Great Online Shopping Festival 2016 will begin from 28th September

If there’s one thing that I am addicted to these days then it is browsing through E-commerce sites & it definitely makes you buy things you often find on discounts despite the fact that you ain’t planning to buy them anytime soon. Online shopping is booking in Pakistan and I am a happy customer of various retailers. Here’s one more exciting festival that I can’t wait for. 

Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) – Pakistan’s biggest online shopping festival will be held from September 28–30, 2016 at The festival, supported by Google, JazzCash,, and powered by Jang Media Group, will see more than 50 e-commerce partners participating.
Users can shop for jewellery, shoes, apparels, books, kids wear, gadgets, watches, computer accessories, health & fitness equipment, home decor products and a lot of other things. Expected generous discounts are up to 70% from the participating e-tailers. The shopping festival not only caters to users in Pakistan but also allows Pakistani expats living all over the world to send gifts to their loved ones residing all across country.

Great Online Shopping Festival 2016

Khurram Jamali, Industry Head, Google Asia Pacific said: “The ecommerce industry in Pakistan is doubling in size every year. With GOSF, we aim to tap into this robust growth by bringing sensational and affordable deals thanks to our partners. I encourage everyone to check out this year’s GOSF as it promises 72 hours of phenomenal shopping deals for everyone and their loved ones.”

Highlighting the importance of such online shopping festivals, Faizan Siddiqi, Managing Director, IMM-Jang Media Group stated: “The Jang Media Group is proud to be associated with GOSF – slated to be the biggest online shopping festival of Pakistan. Our collaboration with Google is in line with our commitment to promote e-commerce and e-tailing all across Pakistan. With our technological prowess, we have built the framework for GOSF and are looking forward to an outstanding response from people.”

JazzCash is the official payment partner for GOSF – a festival to promote e-commerce in Pakistan by offering merchants with an opportunity to showcase their product on a single platform. It offers the most secure and reliable payment method for customers during the shopping festival. During GOSF, customers who pay through JazzCash will get additional discounts of up to 80%. They can pay through three options i.e. JazzCash Mobile Account, Vouchers and Credit/Debit cards. Additionally, voucher payment can be done at the nearest JazzCash retailer from amongst more than 65,000 retailers nationwide.

Talking about the partnership between JazzCash and GOSF, Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, Director – Mobile Financial Service, Mobilink said: “We envision a remarkable growth in Pakistan’s e-commerce industry as more and more people are turning towards online shopping. JazzCash offers innovative e-payment methods that are not only secure but also allow a great deal of convenience for people looking to shop online. Our partnership with GOSF is a testimony to a rapid expansion of the online shopping industry and we remain committed to bring utmost convenience and reliability for people making online transactions all over the country.”

Google has previously helped to organise online shopping festivals in other countries such as Singapore and Sri Lanka. In Pakistan, GOSF is looking to drive the trend of online shopping toward the mainstream, thanks to the rapid growth of Pakistan’s mobile Internet market.

Ufone honors unsung heroes of Pakistan 

It was an inspiring experience to meet four shinning individuals of Pakistan featured in a TVC by Ufone last month. Ufone recently arranged a bloggers’ meet to create awareness about unsung heroes who are actively reshaping the society through their utmost efforts for humanity. Taking its primary message forward, ‘It’s all about U’, the company extends its support to consumers and people around, thus making them the core focus so as to serve them right. 

Ufone makes conscious efforts in recognising and highlighting people who are an outstanding role model and a personification of the very message ‘It is all about U’.  These are the people who, despite their challenges, have risen above and beyond them and made it big in life. These are the role models who people will look up to as an inspiration as their achievements send out a message that inspires others to do good in their own capacity. 

Four of these compassionate individuals were invited to share their inspirational stories and discuss about their endeavours in order to instill a higher sense of benevolence in people around. These included Muhammad Mohsin Ali, Shamim Akhtar, Saqib Ali Kazmi, and Sabia Abbat. Heroes in their respective areas, Ufone scouted them and picked them up to portray them as models of excellence to the society, so as to trigger the self-belief and inspiration needed to excel in life. Through TVCs and a comprehensive 360 degree campaign, the company has highlighted the life stories of these individuals, their struggles and their unparalleled achievements to inspire the nation and instill in them the belief that nothing is beyond their reach, provided they have the determination to make their dream come true. 

