#ThinkPink Breast Cancer awareness session by Chughtai Lab Karachi

We all are familiar with Pinktober term. #ThinkPink innitiative was to raise awareness about the globally acknowledged Pinktober, month of breast cancer awareness. being a woman it is terrifying to know that every 8th woman in Pakistan can be a victim of Breast cancer and i find it extremely important to educate women around us about the precautions and importance of mammography.  If you want to spread the Information about Breast cancer, its symptoms and causes, Please feel free to download this Information in Urdu by clicking here hair-to-help-breast-cancer-awareness. The credit for this Hair to help Pakistan’s presentation goes to Nimra, who tweets at @NimraKay. I thank Chughtai lab for the #ThinkPink initiative & the recent session they have conducted with Muniba Mazari about Breast Cancer Awareness.

Chughtai Lab’s consultant pathologist says that young women should create an early breast cancer detection plan because that’s the key to treatment and ultimately, to saving lives.

In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Chughtai Lab has embarked on a month-long nation-wide campaign, termed #ThinkPink with Chughtai Lab, to bring awareness and education to the nation’s women and men. After a series of events in Lahore and Islamabad, Chughtai Lab held an event at its flagship lab at Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi to spread awareness of this disease and the benefits of early detection. “If you’re above 20 years, you need to examine yourself monthly”, according to Dr. Sehba Arij, Consultant Pathologist at Chughtai Lab. She elaborated on the myths surrounding breast cancer as well as the symptoms and signs to watch out for.

Muniba Mazari, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Chughtai Lab, also spoke at the event and implored young women to take their health seriously and opt for self-examination on a regular basis. She opined “Breast cancer is a topic that is hardly talked about by either men or women. It is because of this societal taboo that many women keep on suffering for a long period of time until the cancer reaches a stage where it becomes harder to treat than it would initially have been.” She implored young women not only to learn to self-examine, but teach other women to do so as well.

Speaking about the #ThinkPink campaign, she commented, “It isn’t just about combatting the disease but also breaking the taboo of talking about diseases and ailments of all kinds. The more we talk about these things, the easier they will be to treat.”

Dr. Omar Chughtai, Lab Director of Chughtai Lab said that with the opening of a lab facility in Karachi, he hopes they can bring quality and convenient testing services to the metropolis. Some of the conveniences he mentioned included Chughtai Lab’s free home sample collection service, online and emailed lab reports, SMS alerts and the custom Chughtai Lab mobile app. “Come visit or call us, we are always looking for ways to serve you better”, he said.

Chughtai Lab is one of the leading pathology labs in Pakistan that has been serving the nation since 1983. Chughtai Lab has made promising progress in the field of diagnostic testing and has a vast network of 150+ locations nationwide, functioning in all provinces of Pakistan. Under its social arm, Chughtai Foundation conducts free medical camps and public awareness campaigns in a bid to bring free health education to the nation.

#MealsTurnExciting with new Pepsi TVC featuring Fawad Khan and Syra

Ammi kiya pkkaya hai?

Beta daal pakki hy. 


This is a story of every household. How desperately you want to turn that boring daal roti into something exciting? Ahh. Sometimes you don’t even want to eat a boring meal at all and then get flashes of Pepsi TVC of last year. How I wish I can do that in real life. *Hogwartz feels* Know what’s the magical wand?

All you need is a gulp of Thanddi thaar Pepsi. Perfect thirst quencher and meal upgrade guaranteed. The concept of making boring meals exciting extends from last year to new TVC of Pepsi. The magical Khana banay exciting theme relives in New Pepsi TVC with heartthrobs of the nation. OMG!! Yes its none other than Fawad (Handsome) Khan in the TVC making us all Drool over him more than the food and less than the Pepsi lol. He’s slaying in the ad with the beautiful Syra Shahroz and the cool Shahzad Noor. Feeling Quetta ki hawain now. Brrrrr…. That’s a cool star studded lineup of celebrities for a TVC. 

To my surprise, keeping the theme of #MealsTurnExciting in mind BBPR & Pepsi hosted a bloggers dinner in Karachi last week. The event was organized to reveal the new Pepsi TVC with an opportunity to meet & dine with the celebrities featuring in the ad. Yasss!! As exclusive as it gets.

Too bad that Fawad Khan couldn’t make it to the event *dil toots*, Thank God that the gorgeous Syra Shahroz was there to lit up the venue. OMG how cute is she. One can forget to even look at the food when she’s around. That was an exciting meetup for bloggers as we(yes we, ahem! )  got the first hand knowledge of all that Pepsi has in store way before the audiences. *drumrolls*

Have you missed bloggers exclusive live tweets from the venue? Awwww Koi nahi. Just check the hashtag #MealsTurnExciting on social media to get the glimpses of excitement that we gotta enjoy with Pepsi, celebs & fine dining. Such an exciting day out it was.

