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First Ever #HakimSaeedAwards by #Hamdard Pakistan held in Karachi

Hakim Muhammad Saeed was a significant part of childhood of 80’s & 90’s kids through his urdu publication Naunehal. With his services for educational institutions and language Urdu itself, he use to visit schools and meet students and encourage them to participate in extra curricular activities. If you were a Naunehal reader you might be familiar with those photographs of different school functions and gatherings by Hamdard Pakistan itself. The brand has always been keen to serve people in Pakistan with best health care and educational services.

After serving us for more than a century, Hamdard Pakistan decided to change their corporate identity in order to connect with the younger audience more. Their new logo was revealed in an amazingly grand event at Mohatta Palace on Tuesday, 23rd January. Keeping the value of the brand in mind the event was a classy one with legendary guests and very dignified execution. To celebrate the re-branding, Hamdard Pakistan unveiled their new logo followed by first ever Hakim Saeed Awards. The awards were a tribute to Hakim Muhammad Saeed, founder Hamdard Pakistan. Governor Sindh was the chief guest of the event and Hakim Saeed’s Daughter, Saadia Rashid was also there to grace the occasion. Muzna Ibrahim hosted the event beautifully along with Talat Hussain.

Hakim Saeed Awards were given to following legendary Pakistanis. Shaheed Aitazaz Hasan’s father received his award with a standing ovation by the audience while late Mr. Masood Ahmed Barkati was awarded a lifetime achievement award. It was an honor to be among the best of the talent from Arts, culture, sports, literature and social change makers of Pakistan.

Hamdard Pakistan further went on to win hearts with Ishq Pakistan Qawaali and New TVC celebrating Pakistani heroes with the legacy of Hakim Saeed. Hamdard I’d tye word we can associate with one who is concerned about us, wants us to be well and truly the brand has been one. Wishing all the best to Hamdard Pakistan with hope that they continue inspiring generations.


#TumhariMehnat by Caltex Pakistan spreading winter bliss

If you’re an avid social media user, you must have seen #TumhariMehnat stories of inspirational everyday heroes. Winter is the season to rejoice for some, but it is also the time to struggle for many. When we sit in the comfort of our homes waiting for the food we ordered, a hardworking guy out there is riding on his 2 wheeler through the chilly wind to make sure that our food is served hot.

#TumhariMehnat was an initiative by Caltex Pakistan under their Winter Bliss campaign to help and reach out to all such people out there who leave the comfort of their homes every day to bring comfort to us. Whether it’s the traffic police guy who stands tall throughout the summer heat and winter breeze; the milkman touring his way around the city or the newspaper guy who wakes up early every morning to bring freshly brewed headlines to our doorstep – we have super heroes all around us! But not all of them can afford to wear a cape, least of all a jacket to keep themselves warm.

Caltex Pakistan took a step this winter to give out a small token of appreciation to all these superheroes who rightfully deserve it and also enabled everyone to do the same.

During this campaign a winter care kit including helmet and winter jackets were sent out to various social media influencers and bloggers that helped create a positive chain reaction on the hashtag, garnering over 50 Million+ Impressions.

Through this campaign people got a chance to recognize and appreciate the efforts of all these people around us who work outdoors in the cold.

Here are some heart-warming stories on #TumhariMehnat. Get inspired and acknowledge someone around you too.

SastaTicket for train bookings online in Pakistan

Usually, when you think about booking a train ticket the first image that comes into your mind is the long-winded queue, the hustle to get to the ticketing counter, the slow booking procedure and worst of all, the frustrating news of non-availability of seats when you finally make your way to the ticketing clerk.

These hassles are now a thing of the past with the launch of online train booking services by With a clear user-friendly interface, timing, fare and station information, price comparisons, multiple payment options and instant bookings, now makes train bookings much more convenient & flexible for Pakistanis. Customers can now easily search, compare and book train tickets for destinations across Pakistan in just a few clicks. With these developments, it is safe to say that planning a railway trip will never be the same again.

Talking about this brand new addition to Pakistan’s biggest online travel portal, CEO Shazil Mehkri said:

“’s aim is to provide a complete travel solution to Pakistanis. Keeping in line with this aim we have launched our Trains module to make the entire train ticket booking process simple & the user’s journey more enjoyable. This update opens up exciting new opportunities and enables us to reach out to a much larger segment of Pakistani travelers. Our team has always been at the forefront of launching the most exciting travel solutions backed by cutting technology.”

