to return the ball. *There goes the window glass and someone rings the doorbell, “Aunty ball agai hai”*

Perfectly encapsulating the essence of street cricket in Pakistan, Pepsi has released a unique video on social media. The pinball cricket concept literally blown me away with its 3D graphics and extremely entertaining use of lights and technology. This is definitely the coolest thing that has happened to a routine street cricket match. Those lights around the pitch and across the street to mark runs & out signs were so innovative & cool to see. Its like giving life to a boring event. What a transformation it was.

It makes the street cricketers extremely surprised & excited to see their street lit up with Neon lights & pinball along with the star appearance of Shoaib Malik. OMG!! The handsome hunk goes on to play a pinball cricket match on the street, right there & then(lucky dudes). This is where you get hooked to the video the most. It is like watching a futuristic cricket match. Loved the audio visual integration & beautiful execution of 3D projection. Spot on. 

The concept of pinball match and the appearance of superstar cricketer, Shoaib Malik soon took social media with a storm. Look at these tweets where people can’t contain their excitement. Shoaib Malik also hosted a AskMalik session for fans the same day. 

Pinball cricket is the new age cool gali cricket. Other is futuristic and fun. Good to see Pepsi going back to cricket as their theme. Hoping for more surprise pinball matches on our streets.