Watch how Fawad Khan makes the #MealsTurnExciting & the whole feel of the ad changed into a celebration. We all love food and what better to serve it with Pepsi, Han? I am so eyeing on that BBQ that Shahzad Noor just turned exciting. Pepsi Pi lay Zara….. cant stop humming.

#DreamsForTomorrow – Empowering creativity

Creativity in kids needs proper mediums and guidance to explore. It is extremely important to spot and nurture special talent of your kid. Being a mom of two hyperactive kids, I know what it takes to raise this super talented generation. Extremely exhausting but totally worth it. My eldest daughter has just started her school and currently exploring her writing and art skills on paper after the walls of our apartment served as canvas for her.

The best thing is that Horlicks Pakistan and WWF Pakistan has collaborated to come up with #DreamsForTomorrow campaign. This particular campaign aims to provide kids with necessary inspiration and art supplies to let them be creative. There’s a set of class wise stories specially written for kids to empower their creativity and encourage them to paint their imagination. Check their Facebook page for some fun art ideas.


I find the age appropriate Horlicks stories very well written and they’re printed with such great illustrations that kids are surely going to be inspired. Further encouragement to boost the creative skills of kids can be acquired through the Horlicks Pakistan’s Facebook posts. Empowering creativity with such easy tips like how to paint a butterfly and how to illustrate drawings with perfection.


My daughter Parishay was so excited to paint her first ever water color master piece inspired from the Horlicks story book number 1. It was a story about a field trip and she chose to paint a butterfly. She loves flowers and butterfly by the way. As she’s too young to paint herself, so I decided to help her with an idea.


I mixed four colors with water separately and told her to coat her palm with colors. She was amazed and kept asking me what next what next. After coating her hands with water colors, I helped her print an impression of her hands on the sketch book. This was her first ever water color master piece and I am so going to frame it.

We’ve tried vegetable art too and she enjoyed it a lot too.

If it wasn’t #DreamsForTomorrow I guess, I won’t be allowing my daughter to paint with water colors at such a young age. Thanks to the amazing dreams for tomorrow posts for empowering creativity within us.

Horlicks Pakistan Teams Visiting Schools for #DreamsForTomorrow Campaign


Punjabi a foul language? پنجابی زبان اور انگریزی میڈیم اسکول 

“بیٹا جی پنجابی زبان بڑوں کا ادب سکھاتی ہے. اب دیکھو انگریزی میں کسی کو پکارنا ہو تو یو کہتے ہیں جبکہ پنجابی میں بولو تو بڑوں کے لیے تسیں اور چھوٹوں کیلئے توں بولتے ہیں”. اللہ بخشے مرحوم تایا جان کو جو اکثر ایسی مثالیں دے کے ہم بچوں کو لاجواب کر دیا کرتے تھے. 

میرے ابا جان کا خاندان تقسیم کے بعد ہندوستان کے پنجاب سے پاکستانی پنجاب میں رہائش پذیر رہا. کچھ عرصے بعد دادا جان سندھ میں آبسے اور ہم نے جب سے آنکھ کھولی تو اپنے خاندان کو کراچی میں ہی پایا. امی کا تعلق پنجاب سے ہے تو مادری زبان پنجابی ٹھہری. کراچی میں پلے بڑھے اس طرح کہ اسکول میں سیکھی اردو اور انگریزی جبکہ گھر میں عموماً پنجابی ہی بولی اور سنی. سندھ میں رہنے کے باعث ابو کو سندھی زبان پر عبور حاصل تھا لہذاسندھی بھی کچھ سمجھ آتی ہے. بنیادی طور پر میرے لاشعور میں زبانوں کی فہرست جاری رہی. 

آجکل سوشل میڈیا پر ایک نجی اسکول کا نوٹس متنازعہ بنا ہوا ہے جسمیں اسکول نے لکھا ہے کے اسکول کے اندر اور باہر خراب زبان استعمال کرنے کی اجازت نہیں دی جائے گی. کوئی مظائقہ نہیں کے ایک اسکول بچوں کی تعلیم کے ساتھ تربیت بھی کرے مگر بات تب بگڑی جب اسی مراسلے میں اسکول کی طرف سے خراب یا گندی زبان کی وضاحت پنجابی زبان کہہ کی گئی. 

