Fall in love with Medora Lipsticks

Medora made in Swat – always been an attraction for me coz my not-so-makeup savy mom use to keep it and they’re being used only on occasions by her. That is why they become a thing for me. Like a gem which we use to see rarely. Then, the time came when we were allowed to use Makeup 💄& Medora became a staple and lost its charm slowly due to unavailability, the 90’s gloss craze & then my laziness to use chubby lip liners as lipsticks.

Nowadays when I see all the craze of liquid lipsticks and pigmented shades and all those variations of lip tints, I decided to pay a visit to good old Medora(out of nostalgia) to find out if it stays the same.

The packaging is the same but there are ingredients mentioned on it now. Made in Swat is still written there. It smells the same powdery scent. It glides on your lips like a creamy dream. Won’t dry out the lips while staying matte for hours. Will stain your glass of water though. The shade variety is amazing but availability is definitely an issue. You have to be a Medora die hard fan to keep looking for it.

As a matter of fact, I can’t stop loving Medora. For the price of my current favorite Nyx Copenhagen I can get 6 Medora lipsticks that can last for a long long time. People do complain about lips getting darker due to the use of Medora which I haven’t experienced myself so I can’t say much about. Maybe excessive or daily use or maybe old formula does that. Try getting fresh stock of Medora & do smell the lipstick before buying to check for freshness.

Are you a Medora fan? Do share your favorite shades & recommend the best places to get it delivered in Karachi.


56 toxic fairness creams of Pakistan

It is an established fact that Mercury Poisoning is linked with cosmetics that are used for skin lightening or whitening. Mercury is the only liquid metal that can penetrate skin, reduce pigmentation but it is highly toxic when used above the recommended 1%ppm range. Although we have been seeing awareness regarding the gora craze & to be comfortable in your own skin regardless of color but here in Pakistan things are pretty much stagnant.

In a makeup competition of a popular morning show, instead of inviting girls with dark complexion to show MUA’s skills they were asked to first use dark colored base & then do the makeup. That was the extreme opposite of skin lightening/whitening craze that I have witnessed in recent times but thankfully the show & host were called out for their extremely sick behavior.

Toxic Mercury containing fairness creams of Pakistan
Image source; Brandsynario

In the meantime Faiza beauty cream & that ponia brothers 223190 ads are all over the TV. Rangat Gori, chehra shaadab type tag lines are always associated with fairness soaps & creams. Even Zubaida aapa appeared endorsing Goat milk whitening soap on huge billboards in Karachi.

Then there are heart breaking rishta rejection stories over color of the skin. I believe the fairness culture exists because of this rishta culture the most. Pyari aur Gori has become the standard pre-requisite for any marriage proposal. The mind set somewhere down the line hasn’t changed at all. Societel pressure, umar nikal rahi hai, whitening injections lagwa Lou etc etc.

What’s your complexion can never be of any importance but here, it is. It will take a long time to get over it, at least in our society but we have to keep spreading awareness.

Zartaj Gul, Minister of climate change has shared some statistics about the available 59 Whiteneng and fairness creams in Pakistani market today. According to the Lab test reports, only 3 creams had the controlled amount of Mercury in them while the rest of 56 Fairness creams were found to be highly toxic, Stillman’s bleach cream being the most toxic while Pond’s Flawless White being the least toxic Fairness/whitening cream available in the Pakistani market now.

The most advertised Faiza Beauty cream wasn’t sampled in the tests which is surprising.

Toxic Mercury containing fairness whitening creams of Pakistan
Toxic Mercury containing fairness creams of Pakistan list. Part 1.
Toxic Mercury containing fairness creams of Pakistan
Toxic Mercury containing fairness creams of Pakistan list. Part 2.

From the above list, I bet Pakistani women have used at least 3 of the creams at some point of time in their lives. (Do comment if you can relate).

So, what can be done other than Government cracking down against the manufacturers?

We all need to change the mindset that only White is beautiful. Every skin tone is beautiful and all you need to shine bright is that inner glow. Stay hydrated, eat & sleep well & take care of your skin religiously. Follow a skin care regime that suits your skin type & treat it well.

All you need to know is your skin type, the color doesn’t matter. Does it?

Buying AC for Under 5000 Rupees in Pakistan

Before you take the post headline as a joke let me tell you this is real. With ever rising inflation & expenses it is getting hard to maintain a decent lifestyle with all the amenities but somehow middle class is surviving. I cannot make your day better with money or anything but I can surely inform you about some saving options if you’re looking for buying an Air conditioner this summer.

I was invited by Ezinstallments & Changhong Ruba management to get introduced to their EMI plans & offers recently in 2 events in Karachi. They were generous enough to let my followers & friends buy the items on discount. But first let me introduce you to the brand itself.

Changhong Ruba Pakistan

Changhong is one of Asia’s biggest air conditioner manufacturers. Since 1999, Changhong air conditioners have been available in over 70 countries including Pakistan. Established in 1971, Ruba Group, an electronics conglomerate in Pakistan, has collaborated with Changhong group to establish new innovative brand “Changhong Ruba” for Pakistani market.

Changhong Ruba Air conditioners are made with Gold Fin condenser keeping in mind the humid weather in Karachi that makes rusting of AC outers a headache every year. The Gold fin condenser keeps Changhong Ruba AC’s corrosion free for a longer time.

Ezinstallments EMI plans:

Ezinstallments is a recently launched venture to build buying power of middle class mostly. It offers quality electronics at affordable monthly installments.

