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Pakistan aims to be #Measles Free by 2020

After the recent surge in the reported cases of Measles in Pakistan, it was feared that an outbreak can effect kids between the ages of 9 months to 5 years of age. As we all know that there’s no treatment for Measles (خسرہ) and it can be fatal sometimes. Only Vaccination can save lives and that’s why government of Pakistan in collaboration with UNICEF Pakistan started a countrywide Immunization Drive to eradicate measles completely.

EPI(Extended program of Immunization) health workers were mobilized across the country during 2 weeks long Vaccination drive to make sure that every kid in Pakistan gets immunity against measles.

Hats off to the dedicated teams of EPI, UNICEF and our health workers who crossed rivers, mountains & deserts to reach far flung areas defying weather conditions. We owe you guys a lot.

EPI & UNICEF’s Measles Vaccination drive held from 15th October 2012 to 27th October 2018 (Extended in few areas for 2 more days to ensure complete immunization). The teams were mobilized through every means & the message was communicated at every possible platform. At Least I haven’t seen a bigger vaccination drive than this. From schools to hospitals to mobile vans, Measles vaccine camps were established everywhere. EPI workers went door to door to tell people about the availability of vaccine in their area & how they can get it. Measles vaccination was administered completely FREE & in most secure way possible. The vaccine is temperature sensitive & couldn’t be injected during door-to-door campaign due to safety issues. That’s why mobilizing people were necessary. Media played its part & vaccination drive was quite a rage on social media too.

As per reports, a total of 32 million kids were vaccinated all over Pakistan which constitutes about 10th of Pakistan’s population. Better future of our kids depends on being healthy and we should take it as a responsibility to not only vaccinate our kids but educate others about it too.


True Taste of Arabia – Arabic Food Festival at Avari Towers Karachi

Avari Towers has some serious obsession with providing great quality food and it has gained a reputation for it’s food festivals since past few years. If you haven’t been to any of such festival you are definitely missing on the best of the cuisines from around the world prepared by experienced chefs. I have been to quite a few of them, so yeah!! Take my word.

Asia Live at Avari Towers is hosting Arabic Nights themed “Arabic Food Festival” from 26th October 2018(today) to 28th October and it is a buffet of famous Middle Eastern delicacies like Fatoush, Hummus, Kabsa, Shish Taouk, Shawarma, Basboosa, UmmAli etc. You have to leave your Pakistani pallette at home to experience authentic flavors although the head Chef Naim said that he’s giving a little bit Pakistani touch but he don’t want to compromise on authentic recipes & ingredients of Arab delicacies. All the dips & sauces are being made in-house from scratch which will give the diners a unique taste profile.

What to Expect in the Menu?

Well, somethings can be a surprise entry but they are offering delicious & authentic spread of cold mezze, salads, desserts and main courses from Middle East with live music & Arabian Night ambiance.

Cold Mezze

A mezze or meze is an integral part of Middle Eastern cuisine which is served as appetizers but can easily be used with the main course dishes to enhance flavor profile. At Avari Towers Asia Live Arabic Food Festival there’s a wide spread of dips & salads.

Arabic mezze has dips with spreadable consistency & quite rich in texture and flavor. For the appetizers, I highly recommend to have Muhammara (Roasted red peppers and walnut dip), Baba Ganoush (Roasted Eggplant spread) as I just loved the freshness of it. Muhammara had in house made molasses of pomegranate giving it a unique tangy taste profile & walnut grits made it a treat. Baba Ganoush was so refreshing, just like finding a tree in the middle of a desert. Other usual suspects are Hummus, Tabbouli Fatoush etc. Enjoy them all with Arabic/Pita bread & you don’t even need a main course. It is that satisfying.

I would love to stuff my pantry with a bottle of each Muhammara, Hummus & Baba Ganoush for my midnight snack cravings.

Main Course

It is a tough choice, trust me. To have shawarma or Kasba rice or the amazingly tender lamb chops or the exquisite Shish Taouk? Won’t mind the glistening rice, mince & cheese stuffed goodness of peppers, zucchini and Brinjals. Oh!! My my. What a spread it is. What will you pick to eat first?

