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Millions of smiles saved with Shield this world oral health day

If there’s any doctor whom I don’t want to go to, it has to be a dentist. Dreaded root canals and the painful grindings whenever you get a toothache.. Ufff. I don’t want to reimagine the wisdom toothache and the root canal pain. No. Not again. Now I definitely know how important it is to take care of your oral health to avoid such dental problems. 

Thanks to Shield Pakistan’s countrywide #ShieldYourSmile activity that I gotta know that there’s actually a day of celebration- WOHD (World Oral Health Day) every year to raise awareness about the importance of brushing and flossing. To make the most of the occasion Shield Pakistan has made it possible for millions of people across Pakistan at 47 Dental institutions to get Free dental checkups and oral health awareness. The best part kf the activity was that it was very well organized and even better executed. 

Also, the Facebook page of shield Pakistan put up some useful info regarding the importance of brushing and I must say I’ve learned a lot. Here’s some of the reasons to shield your smile. 

  • Oral health is extremely important and getting regular professional checkup will help remove plaque, tartar and staining of teeth.
  • Brushing 3 times a day for atleast 3 minutes should be made a habit.
  • Flossing is as important as brushing. If you avoid it then your oral health is at risk as flossing contributes towards 35% of brushing and cleaning teeth.
  • Prevention is better than cure. So it is better to adapt healthy oral care activities before getting into the mess of toothaches.
  • Of course you’ll be more lovable with fresh breath. Don’t get others awkward in your company. 
  • Toothpaste contains minerals which helps teeth shine and stay healthy for a longer time. 

Do yourself a favor by adapting better oral health care habits and don’t forget to thanks shield for making you realize how important it is to brush and take care of your smile. Shield it now. 

Hashmanis can make your life Chashma Free

Chashma – An accessory that you have to sport if you’re suffering from refractive errors like short & longsightedness. Ever since I’ve been diagnosed with shortsightedness a pair of glasses reside on my nose permanently. There’s no turning back whether you like a chashma or not, you have to flaunt it. Be called by your peers as chishmish or nerd, chashmulli or whatever. Chashma has to be there with you. Sometimes I really wonder how many glasses I’ve broken so far? For the past 15 years of my chashma life, there’s an average of 6-8 pair of glasses per year. Since birth of my kids the number of broken glasses has exponentially increased, like seriously. Now imagine the cost of maintaining a chashma in your life.

Sometimes I really wonder how to get rid of this thing. Like can u ever live a chashma free life? Luckily I found the answer to be Yes & maybe. Confused? Let me explain it to you. Hashmanis in Pakistan are the only one to offer the most advanced laser guided eye surgeries like Femto(Blade less) or Lasik and they’re the most recommended hospital if you ask anyone around for eye care treatment suggestions. Hashmanis Topo-guided LASIK surgery is the most trusted one as the hospital has performed it considerable number of times. The procedure needs extremely efficient advanced equipment and technical expertise of surgeons and Hashmanis really ace in it (50K Lasik surgeries is a huge number). Clearly the best in ophthalmology in Pakistan are The Hashmanis.img-20170218-wa0025.jpg

Luckily, I was part of a bunch of people being invited by Dr. Sharif Hashmani to demonstrate the most advanced refractive error surgery called Topo-guided Lasik surgery. The procedure is the most advanced eye surgery that only Hashmanis are offering in Pakistan and guarantees to make your life CHASHMA FREE. You only need to go through certain tests like topography before the procedure to know if your cornea qualifies for the surgery or not. 30% population won’t be able to go through the procedure for various medical reasons.


Keep in mind that Topo Guided Lasik surgery is a cosmetic procedure and not everybody needs it but it definitely is an option to live life Chashma Free, if you’re like me who is fed up of buying new glasses every month or so. So, yeah why not?

Live Topo Guided Lasik surgery at Hashmanis Hospital

First, I was kinda excited to see the procedure. Then I got a bit scared and watched it on screen instead of going inside the theater and then I got so mesmerized by the skill of the Dr. Hashmani that the procedure was being done with such precision. It took only 3-6 minutes to finish the surgery and you’re good to go home (certain precautions though).

