Lays #PassASmile winners list 

Lays Pakistan has taken the social media with Storm after pass a smile campaign. It has been an extensive campaign of 50 days with 100000Rs daily as prize money apart from an Audi A3 lucky draw and iPods for lucky winners. As soon as I’ve blogged the details of #50DaysofSummerSmiles campaign on my blog, I’ve received a storm of comments asking for winners name and list etc. 

Lays PassASmile

Although the list has been updated on daily basis by lays Pakistan on their website and Facebook page, here are the 35 winners announced so far. I will update with the remaining 15 winners name when they’re announced by lays. 
Happy munching. 

Nivea cream – A tin for beautiful skin & makeup hack you need

Fortnight ago, I was rummaging through my skincare drawer looking for a bottle of witch hazel that I know I had bought and forgotten about. While pushing stuff away, I saw a blue tin laying at the back, almost hidden under a pack of cotton swabs. I had struck gold. It was the classic tin of Nivea cream that women have used all over the world for more than a century. Good news! The formula is still the same. 

Nivea cream makeup hack skincare beauty

I recall my aunts and cousins using this forever. Their skin looks flawless to this date with minimal wrinkles -plump and healthy. So did Marilyn Monroe’s. She used the classic blue tin too. Kate Winslet and Princess Kate Middleton prefer Nivea skincare products over high end dodgy brands with questionable ingredients.
Let me just tell you how Nivea cream in the blue tin can change how your skin looks for the better.

Nivea cream, originally a German product by the company Beiersdorf  is what you want. It has the typical nostalgic fragrance, sealed in foil. Creamy, thick and rich in its consistency.  The famous patented ingredient is Eucerit that is added only in the safer German version of the cream. Germany is known to have the most ethical consumers policy in the world. Harmful chemicals and crude ingredients such as Mineral Oil (the acne king) is banned in the country. The American/Mexican version of the same cream packaged in plastic blue tub has a different formula devoid of Eucerit and replete with pore clogging mineral oil. Most cases have also reported excessive hair growth on body parts exposed to mineral oil over long periods of time. Johnson’s baby oil anyone? So basically what I am saying is ‘STAY AWAY FROM THE MEXICAN VERSION’. 


  • Best time to use it is at night. Slather it on before bed. It will look oily but will sink into the skin overnight and you will wake up with plump skin. The product will not mix in water. Make sure whatever part of the body you use it on is completely dry. 
  • Nivea helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles over a period of time.
  • It acts as a filler for lips and plumps them up when used as a lip balm.
  • It heals dry cracked heals.
  • Nivea will reduce stretch marks with regular use.
  • Nivea is a rich eye cream.
  • It is a brilliant aftershave balm.
  • It reduces scars and pigmentation over time.
  • It is economical and effective.
  • Can be used as a primer (OMG, THIS IS THE BEST THING) for makeup because it has glycerin.
  • Nivea is a body cream. Use after shower for softer skin.
  • Can be used as a makeup remover in the old school way.
  • Remove marks/lines from patent leather products with this cream.
  • Set baby hairs on the forehead with Nivea.
  • Moisturize dry cuticles.
  • Immediately fixes itchiness on skin after shave or wax or due to dryness.

You will use no other moisturizing skincare product when you get the hang of this one. Both men and women should have this affordable product on their grooming shelves. People who have used the high end La Mer cream, call it a steeper version of the German Nivea cream with the difference of seaweed and mineral oil. 

This product has benefitted me that is why I am sharing it with everyone else. Try using it in manners mentioned above. I have also seen this in vanity bags of a few supermodels and female actors.  They for a fact would never share this skincare secret with others.

P.S. Please do not EAT Nivea.😀

Credits: This post has been written by the very charming Sommayia Malik. Remember Is dais k desi khanay on masala TV? Now you remember her 😊 I thank her for sharing this beauty wonder. 

She tweets at @somiyyahmalik. 

#JazzRisingStars – Cricket talent hunt by Lahore Qalandars

Jazz Pakistan and Lahore Qalandars partnership has grown even after the successful edition of first ever cricket league of Pakistan, PSL. The Pakistan super league franchise, has announced a cricket talent hunt for budding cricketers in Punjab. The trials will be conducted by Lahore Qalandars mentors, Aqib Javed and Muddassar Nazr with support from Jazz Pakistan.