Shamim Akhtar Pakistani female truck driver
Shamim Akhtar, First Pakistani female truck driver

Shamim Akhtar one of these heroes, at 53 is Pakistan’s first female driver; she is one such example who decided to go against all odds to make both ends meet for her family and adapted to a role skewed toward gender based obstacles. She attributes her success to the Islamabad Traffic Police Training course that paved the way for her to show her the possibilities of being able to drive heavy vehicles as she had gained an excellent road sense and courage to defy all stereotypes associated with driving vehicles. Her untiring efforts later helped her gain a public service vehicle license, making her the first Pakistani woman licensed to drive trailers, tractors and trucks. 

Mohammed Mohsin, Graduation Gold Medalist
Mohammed Mohsin, Graduation Gold Medalist

Similarly, Muhammad Mohsin, son of a bread maker and resident of Hafizabad scored 688 points in his B.A exams through his uncanny efforts; thereby topping the list in B.A/B.Sc exams held by the Punjab University and made waves nationwide. Not being able to manage his college dues, he still had his motivation geared towards his goal of completing his graduation and therefore appeared for exams as a private candidate. Mohsin continued his quest for education while assisting his father to support his family and ensured that financial obstacles do not become the reason for a break in his education.

Sabia Abbat, National Cycling champion of Pakistan
Sabia Abbat, National Cycling champion of Pakistan

Sabia Abbat, on the other hand, is a 25 year old cyclist hailing from the village of Haripur and has also been handpicked by Ufone to brace its campaign. Within two years of her enthusiastic endeavors for sports, she became the national champion in Lahore; prior to this, she had been representing her college in regional events. She is now a professional cyclist and holds a bachelor’s degree in physical education.

Saqib Ali Kazmi, Entrepreneur and Waterman of Gharo
Saqib Ali Kazmi, Entrepreneur and Waterman of Gharo

Another flourishing example is of Saqib Ali Kazmi, an inspiring young entrepreneur and social worker from Karachi. From education to health, Kazmi works in the development sector to help the underprivileged of the society however he can. He started a project called “Mera Karachi Meri Zimmedari”. The name being self-explanatory focused on the role of each individual towards the society instead of relying on the politicians or ruling elites to facilitate people. Taking a leap forward, he worked in a small school and later with the help of his friends identified two areas of development in Interior Sindh, that is, water and education. To resolve the water crisis in the area, Saqib and his friends installed 320 hand pumps in different areas of Interior Sindh, particularly Gharo and Thatta. Saqib and the team also manage an educational venture in a village in Gharo. They provide books, free education, uniform and linguistic training to children to allow them to grow and prosper as well as make a difference. 

As part of Ufone’s brand philosophy, it also supported people and organisations not generally known to the public but who all have been doing extra ordinary work for the betterment of the society. These were small scale philanthropic initiatives started by individuals on a personal basis who later went an extra mile, thus impacting their surroundings magnanimously. These include Operation Eid Child, Deewar-e-Mehrbani, and Khaana Ghar. All 3 initiatives have been conceived and are conducted by individuals in their personal capacities. These are being highlighted by Ufone to inspire similar ventures and to invite participation in the on-going activities. Ufone showcased these initiatives through a large electronic media campaign to share the message of goodness with all Pakistanis. Parveen Saeed of Khana Ghar also graced the event with her presence and explained how she was encouraged to pursue her mission of feeding the underprivileged when she heard of a mother having killed her two children as she was unable to feed them. 

The discussion by these unsung heroes was followed by an interactive session with the bloggers whose keen interest in their endeavours revealed many more unsung heroes in the making!

Pizza Hut’s #BigDipper pizza is #CallForAll foodies


Pizza Hut is on a roll these days with new additions in their menu and product launches to compete with the sprouting of so many pizzerias in the city. 2016 is definitely the year of Pizza Hut Pakistan on foodscape as they’re not letting any chance of experimentation go.

Pizza Hut's #BigDipper pizza is #CallForAll foodies #BigDipper in all its glory.

