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QMobile NoirZ12 smartphone is worth buying? 

To be honest I wasn’t ready to switch from a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime phone to Q mobile Noir series phones but apparently I did. The reason being high end specs of Noir Z series while keeping the price range under 25K. The temptation of moving from a 1GB RAM smartphone that hangs, can’t run snapchat etc was way too high and eventually I had to surrender. Got a beautiful rose gold colored handset of QMobile NoirZ12 for less than 23K (the same price for which I’ve bought my previous Samsung Selfie phone) few months back.

Q mobile Noir Z12 smartphone review
The stunning Q mobile Noir Z12 smartphone

Apparently I was tempted to buy this set because of its high end specs and price that no one else offers for such features. Did I regret? Its been 8 months now and I have no complaints so far. Here are the reasons to love my NoirZ12 phone.


The set comes with a 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM(expandable via SD card). Been using snapchat ever since I got this phone and the app never crashed(touch wood). Smooth Android experience so far. The only problem with SD card is that you have to sacrifice second SIM option as it allows either SIM 2 or SD card. I am not fond of double SIM phones so it doesn’t matter but it has been advertised as a dual SIM phone that’s why it is important to note that the option limits use of expandable memory. On the other hand 32GB internal memory is more than enough too. Do it’s a 50-50 kinda feature. Not to love or hate.


This is one thing that I am peculiar about in my smartphones. Q Mobile NoirZ12 has 13MP rear and 8MP front camera & it is kick ass one. You can click HDR images to panorama ones. The result is outstanding. Selfie camera is quite good too. 5/5 for the camera. You’ll love the results.

Battery life

NoirZ12 comes with a 3000mAH battery and it can last for a whole day while using Internet on it. This is another plus of this pretty set that it has a great battery life. To charge it faster, open extreme mode and you’ll save time on charging too.

Color and appearance

Rose gold color of NoirZ12 makes it stand out from other sets of the brand. Loved the sleek and thin look of it. My blogger friends were surprised that its not an iPhone lol. The rise gold color and finishing of the set makes it look a lot like iPhone. The hands free of the set comes in Rose gold color too. So fancy.

Downside :

The phone Heats up sometimes when it was new. After a month or so it stopped behaving like that. Thank God.

USB Charger is not universal(it is a bit wider & has a flat pin). You need to get your own charging cable unlike other smartphones which can be charged with any other smartphone’s cable.

Dual SIM card restricts the use of SD card.

I just loved this phone. It is the best one in this price range out there.

PS: This is not a PR piece or brand provided handset review.


JazzX JS1 and JS7- Pocket friendly 3G smartphones

We all love being connected on the go through our smartphones & thanks to 3G connectivity that leaving your phone at home is no longer a habit. Being a Karachi citizen and mommy of two hyperactive kids, I always lookup for a mid range phone; In case I have to carry it going out or my kid’s wanna smack it down. Yeah!! That has happened multiple times already, both mobile snatching and kids breaking my phone. Such is life.

To my rescue, leading cellular company of Pakistan, Mobilink partnered with mobile giant QMobile to launch the most affordable smartphones, JazzX. Remember that Nargis Fakhri whole page ad in the newspaper few months ago? I am sure everyone has seen it. The product was launched with a bang but was it a success? That needs to be tried and tested.

JazzX smartphones have user friendly interface with impressive screen display. Screen resolution and touch sensors worked smoothly in both the models. Best thing is that the phones have heavy apps pre-installed like Facebook, whatsapp, Skype etc so you’ll end up not cursing the RAM space for other apps. Thumbs up for that.

JazzX JS1 review:

JazzX JS1 comes with a 1Ghz Quad core processor, 4inch LCD display, Android 5.1 Lollipop with 8GB ROM and 512MB RAM. It is a dual SIM smartphone with the power of 3G. Camera is pretty average with 2Mp back and front camera is below average. With built-in apps like Mobilink TV you can stay connected with all the entertainment and news channels. Social apps like Facebook, whatsapp, Skype are pre installed and work pretty well.

Latest Android with low RAM space sometimes makes the phone slow. Jazz my status and mobitunes are just a tap away. Overall, JS1 is definitely worth the money and comes with unique and useful apps that keeps you connected on the go. For the price tag, it is the best bet for smartphone novices. Ideal gift for mommy coz she still don’t know what we do all day on our smartphones lol. She’ll get addicted to Facebook at least.

JazzX JS7 review:

3G enabled JazzX JS7 has a 5 inch touchscreen with 1Ghz Quad core processor and Android Lollipop with 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM, 2000mAh battery and a decent 5MP back camera with flash light. Built in social apps and free internet Mobilink offer will save the day for all your internet needs. Camera result is very good in broad daylight as well as dim lit room. Motion sensor picture feature and HDR is a plus. Videos are of high quality and impressive. Multi angle view, face beauty and what not, the camera is full of features. Overall the Phone performance is very impressive because of Good battery life and smooth interface. I even played Pokeman Go on it 🙂

For the price bracket of under 10K, JazzX JS7 is a reliable bet unless you’re not a crazy fan of selfies or a hard core cell phone gamer because you’ll not be liking a selfie from a 2MP front camera and the phone sometimes start heating up while gaming. The phone comes with a Digicom warranty card too so you don’t have to worry I guess 🙂


Overall it is a pretty decent smartphone range and probably the only 3G phone with such low price and good specs. JazzX series comes with a bonus discount offer which includes:

  • Free Balance of Rs800
  • 2GB Free 3G internet
  • Unlimited Free Facebook , Twitter and WhatsApp

#GoGetYourJazzX and avail Mobilink discount offer for the next 4 months & experience Android and 3G at the lowest prices ever.