AVENT Deco Feeding Bottles – Moms Must Have

Being mom is one full time that you can’t get yourself trained or qualified for beforehand. It is an experience that makes you extremely critical towards your choices for kids and their surroundings. The first thing that a mom masters is baby shopping. My first born gave me tough time being a colic baby & we were so skeptical for everything that we bought for her be it a dress or an accessory.

Time has flown. I now have three kids aged from 5.5y to 10 months & if there’s one product that was being constantly bought for my babies then It has to be AVENT bottles. First time I got it as a present for my colic baby and it was such a great help that I can’t keep thanking my sister who has gifted it. Then I got one for my second one from Naheed superstore I think.

While weaning my third one, I came across Philips AVENT Pakistan’s Facebook page and their website with delivery service in Karachi.(which I got excited about coz with kids it gets difficult to shop in stores) Luckily Azaadi sale was going on and I got a good deal to buy from their natural deco range of printed bottles. How I love those colored bottles. Cuteness overload.

Got my ordered AVENT Natural Deco bottle within two days & there wasn’t any home delivery charges. The sale I think is still going on. Do check that out as this bottle is a savior for moms. Spend on quality accessories for kids as they last for longer period of time & pose no choking hazard for the baby.

Why I love AVENT bottles?

First thing first, BPA free sturdy plastic bottle. Very easy to clean & sterilize (I prefer to sterilize via steam or in microwave). The bottle design is easy to grip.

The nipple has twin anti-colic valves that help make feeding more comfortable by releasing air back into the bottle rather than entering into baby’s tummy & thus reducing colic and discomfort.

The nipple is shaped close to nature, very soft and easy to latch. That makes weaning off comfortable for moms. Do check their DECO bottles for fun animal prints to keep babies/toddlers engaged.

AVENT is undoubtedly the perfect gift for new moms, in case you’re searching what to gift.


Celebrating #IndependenceDay Responsibly

71st Independence day of Pakistan was celebrated on digital platforms by brands in very innovative and constructive way. This year the brands step up their digital game with actually quite valuable contributions. Personally, I love most of the campaigns but here I am listing some of the serious campaigns that contributed towards causes I believe in.

#RoshanHarQadam by Soneri Bank

This was the most underrated campaign but most valuable that encouraged people to actually go out of their way to help someone write & learn to sign. Very brand centric yet innovative & giving campaign.

#HumBhiPakistanHain by Khaadi

Through the extension of last years Mein bhi Pakistan hon campaign, Khaadi stepped up to be more inclusive with Hum bhi Pakistan hain campaign. Initially they announced to donate 50% of sales to a cause that Pakistanis will choose but later on Khaadi CEO Shamoon Sultan announced to give all the 14th day sale proceeds every year for Pakistan

Through online voting at Hbph.khaadi.com 59% Pakistanis chose water sector & that’s why Khaadi donated for Diamer Bhasha Dam fund. Kudos!!

#MeriPehchanPakistan by TCF

TCF is doing a phenomenal job in education sector & deserve every penny of your charitable wealth. Education is the key of our brighter future. Do help them either with your money or be a volunteer.

#HumMeinHaiPakistan by Adamjee

Amid all the plantation drives, this one encourages to plant with Azaadi reference. So good to see people realizing & participating in causes that will actually have benefits for us.

Kudos to all these brands & brains behind these campaigns. May Pakistan prosper & live long.


Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor & Manual Breast Pump – Must Haves for New Moms

Living alone has its own pros & cons but for first time moms seeing no one around to help with the baby & household chores can be stressful. When I was in that stage I wasn’t actually expecting what I have been through. Sleepless nights and C-section recovery with jaundiced baby, phototherapy days and later taking care of all the things you need to do at home, specially kitchen makes you extremely uncomfortable. Life after baby is like you don’t want to be detached yet emotionally wanting a break. I hope moms can relate.

Here are two of my favorite AVENT devices for new moms. You can gift these to be in good books, trust me.

Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump:

During first 3 days into motherhood, the biggest challenge apart from moms own recovery is feeding the baby and there’s nothing better than Breastfeed. Sometimes new moms find it difficult to get enough supply or for C-section moms it gets even tougher. Hospitals in Pakistan needs to put more emphasis on the use of a manual breast pump like Philips AVENT Comfort Manual Breast Pump. Extremely handy, lightweight must have gadget for moms specially working moms. Leaving baby without mother feed is no longer an issue with this.