#JazzRisingStars press conference held in Lahore on 16th of August. It was a grand affair with the launch of the Rising star TVC featuring Umar Akmal and mentors. Being a young & passionate Pakistani player, Umar Akmal is the best choice for the face of the campaign.img-20160816-wa0021.jpg

#JazzRisingStars talent hunt comprises of 3 stages after which two talented players will be given a chance of a lifetime to play in the squad of Lahore Qalandars during PSL 2017. Yes!! You read that right. Two players from grass root level will directly be reaching an international standard cricket tournament (PSL), representing Lahore qalandars. This is a huge opportunity for cricketing talent in Punjab.

#JazzRisingStars Talent Hunt Details:

Who can participate?

Anybody from the eight districts of Punjab having a Jazz or warid SIM can come to the trials happening in eight cities of Punjab, namely:

  1. Lahore
  2. Rawalpindi
  3. Faisalabad
  4. Gujranwala
  5. Sargodha
  6. Multan
  7. Bahawalpur and
  8. Dera Ghazi Khan.

The trials will begin from 26th August,2016. Find below the schedule of #JazzRisingStars Trials and mark your calendars. Don’t forget to get the resistance forms from Jazz outlets and fill them before going to the trials.

Stage 1:

This stage is going to be a month long exercise as per above trial schedul to select talented young cricketers across Punjab. Aqib Javed and Muddassar Nazr will be assisting the proceedings. 16 players will be selected from each city for #JazzRisingStars tournament.

Stage 2:

The selected players from each city will then play as a team against each other and fight for #JazzRisingStars trophy. Top batsman and Bowler will have the opportunity to play in PSL 2017 as official Lahore Qalandars player. Can’t get better than this.

Stage 3:

On the basis of performance 30 players will be shortlisted for training at a development Academy by Lahore Qalandars. They’ll be sent to Australia to train under qualified trainers and staff of Big bash league champions, Sydney thunders.

Jazz Rising Stars is a huge platform for young cricketers to grab a place in PSL squad. The Trials will be held  from 26th August to 24th September followed by Jazz Rising Stars tournament from 1st October.

Independence Day Mega Celebrations at Dolmen Malls

Dolmen Mall, Pakistan’s first international standard mall, is famous for being at the forefront of every major national celebration. With every event, they have continued to raise the bar when it comes to family entertainment and shopping in Karachi.

As our Independence Day approaches, we see the city changing itself to represent the colours of Pakistan, and Dolmen did not stay behind in giving its visitors a flavour of patriotism. This year, their theme, ‘Dolmen loves Pakistan’, was weaved around the concept of #HamariPehchan aimed at giving people a chance to celebrate Pakistan’s identity. Spanning across all three malls, namely Dolmen Mall Clifton, Dolman Mall Tariq Road and Dolmen Mall Hyderi, the event kicked off on 12th of August 2016.

Dolmen Mall Clifton independence day celebrations

“Living in a time where there is so much uncertainty and negativity surrounding our identity as a nation, we wanted to celebrate the achievements and entertainment aspects of Pakistan which we are known for. These things are relatable to the older as well as the younger generation of this country and they need to be celebrated. This is what makes us proud as Pakistanis,” 

said Anum Nadeem, Marketing Head of the Dolmen Group at the event.

A weekend worth of activities were executed in all its patriotic glamour and glory. For this, the mall was draped in shades of greens and whites. The walkways saw magnificent replicas of the country’s monuments. From live murals of national heroes to specially dressed guards standing and saluting the customers, the entire mall gave off 14th August vibes. The main atrium was designed to take the mall-goers on a photographic journey through Pakistan and its rich culture. Adding to the desi feel, a dhaaba was set up by Chai Wala offering fresh parathas and chai for all those craving for a cup of tea, Pakistan’s undisputed favourite drink. Folk music and a special Azadi Bazaar selling flags, badges, and other patriotic merchandise set the right mood to the three-day event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To mark the eve of Independence Day, a grandiose performance by Sounds of Kolachi dazzled the audience. The soulful music melted into the beautiful notes of our National Anthem at precisely 12 AM, amidst a shower of confetti while the guards raised the flag and saluted. The moment was breathtakingly beautiful.