Shawarma Arabic Food Festival Avari Towers
DIY Shawarma Spread
Farrouj Grilled chicken at Avari Towers
Summac Onions at Avari Towers
Summac Onions were Awesome
Shish Taouk at Avari Towers
Shish Taouk
Stuffed Roasted Bell Peppers
Stuffed Roasted Pepper
Chicken Kabsa Rice at Arabic Food Festival Avari Towers
Chicken Kabsa Rice

I recommend starting with Chicken Kabsa Rice, put some Muhammara & Fatoush with Summac Onions on the side, add Shish Taouk & a lamb chop. Drizzle fresh lemon juice & enjoy the Arabian night while you’re there. Thank me later.


Traditional Arab desserts are a labour of love & made in house from scratch by the Internationally experienced Chef Naim his team. He has served for two decades in Middle East &also was the Captain of Pakistani Chefs team during Foodistan competition apart from other milestones of his culinary career.

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I highly recommend Umm Ali (Puff pastry based gooey warm goodness you’ll never forget), Baklawa & Basbousa in case you can’t resist, Try them all like me. Ah!! My sweet tooth was in heaven.

Arabic Food Festival Avari Towers is a buffet for Rs2700+Tax per person. Kids from 5-10 years will be charged half. For any other query or bookings you can join the event Avari Towers Arabic Food Festival or dial 111-282-747.

Easypaisa introduced QR based Fee payments for students

As a student I remember wasting hours in queues to pay for my fee via banks. When I got admission in Malir Cantt college about two decades ago, it was required to make a payorder of the annual fee amount from the nearest bank branch & get it deposited with all the admission related documents. I wasn’t prepared for this (Btw there wasn’t any centralized admission policy back then & you have to check every college you liked & filled admission form of, for admission lists & stuff).Anyway, dad accompanied me to the said bank branch & said, “Go, get your pay order made”. I was like, WHAATTTT?? I wasn’t being told HOW TO MAKE A PAYORDER in any subject of matriculation. I can’t do this. He said, “This is the beginning of your practical life. Go to the counter, ask & learn”.

Anyway, dad accompanied me to the said bank branch & said, “Go, get your pay order made”. I was like, WHAATTTT?? I wasn’t being told HOW TO MAKE A PAYORDER in any subject of matriculation. I can’t do this. He said, “This is the beginning of your practical life. Go to the counter, ask & learn”.

That’s how I learned my first ever bank interaction. Baad main barri khwariyan kaati fees jama karanay ko. Qasam se. Thank God my kids won’t be going through all this because of digital & cashless payment solutions. I personally use Easypaisa the most because of its convenience, flash offers & secured online gateway.

I am so glad that with an aim to equip the youth of Pakistan with First of its kind Cashless Digital Payment System, Telenor is revolutionizing how you pay your college or university fees. Telenor Microfinance Bank, through its Easypaisa mobile payment and lifestyle platform, has announced its latest initiative to equip universities and colleges with state-of-the-art QR payment systems.

Through the system, students will be able to make payments using their Easypaisa mobile app which will scan the QR code and deduct the money from their mobile wallet. In addition, many students will also be able to benefit from a variety of Easypaisa related discounts and offers as a result of using the app.

This initiative is the latest among a string of different programs and projects that are geared towards revolutionizing Pakistan’s financial system through unique technological systems and platforms. It aims to not only create a more financially inclusive environment by giving youth access to digital payment solutions but also help Pakistan grow its financial infrastructure.

“It has always been our aim to extend formal financial services to every Pakistani.” – Shahid Mustafa, President & CEO, Telenor Microfinance Bank.

“By offering QR payments via our app, at universities and colleges around the country, we are delivering on our commitment to bring greater ease and access to our customers. This is another step in making it simpler and more convenient for the vast majority of Pakistanis to manage their financial needs.”

I hope this will help students in saving a lot of time to concentrate more on studies kyunkay PARRHAY GA PAKISTAN TOU BARRHAY GA PAKISTAN.