Philips AVENT Manual Breast pump works painlessly and with an ease you can store feed in the same container by replacing the cap, turning it into a feeder. The device comes with very useful Breast pads. It is easy to clean and store & works like a charm. I have made a video to demonstrate how easy it is to use Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump.

Moms need a break too. Do hangout with friends without being worried for the baby being deprived of motherfeed. Make sure to store the feed properly. It can last for days in freezer & up to 3 hours at room temperature.

Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor:

I use to put my baby to sleep in the cot, dim lights & starts doing the dishes taking a run towards baby cot to check if she’s sleeping well or not. Sometimes she wakes up as soon as I left the room & I couldn’t hear her because of being far in the kitchen with dishwashing sounds. Same happened when I use to have washing machine on upper floor. My husband got me Philips AVENT DECT monitor back then to keep my emotional attachment and parenting instinct satisfied.

Philips AVENT DECT Baby monitor is an audio transmission device that comes in 2 parts.

  • Parent unit ( A small round pod)
  • Baby unit (A receiver)

This device transmits crystal clear voice from baby room to the monitor device that I keep with myself while roaming around house. Works pretty well within my house (roughly around 300+meters). Voice quality is extremely good. The best feature of Philips AVENT DECT baby monitor is that you can check the temperature of baby room and play lullabies remotely with just a few taps.

When your baby is young, it is extremely important to keep a check on room temperature, neither too hot or too cold. I use to set the temperature on the device & setup alarm to keep temperature range of the room in check. Very useful feature. The only downside is you have to be awake to turn the lullabies off from parenting device coz there’s no timer for that. The lullaby sound is just baby friendly but not enough loud.

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#BabyMonitors are quite handy for moms in early days when they're trying to be de-motional while settling into life with motherhood. . . Every mom experience this phase where she has to detach herself from baby for the sake of household chores and of course life but simultaneously wants to get attached. Let technology rescue you Mama!! Keep baby with #PhilipsAVent #babymonitor (This one is Avent DECT monitor) that transmits even the slightest of sound within 300Meters range, allowing you yo do the dishes and laundry while letting baby sleep in the cot. . . You can remotely play lullabies to put baby to sleep, or even push the talk button to sing a lullaby yourself. Fake your presence to have some me time maybe. This device has rechargeable batteries in the receiver & AA batteries in the pod. Lasts for about a whole night (18hrs backup) . . If you're thinking what to gift a new mom, Go For THIS @philipsavent.pak device LADIES & GENTS & THANK me later. PS: This might sound weird but I have used this device to spy on my kids when they're with their turtor or Qari Sahab. You're getting the idea na? http://www.philipsaventpakistan.com/monitor #Parenting #RaisingKids #Gadgets #BeingMom #MommyBlogger #mommylife #momhacks #giftsformommy #Avent #Philips

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Loved this handy gadget & remember that I have used it to spy on my kids when their tutor & Qari sahab came. Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor comes with rechargeable batteries for receiver device, needs to be charged for 10 hrs & then it will last for 18 hours.


Phillips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor & Phillips AVENT Manual Breast Pump is available in Pakistan from AVENT store directly. They’re offering discounts these days so do check them out.

If you’re looking for something to gift new moms, Philips AVENT is what you should check.

#BeSmart – Grocery shopping from mycart saves time and money

They say, Time is money. That means money is time? I mean if I have time hi time am I rich? Or if I have money do I still have to save time? Well, that’s messed up. Leave it here.

When it comes to shopping from superstores and filling your carts all we worry about is saving some money & spending a lot of time. Isn’t it? Kiryana wala aapko discounted deals nahi deta Isi liaye aap superstore jatay hain. Nahi? Shampoo with conditioner bundle, Dishwashing liquid with dishwashing soap bundle and something extra with cartons of milk makes us all go back to supermarkets. I find it very hectic to be honest. With kids it becomes a labor when you have to keep moving with the trolley while keeping an eye on kids throwing things from aisles in the trolley that you have to actively spot. Then the long lines at checkout. Ufff. Who has time for that?