On the same night, visitors at Dolmen Mall Tariq Road were enthralled to find Noori performing live and did not shy away from fully enjoying patriotic beats.

On the digital front, an instagram competition was hosted, allowing amateur photographers to showcase their talent. Top three photographs were selected and awarded with prizes. More prizes awaited all those who visited Dolmen wearing green. Shoppers and visitors were, thus, pleasantly surprised at various occasions.

As another successful event comes to an end, Dolmen stands tall and proud; the management determined to keep providing more quality events and celebrations to its visitors. Let’s wait to see what they have in store for the next event!

Get #StormStruck with high speed Internet of #StormFiber

How many times have you complained about slow Internet in the past week while working on your computer? I am sure at least once(I actually cursed it more than once)  you have done this. With load shedding and continuously dropping signals of Internet, we all were praying and dreaming for a high speed Internet service(miracle) since forever. The wait is finally over as the Prayers for lightning fast Internet has been answered with Storm fiber. 

They introduce themselves as:

StormFiber is Pakistan’s most reliable fiber to the home broadband service provider. Powered by Cybernet, Pakistan’s leading enterprise and carrier ISP, StormFiber is an effort to raise the bar for what consumers expect from home based services.

StormStruck StormFiber
Powered by the ISP giant Cybernet, Storm Fiber is going to take Karachi and Lahore with Storm. The speed they’re offering is dreamy like 10-30Mbps connections at pretty affordable price. Can’t wait to have them at my place. As of now they’re offering services in limited areas of Karachi and Lahore but they’re expanding their network like a storm too. So fingers crossed.

Storm Fiber discounted packages:

For a limited time StormFiber bundle packages are available on unbelievably discounted prices, making it the right time to try.

StormStruck StormFiber packages 2The triple bundle packages includes a high speed Internet connection with TV cable and a landlines phone. That makes it even smarter to have it at home. Triple treat it is. The installation charges are a bit steep but you can pay it in 12 monthly installments, which makes it affordable. Please note that the package prices are exclusive of taxes.

One of my friends, Zain Awan has already been blessed with a storm fiber connection of 20Mbps at his office. He has shared a speedtest screenshot for me to believe the unbelievable. Yes!! The Storm fiber is delivering him exactly 20Mbps upload/download speed, exactly what was promised. Commendable.

How to get StormFiber connection?

Check their website or call them at (021) 111-1-STORM(78676) in Karachi or (042) 111-1-STORM(78676) for Lahore.

Check availability in your area too as geographical reach is currently limited but ever-expanding. as of now StormFiber is available in following areas of Karachi and Lahore.


  • Creek Vista
  • DHA Phase 2
  • DHA Phase 4 (Gizri Lanes only)
  • DHA Phase 5
  • DHA Phase 6
  • DHA Phase 7
  • DHA Phase 7-Extension
  • DHA Phase 2-Extension
  • DHA Phase 5 – Army Housing
  • Generals Colony Zamzama
  • Naval Housing Society – Zamzama
  • PECHS (khalid bin waleed road, kashmir road, shaheed-e-millat road certain portion and Muslimabad will be energized in 2 weeks)
  • Karaz – KDA
  • Civil Lines
  • Bath Island
  • The Place
  • The Forum
  • Ocean Mall
  • Clifton (Block 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and Old Clifton)


  • PCSIR Phase 1
  • Eden Canal Villas
  • New Muslim Town
  • New Garden Town
  • Usman block, Ahmed block, Abu Bakr block, Garden block, Ali block
  • Johar Town (Block G1,G2 and G3)
  • Gulberg Phase 1 (in 2 weeks)
  • Garden Town Phase 2 (in 2 weeks)
  • Model Town (in a month)
  • Sukh Chayn (in 2 weeks)

Go get #StormStruck and enjoy the best ISP out there. If you are already a user, do share your experience.

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