Celebrating #IndependenceDay Responsibly

71st Independence day of Pakistan was celebrated on digital platforms by brands in very innovative and constructive way. This year the brands step up their digital game with actually quite valuable contributions. Personally, I love most of the campaigns but here I am listing some of the serious campaigns that contributed towards causes I believe in.

#RoshanHarQadam by Soneri Bank

This was the most underrated campaign but most valuable that encouraged people to actually go out of their way to help someone write & learn to sign. Very brand centric yet innovative & giving campaign.

#HumBhiPakistanHain by Khaadi

Through the extension of last years Mein bhi Pakistan hon campaign, Khaadi stepped up to be more inclusive with Hum bhi Pakistan hain campaign. Initially they announced to donate 50% of sales to a cause that Pakistanis will choose but later on Khaadi CEO Shamoon Sultan announced to give all the 14th day sale proceeds every year for Pakistan

Through online voting at 59% Pakistanis chose water sector & that’s why Khaadi donated for Diamer Bhasha Dam fund. Kudos!!

#MeriPehchanPakistan by TCF

TCF is doing a phenomenal job in education sector & deserve every penny of your charitable wealth. Education is the key of our brighter future. Do help them either with your money or be a volunteer.

#HumMeinHaiPakistan by Adamjee

Amid all the plantation drives, this one encourages to plant with Azaadi reference. So good to see people realizing & participating in causes that will actually have benefits for us.

Kudos to all these brands & brains behind these campaigns. May Pakistan prosper & live long.


#BeSmart – Grocery shopping from mycart saves time and money

They say, Time is money. That means money is time? I mean if I have time hi time am I rich? Or if I have money do I still have to save time? Well, that’s messed up. Leave it here.

When it comes to shopping from superstores and filling your carts all we worry about is saving some money & spending a lot of time. Isn’t it? Kiryana wala aapko discounted deals nahi deta Isi liaye aap superstore jatay hain. Nahi? Shampoo with conditioner bundle, Dishwashing liquid with dishwashing soap bundle and something extra with cartons of milk makes us all go back to supermarkets. I find it very hectic to be honest. With kids it becomes a labor when you have to keep moving with the trolley while keeping an eye on kids throwing things from aisles in the trolley that you have to actively spot. Then the long lines at checkout. Ufff. Who has time for that?

Thank God like everything, grocery shopping has gone Digital too. is like a huge superstore that fits into your palm. I have met Waqas Pervez head of marketing at the recently organized Bloggers meetup for female bloggers at Dunkin Donuts earlier this week in Karachi. He shared some interesting research about Online shopping behavior of mostly Karachi shoppers(mycart operates in Karachi, lahore & Islamabad). We had an interesting poll which busted the myth that men don’t like to shop online and women are not financial decision makers. Surprised? We were too but mycart has done some in depth analysis through stats. Here are some facts regarding online grocery shopping in Pakistan.

  • 92% carts filled at mycart had more than 2 items.
  • Only 9% of female population on Facebook are above 35 of age. They are the actual grocery decision makers.

How to shop for groceries Online?

All you have to do is fill your cart at with all the grocery essentials from milk, flour, rice, sugar or even frozen foods and chocolates etc. They even have fresh fruits and vegetables (OMG sabzi online). Apart from conventional grocery items, mycart offers products for grooming, automobile, gadgets and sports gear categories.

mycart has an app too. All you have to do is register on and verify your account through the code sent via sms. Place your order, choose the area and enter your address. They offer you tentative delivery dates and time slot options that you can choose as per convenience and you’re done.

No need to queue up at the checkout any more. With mycart you can also choose payment options like COD or even credit card on delivery method.

What else do you need? mycart is a savior when it comes to doing groceries in this hot weather.

  • mycart delivers FOR FEEE for orders as low as Rs 500.
  • Pay week sales offer additional discounts.

Just rest at home and do groceries like a pro. Thanks to mycart. Things we all should be thankful for making our lives easier.

My Shopping Experience from mycart

My shopping experience from mycart has always been great. Alhamdulilah. Except for one time when one item wasn’t available & that was a skincare thing. With grocery shopping, I had no issues so far. It is very practical to order with time & date of delivery chosen as per your convenience.