Isn’t it amazing? How fascinating is the idea of having a clear vision again after all those Chashma years. Can’t wait to get myself under the knife and live a Chashma free life.

#ReliableHaiMustaqbil with Dawlance Kitchen & Dawlance Care Apps

Kyun k Dawlance reliable hai. How many times have you heard that? I am sure so many times as reliability has become synonymous to Dawlance over the years, making it one of the leading Pakistani appliances company. Being a consumer & user of Dawlance appliances like refrigerator & microwaves, I am a fan of their innovative products over the years.

Like what was the worst thing that could happen to a refrigerator? Seeing roaches around but Dawlance came to the rescue with an insect repellent technology equipped refrigerator. Then you have the Cook King microwave series of the stylishly smart ovens with built in recipe manuals & grill etc. Dawlance has become a household name for every Pakistani. 

With advancing times, Dawlance Pakistan decided to come up with smart solutions for consumers. In today’s digital world when everything is just about your smartphone, Dawlance decided to stay with you via their new Android apps. They have launched two extremely useful & easy apps for Pakistani consumers. 

Dawlance Care app will tell you about each and every product of Dawlance along with connecting you to their retailers & customer service representatives within no time. Download the Dawlance Care app here. 

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What got me more excited is the Dawlance Kitchen app. A voice navigated step-by-step guide to almost 50+ recipes that you can use to cook within minutes in a Dawlance microwave oven. The app is so smart that you don’t even have to touch the phone scree while cooking & following instructions from it. Just say next & the app will start guiding you for the next step of the recipe. Sounds fun. No? Download Dawlance Kitchen app to experience the fun of smart cooking yourself. Anyone can be a chef with Dawlance Kitchen.The app smartly connects the model of your Dawlance microwave oven with the recipes & tune them accordingly. No fuss, just good food in no time. 

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The best part is that the apps are made in Pakistan & Dawlance is proud to be the leading appliances manufacturer to step into app world. Glad to see brands making such digital landmark achievements to connect with consumers and offer them convenience. 

Way to go Dawlance Pakistan. I am so looking forward to the Air fryer that Dawlance has come up with. Can’t wait to see that in the market soon. The sound of oil less French Fries makes me already excited. 

#RealMilkMatters – Dayfresh ensures safe and pure milk supply 

​I have seen a lot of transformation in terms of lifestyle in my lifetime so far. From our communication mediums to food habits, almost everything has undergone a drastic change over small period of time. Gone are the days when tetra pack milk was considered a luxury & we use to buy it for our long train journeys only(k kharab nahi hoga na ubalna parrega). Gwalas were ruling the market & milk pricing then. With the passage of time & awareness regarding hygienic & safe tetra packaging with increased shelf life made people switch from traditional milk suppliers to tetra pack milk.

It has been more than a decade since we are using tetra pack milk because of not being contaminated as loose milk can be(we all know how fresh milk has been handled & supplied. Such milawatt much wow). The best part is you don’t have to boil it or worry about milk turning sour(before opening the pack*). So it is a win win situation for housewives like me. 

*Milk when UHT treated & packed in 7 layered tetra packaging can last for few months but as soon as you open the pack it can get sour (within hours in summers & a day maybe in winters) which clearly indicates that Tetra packs don’t use additives for longevity of milk like Gwalas do. Yes!!, milkman use to put chemicals like formalen to keep milk safe while handling. There are other tricks too but definitely not followed during Tetra packaging process. The sole reason that one should rely on Tetra pack milk. 

Now comes the most difficult part, choosing the tetra pack milk brand. There are several brands available out there – providing pasteurized & UHT treated milk. People often go with the brand’s advertisements or availability but I believe one should know what they’re buying is healthy or not. 

Recently when there was news that many Tetra pack brands have been found guilty of providing contaminated product, I decided to know what actually am I drinking? The matter is still subjudice and authenticity of the allegation has been questioned too. Leaving that to the court, let me tell you why Dayfresh’s claim of live real is actually trustworthy.