Thank God like everything, grocery shopping has gone Digital too. mycart.pk is like a huge superstore that fits into your palm. I have met Waqas Pervez head of marketing mycart.pk at the recently organized Bloggers meetup for female bloggers at Dunkin Donuts earlier this week in Karachi. He shared some interesting research about Online shopping behavior of mostly Karachi shoppers(mycart operates in Karachi, lahore & Islamabad). We had an interesting poll which busted the myth that men don’t like to shop online and women are not financial decision makers. Surprised? We were too but mycart has done some in depth analysis through stats. Here are some facts regarding online grocery shopping in Pakistan.

  • 92% carts filled at mycart had more than 2 items.
  • Only 9% of female population on Facebook are above 35 of age. They are the actual grocery decision makers.

How to shop for groceries Online?

All you have to do is fill your cart at Mycart.pk with all the grocery essentials from milk, flour, rice, sugar or even frozen foods and chocolates etc. They even have fresh fruits and vegetables (OMG sabzi online). Apart from conventional grocery items, mycart offers products for grooming, automobile, gadgets and sports gear categories.

mycart has an app too. All you have to do is register on mycart.pk and verify your account through the code sent via sms. Place your order, choose the area and enter your address. They offer you tentative delivery dates and time slot options that you can choose as per convenience and you’re done.

No need to queue up at the checkout any more. With mycart you can also choose payment options like COD or even credit card on delivery method.

What else do you need? mycart is a savior when it comes to doing groceries in this hot weather.

  • mycart delivers FOR FEEE for orders as low as Rs 500.
  • Pay week sales offer additional discounts.

Just rest at home and do groceries like a pro. Thanks to mycart. Things we all should be thankful for making our lives easier.

My Shopping Experience from mycart

My shopping experience from mycart has always been great. Alhamdulilah. Except for one time when one item wasn’t available & that was a skincare thing. With grocery shopping, I had no issues so far. It is very practical to order with time & date of delivery chosen as per your convenience.

#Honor10 – Hands on experience of Beauty in AI

I have been obsessed with good camera phones even before these hand held devices became smarter. Since phones have become smartphones the evolution of camera & colors is just unstoppable. From white to black to gold to now favorite blue color in smartphones, Honor 10 has made the competition even tougher with AI camera integration. As soon as you look at H10 and hold it in your hands, you can’t resist praising its aura. Gorgeous Phantom blue color changing back with Aurora glass is something really beautiful. Aaj blue hai phone phone type feelz.

Honor Pakistan has launched their latest flagship device, Honor 10 with their official partner in Pakistan Inovi Technologies on 8th June at Dolmen Mall Clifton. The presence of heartthrob Irfan Junejo( the selfies with him were the craze that day), Nusrat Hidayatullah, Dino and Star Pakistani cricketer Rumman Raees along with Zeeshan Mianoor (COO-Inovi Technologies), Talha Aslam (Head of business – Inovi Technologies), DennisZhanglei (Country Manager Honor) & Eason Zouyitao(GTM and Retail Manager Honor) graced the occasion. Honor 10 is now available in the market for Rs. 55,999.

Honor 10 is literally Beauty in AI

On first look you got stinned bybthe feel and finish of Aurora glass body with color changing body in Phantom blue color. At least I haven’t seen anything gorgeously close to that feel. The device felt light & fits well in your palm.

The AI camera feature was my favourite aspect about Honor 10. If yoire wondering let me tell you that AI means Artificial intelligence and it is a feature that makes camera smarter. Due to AI Honor 10 enables you to professional quality photographs no matter how bad the lighting was. The pictures will be adjusted automatically with the backdrop. Look at this picture of Irfan Junejo that I took from Honor 10 while he was talking to media & decor of DMC. There’s no editing done. Planning to ditch DSLR already. Who needs that bulky camera when AI cameras of Honor 10 can give such results. Imagine photography by this device in Northern Areas of Pakistan.

Impressive features of Honor 10

  • Aurora Glass Body- Changing Colors from different angles.
  • AI Camera – 16MP dual rear camera with AI photography which has 22 scenes recognition and perfect selfie with AI boosted portrait shot.
  • AI Front 24MP Camera.
  • 5.83” Full View Display, Bigger size and fits the palm of your hand.
  • Ultrasonic under Glass Finger print scanner.
  • UltraFast Face Unlock.
  • Honor Super Charge – Can charge your phone up to 50% in just 25 minutes.
  • Kirin 970 with NPU – Fast Processor
  • 3400mAh Batyery
  • 4GB RAM & 128GB ROM

Honor 10 Hands on Experience.

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