Based in Karachi, Pakistan, is a one-stop shop for all travel related services. A leading consolidator of travel products, is already providing reservation facilities for domestic and international flights, domestic and international hotels, holiday packages and with the addition of train booking feature it has further empowered the Pakistani traveler with instant bookings and comprehensive choices.

Editor’s note: We have tried to book train tickets online via and found it extremely convenient and even faster than Pakistan Railway’s own booking service. Look at the pictorial guide how to book train tickets online that too with Sastaticket.


#HaarKoHarao – Let kids learn through failures 

There’s a famous proverb in Urdu that says, “Tajarba wo kanghi hai Jo insan ko hamesha baal girne k baad hi milti hai”. (Experience is that comb which you can have only after losing hairs). Agree with it or not but to foresee ain’t everyone’s cup of tea. Same is the thing with failures and lessons we learn from it. You cannot plan for success and failure but the way you tackle with such situations is a great learning experience. Everyone behaves differently while being in almost similar situations, that’s where brought up, parenting and kid’s own experiences matter the most.

Being a parent myself now what I see lacking among our kids is the lesson to learn from failures and gain experience out of it. Kids of our age are extremely sensitive and well informed. They learn things way faster than us but are they learning to fail? With the warnings like, “beta test main full marks lana”, how can you boost kids self esteem if they get 8 out of 10 marks? It OK to say to your kids that there are enough toys, you don’t need more. It is OK to teach kids that if you want something then earn it. Make it a test for them. Let them disappoint sometimes when they’re expecting something from you. As a parent we should put kids in challenging situations rather than giving them ideal scenarios. Life is not a bed of roses and they should start learning early.

When I think about my 4 years old daughter I can surely say that she knows what’s 1st and 2nd (she even knows Top is better than 1st) but she has less knowledge about failures. She thinks if teacher will give her less marks then she’ll fail and she hates the description of it. She’s not ready to fail. She’s not ready to be disappointed.

One day she came crying from school and the reason was that the teacher hasn’t drawn a star on her hand while everybody else got it. How do you console kids in such situations? I took it as a challenge and started to make her believe that it is OK to sit on the second bench and it is OK to get 7 marks out of 10 but you shouldn’t stop trying. You can do better. She’s learning and I hope she grows up to be a better person. Failures help you grow and learn. Make every experience count be it failure.

Haar na mano balkay Haar ko harao taakay Jeet milay.

With #HaarKoHarao spirit I came across this TVC by surf excel which my kid can relate so well. When the coach wants to quit his job because the kids were failing as a team, little boy Haroon with lots of hope comes forward. Such is the spirit we need to instill in our kids. AAJ HARAY HAIN TOU KAL JEET BHI TOU SAKTAY HAIN? That’s exactly what every kid should believe in. This message is going to help a lot of kids learn resilience.

Let the kids try and learn new things. Let them experience. They’ll learn some, they’ll fail some but the experience with it will stay with them for life long. I get inspired with this TVC. Show it to your kids too and ask them what they get from it. Celebrate resilience.


Saving money in desi way

BC or committe is the most convenient  Desi way to save a certain amount on monthly basis. I have been using this for almost two decades now. I remember my first committee was of Rs 1000 per month for which I got a sum of 15000. Since then there’s no stopping. Whatever I earn, I started to put almost 20% of it into committe or Bee-Cee as they call it(don’t know what it stands for). Just Googled lol. It is Ballot committee aka BC. 

What is a Bee-Cee or Committe and how it works?

In case you’re not familiar with the concept, let me guide you. It is the most convenient Desi way of saving money by a group of people to get a decent amount after a certain time. Like suppose, 10 people(Friends or family coz with money trust is an issue) decides to have a BC. They will pick a leader or elder to collect money on monthly or weekly basis whatever is decided and he/she will be responsible to pay to everyone who is part of committee. 10 people decides to spare 1000 rupees a month means that every one will be getting 10,000 rupees once during 10months. To decide who gets it first, you either poll or decide verbally as per the needs.

Number of BC x Number of months = Total amount

10×10= 10000

Now,if you want to have the sum more than once in that duration you should be holding multiple committees in your name. Like if it is a 10 month long BC and you’re having 2,then you’ll pay 2000 per month and get 10000 rupees twice during those 10 months. For holding more than one BC it is safe to split the duration in half like in this case 5 months and get your first BC in first 5 months and second one in last 5 months. Totally flexible and completely upto you to decide mutually.

Do Try saving at least 20-25% of your earnings. BC is a profit free method to save and safe if you’re doing it with people you trust.

Happy savings!