Own Farm of Australian Cows

Dayfresh milk comes from dairyland farms which is home to more than 3000 Australian cows(the most expensive breed in the world).Some of my friends have visited the farm & you can see it too in the Dayfresh TVC. Dayfresh milk is a single source product which is traceable through RFIDs & strict quality control. 

Fully automated Milking facility 

No human interaction with milk during milking cows or milk packaging happens at Dayfresh farms & plant. It is a journey from grass to glass literally when milk sees the sunlight for the first time when we open the pack of Dayfresh milk. Isn’t this amazing? Like a guarantee of purity that the product is as real as it can get without any additives or cream extractions. That’s why the tag line live real sounds real. 

ISO 2200 certification 

Another reason to believe in the product is maintaining the highest standards to get ISO certification. This certification definitely builds consumer trust over the brand. 

Qarshi, PCSIR & SGC Quality Assurance 

Dayfresh has got quality control tests from renowned labs of Karachi & Lahore. SGC & Qarshi labs have found that the Dayfresh milk contains essential minerals within the range of international standards. Essential nutrients like Iron, zinc, calcium etc are present in Dayfresh milk with all its purity. 

As reported by Brandsynario & media sources, “National Assembly on Monday was informed that The Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) had been conducting tests on Ultra High Temperature (UHT) and pasteurized milk brands and has now concluded that out of the 16 brands tested only a mere 6 have been deemed fit for human consumption”. Dayfresh is intended in that list because it is packed with no added preservatives.

PS: In Pakistan we consume milk that comes from various sources, mostly buffaloes but Dayfresh is the only brand providing cow’s milk with all its goodness, that too with a resealable cap even in 250gms packaging. 

You gotta try their chocolate milk. I bet you’ll fall in love with the taste of it. Full marks for Doodh with attitude tag line & witty packaging. 

Quaker Oats- A healthy and nutritious New Year Resolution

I am not a morning person & don’t live in a joint family, probably the reason behind me skipping breakfast & lunch altogether for brunch. Not a good habit though but it is what it is.

I am getting into morning routine since my kid started going to school. Hopefully I’ll be able to follow 3 meal routine by the time my second kid will be starting her school. I need to change my diet to more healthy eating habits after gall removal surgery few months back. Here’s to healthy & nutritious new year to you all too. 

So, when you gotta adopt healthy lifestyle around the world little help on the Internet will reveal thay all around the world breakfast is synonymous to Quaker Oats. Apparently no one knows better how to provide a nutritious yet deliciously good start to the day than Quaker. World renowned Quaker Oats finally decided to land in Pakistan to promote (much needed) healthy lifestyle. 

Why Oats? 

Oats are not a part of our regular diet as they’re tough too cook(unprocessed ones takes hour to cook) but they’re the nutrition powerhouse; 

  • a rich source of dietary fiber, 
  • a good source of plant-based protein and
  • Also helps to reduce cholesterol in your body. 

The best part about Quaker Oats is that along with health benefits it doesn’t compromise on taste. So you don’t have to eat some boring daliya to stay fit. Wanna know more about how to eat Quaker Oats in yummy ways? Keep reading. 

#OatSomeBrunch event:

Quaker Pakistan hosted #OatSomeBrunch at Cosa Nostra, Lahore & Cafe Flo, Karachi to let people experience the versatile taste of Oats. The event included a buffet of scrumptious breakfast and brunch foods exclusively made from oats! 

Chef Mehboob’s Oat Recipes:

The best Pakistani fusion food expert, Chef Mehboob Khan showcased following five-star recipes during #OatSomeBrunch events featuring oh-so-yum Quaker Oats: 

  1. Oatfully good omelette,
  2. Oat Quesadillas and 
  3. Oat crumbed fish
  4. Oat cookies 

Do try them & let me know how was your experience. BTW I spotted loads n loads of Quaker Oats jars today at Imtiaz store. Go grab one as soon as you can. 

Follow Quaker Pakistan on Facebook & Twitter to stay updated on more healthy recipes & fun contests (I just participated) in the near future. Start your new year with a nutrition packed bang. Have #OatSomeBrunch.