کیا اسکا مطلب یہ سمجھا جائے کے انگریزی اسکول میں بچے اگر انگریزی زبان کا استعمال کریں چاہے وہ گالیاں دینے کے لیے ہو تو وہ قابل قبول ہے؟  ہرگز نہیں. یقینی طور پر اسکول کا یہ مطلب نہیں ہوگا لیکن کیونکہ اسکول پنجاب کے شہر ساہیوال میں ہے اسلیے یہ کچھ متعصبانہ نوٹس لگا. 

چاہیے تو یہ تھا کہ انتظامیہ اس معاملے پر سوشل میڈیا میں ہونے والے بحث کو کاتب کی غلطی قرار دے کر مزید ہوا نہ دیتی مگر اسکول انتظامیہ نے اسکے برعکس ایک نہایت غیرمناسب بیان جاری کیا. مجھے افسوس ہے کے  طبقاتی تقسیم اور تعصب کو اس طرزِ عمل سے فروغ حاصل ہوگا جسے بہرحال ہمیں سراہنا نہیں چاہئیے.

 میرا ننھیال ساہیوال میں آباد ہے اور اتفاقاً گزشتہ ہفتے ہی وہاں سے واپس آئی ہوں. تعلیم کا معیار ہمیشہ سے بہترین رہا ہے. گورنمنٹ کمپریہنسو اسکول ساہیوال سے پڑھے ہوئے کزنز کی اولادیں اب وہاں کے نجی تعلیمی اداروں میں پڑھنے جاتی ہیں ماشاءاللہ سے. 

امید ہے کے نئی نسل پنجابی زبان کو ان اداروں میں پڑھ کر بھی فخر سے اپنائے مگر اس کیلئے انگریزی اسکولوں کو بھی اپنا رویہ مقامی زبانوں کیلئے بہتر کرنا ہوگا. 

انگریزی بلاگ پر اردو میں یہ پوسٹ لکھنے کی وجہ سمجھ گئے آپ؟ 

QMobile NoirZ12 smartphone is worth buying? 

To be honest I wasn’t ready to switch from a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime phone to Q mobile Noir series phones but apparently I did. The reason being high end specs of Noir Z series while keeping the price range under 25K. The temptation of moving from a 1GB RAM smartphone that hangs, can’t run snapchat etc was way too high and eventually I had to surrender. Got a beautiful rose gold colored handset of QMobile NoirZ12 for less than 23K (the same price for which I’ve bought my previous Samsung Selfie phone) few months back.

Q mobile Noir Z12 smartphone review
The stunning Q mobile Noir Z12 smartphone

Apparently I was tempted to buy this set because of its high end specs and price that no one else offers for such features. Did I regret? Its been 8 months now and I have no complaints so far. Here are the reasons to love my NoirZ12 phone. 


The set comes with a 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM(expandable via SD card). Been using snapchat ever since I got this phone and the app never crashed(touch wood). Smooth Android experience so far. The only problem with SD card is that you have to sacrifice second SIM option as it allows either SIM 2 or SD card. I am not fond of double SIM phones so it doesn’t matter but it has been advertised as a dual SIM phone that’s why it is important to note that the option limits use of expandable memory. On the other hand 32GB internal memory is more than enough too. Do it’s a 50-50 kinda feature. Not to love or hate. 


This is one thing that I am peculiar about in my smartphones. Q Mobile NoirZ12 has 13MP rear and 8MP front camera & it is kick ass one. You can click HDR images to panorama ones. The result is outstanding. Selfie camera is quite good too. 5/5 for the camera. You’ll love the results. 

Battery life

NoirZ12 comes with a 3000mAH battery and it can last for a whole day while using Internet on it. This is another plus of this pretty set that it has a great battery life. To charge it faster, open extreme mode and you’ll save time on charging too. 

Color and appearance 

Rose gold color of NoirZ12 makes it stand out from other sets of the brand. Loved the sleek and thin look of it. My blogger friends were surprised that its not an iPhone lol. The rise gold color and finishing of the set makes it look a lot like iPhone. The hands free of the set comes in Rose gold color too. So fancy. 

Downside :

The phone Heats up sometimes when it was new. After a month or so it stopped behaving like that. Thank God. 

USB Charger is not universal(it is a bit wider & has a flat pin). You need to get your own charging cable unlike other smartphones which can be charged with any other smartphone’s cable.

Dual SIM card restricts the use of SD card.

I just loved this phone. It is the best one in this price range out there.

PS: This is not a PR piece or brand provided handset review.

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