Check out their 13 months EMI plan for Changhong Ruba Air conditioner. Ezinstallments offer competitive rates with easy to process orders & home delivery services.

Discount Codes:

If you’re using Ezinstallments for placing order, use my code CHS-01 at checkout to avail FREE PRODUCT DELIVERY & FREE MOVIE TICKETS for Heer Maan jaa.

Most Affordable Ways to Travel From Lahore to Multan

Thousands of people travel between Lahore and Multan to meet their relatives, attend weddings, visit the famous shrine and tomb of Shah Rukn-e-Alam or just do some business deals but what are the most affordable ways to travel?

There are multiple options which you can opt for such as through air, by train or bus service. Air tickets are expensive so if you want affordable service then Pakistan Railways and different bus services are the available options for you.

If you are among those people who prefer to travel through road then thanks to competition in transportation companies there are many options. Numerous companies provide comfortable and affordable passenger service between these two cities such as Daewoo, Faisal Movers, Bilal Travels and Skyways.

All these services have some benefits, among which Daewoo Express and Faisal Movers are one of the leading services. For Multan they both offer service at affordable rates and with modern terminals, separate waiting areas and premium services during travel.

Both of these bus ervices provide refreshments such as drinks, biscuits and breakfast during the travel. The travelling time is also less in comparison with train because it takes just 4 hours to reach the destination.

The ticket prices of luxurious class of Daewoo and Faisal Movers are Rs. 950 and Rs. 900 respectively. They also offer other class of service for which the prices are lower such as Daewoo which offer ‘Premium’ service for which tickets are available at Rs. 750.

The other affordable option is to cover the distance between Lahore and Multan through train and luckily Pakistan Railways offer multiple passenger train services on this route. These train services include:

  • Shalimar Express
  • Khyber Mail
  • Tezgam
  • Jaffar Express
  • Multan Express
  • Karachi Express
  • Awam Express
  • Shah Hussain Express
  • Musa Pak Express

The ticket prices for trains vary from one train service to another due to facilities and cabin class. The cheapest train service is the economy class of Musa Pak Express and Multan Express for which the ticket prices are Rs. 450.

Tezgam and Shalimar Express are considered to be the most comfortable passenger service at affordable rates. Both train service takes 5 hours and 20 minutes to reach the destination and offer multiple classes for which the ticket prices and fares are as follows:

Shalimar Express:

  • AC Business at Rs. 1,750

  • AC Lower / Standard at Rs. 1150

  • AC Sleeper at Rs. 2350

  • Economy at Rs. 650

  • Parlor Car at Rs. no berth 1450


  • AC Business at Rs. 1450

  • AC Lower / Standard at Rs. 1100

  • AC Sleeper at Rs. 2050

  • Economy at Rs. 550

So in comparison travelling through bus service you can save your time and cash both. But many find the berth in train to be a more comfortable way of travelling because it gives you more space and time to enjoy the travelling.

School of Leadership & UNICEF Honors Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge Winners from Pakistan

Generation Unlimited is a new partnership established by UNICEF worldwide to help adolescents and young people excel with theri ideas. Through #GenUnlimited Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge, 16 UNICEF country offices focused on identifying, co-creating and supporting solutions that have the potential to deliver results at scale for young people, especially those in the greatest danger of being left behind. In Pakistan, theme for the #GenUnlimited youth challenge for year 2018-19 was Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) as it was quite common for young girls in rural areas to miss school every month which effect theri learning & growth.

School of Leadership SoL partenered with UNICEF for Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge & explored youngsters potential to bring ideas forward in helping MHM. The results of this youth challenge did surprise me with some really fruitful ideas coming out from our young minds. Teams like period bajis and Hygienic Bahali couldn’t be global winners but they surely have made an impact with their innovative ideas to cater to the grave issue of MHM in Pakistan. 5 teama from Pakistan have won a grant of $1000 & mentorship to help boost their ideas into reality.

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Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge Celebration Event

UNICEF has announced 5 winners for Generation Unlimited Global Youth Challenge and one of the winning team is from Pakistan. Definitely calls out for a celebration event that held at Aiwan e Quaid, F9, Islamabad on April 29th & became a trending topic on Twitter. (I gotta know about the event through Twitter earlier).

Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge celebration event was attended by;

  • Minister of Climate change & Environment Ms. Zartaj Gul Wazir,
  • Pakistani swimmer and UNICEF #MHM sports champion Kiran Khan,
  • WASH officer UNICEF, Kiran Khan
  • UN Coordinator Neil Buhne
  • School of Leadership mentor Samia Afridi & Imaad Rizvi

Global Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge Winner from Pakistan

Pakistan’s “The Red Code” team marked its name on the global map of innovative success, and awarded with a seed funding of $20,000.

Mahin, Sana and Sara are supporting better menstrual hygiene with information & sanitary pads for disadvantaged girls and women in Pakistan. The Red Code run awareness workshops and provide women with reusable, cloth pads which are stitched by home-based workers to support self-sustaining micro-entrepreneurship.

Here’s the journey of Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge in Pakistan.

Project “Raaji” By Saba Khalid

The event also hosted launch of a project called “Raaji” of Previous MHM winner Saba Khalid. Raaji is a chatbot which uses Artificial Intelligence and Human expertise to answer questions around reproductive health. Through Raaji they provide girls with easy information accessible through a single application and a non-judgmental environment to talk openly and intend to give easy accessibility to knowledge, professionals and products. Go download the app girls.

Such Youth Challenges channel creative energies of our young generation towards causes that actually bring changes in our society. UNICEF & SoL must continue this challenge and host it for rural community based schools too.

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