#BigDipper is the launch of the season and Oh Gosh! how grand it is. Tbh when I first look at the promo pictures I thought yaar ye to wohi rectangle pizza ki wapisi hy. Naa! Not impressed despite the 24 slices offer. What caught the attention was 4 flavors of Dips that were part of the deal. Finally, Pizza Hut decided to have Dips with the pizza. Thank God for that. I love my pizza slathered with a creamy sauce and what was on offer is 4 flavors of goodness.  Yum. Can’t resist despite the fact…

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JazzX JS1 and JS7- Pocket friendly 3G smartphones

We all love being connected on the go through our smartphones & thanks to 3G connectivity that leaving your phone at home is no longer a habit. Being a Karachi citizen and mommy of two hyperactive kids, I always lookup for a mid range phone; In case I have to carry it going out or my kid’s wanna smack it down. Yeah!! That has happened multiple times already, both mobile snatching and kids breaking my phone. Such is life.

To my rescue, leading cellular company of Pakistan, Mobilink partnered with mobile giant QMobile to launch the most affordable smartphones, JazzX. Remember that Nargis Fakhri whole page ad in the newspaper few months ago? I am sure everyone has seen it. The product was launched with a bang but was it a success? That needs to be tried and tested.

JazzX smartphones have user friendly interface with impressive screen display. Screen resolution and touch sensors worked smoothly in both the models. Best thing is that the phones have heavy apps pre-installed like Facebook, whatsapp, Skype etc so you’ll end up not cursing the RAM space for other apps. Thumbs up for that.

JazzX JS1 review:

JazzX JS1 comes with a 1Ghz Quad core processor, 4inch LCD display, Android 5.1 Lollipop with 8GB ROM and 512MB RAM. It is a dual SIM smartphone with the power of 3G. Camera is pretty average with 2Mp back and front camera is below average. With built-in apps like Mobilink TV you can stay connected with all the entertainment and news channels. Social apps like Facebook, whatsapp, Skype are pre installed and work pretty well.

Latest Android with low RAM space sometimes makes the phone slow. Jazz my status and mobitunes are just a tap away. Overall, JS1 is definitely worth the money and comes with unique and useful apps that keeps you connected on the go. For the price tag, it is the best bet for smartphone novices. Ideal gift for mommy coz she still don’t know what we do all day on our smartphones lol. She’ll get addicted to Facebook at least.

JazzX JS7 review:

3G enabled JazzX JS7 has a 5 inch touchscreen with 1Ghz Quad core processor and Android Lollipop with 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM, 2000mAh battery and a decent 5MP back camera with flash light. Built in social apps and free internet Mobilink offer will save the day for all your internet needs. Camera result is very good in broad daylight as well as dim lit room. Motion sensor picture feature and HDR is a plus. Videos are of high quality and impressive. Multi angle view, face beauty and what not, the camera is full of features. Overall the Phone performance is very impressive because of Good battery life and smooth interface. I even played Pokeman Go on it🙂

For the price bracket of under 10K, JazzX JS7 is a reliable bet unless you’re not a crazy fan of selfies or a hard core cell phone gamer because you’ll not be liking a selfie from a 2MP front camera and the phone sometimes start heating up while gaming. The phone comes with a Digicom warranty card too so you don’t have to worry I guess🙂


Overall it is a pretty decent smartphone range and probably the only 3G phone with such low price and good specs. JazzX series comes with a bonus discount offer which includes:

  • Free Balance of Rs800
  • 2GB Free 3G internet
  • Unlimited Free Facebook , Twitter and WhatsApp

#GoGetYourJazzX and avail Mobilink discount offer for the next 4 months & experience Android and 3G at the lowest prices ever.

Congo Virus Precautions to know before EidulAzha 

EidulAzha is just around the corner and the news of Congo Virus in Pakistan is scaring everyone. Congo is a tick-borne disease and the human cattle interaction is one of the major causes of it; can’t be avoided because of sacrificial animals purchase and slaughter on Eid ul Azha. That’s why it is important to know the precautions against the spread of Congo Virus. 

Congo Virus Precautions First of all stay calm but aware of it. Sanitation is a MUST here while dealing with the animal before and after sacrifice. The disease can spread through organs lying on the streets with leaking blood too. Make sure you clean the surroundings and make proper dump of offals while keeping the meat covered for use. Remember, there’s no vaccine available and precaution is the only cure.

Agha Khan Hospital is having an awareness campaign about Congo Virus Alert with the release of informative fliers. Do read the instructions, follow them and stay safe while enjoying the meaty festivities of Eid ul Azha. 

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